A woman on a mission, to impact the lives of one billion people. Our guest today is Cherie Aimée, a near-death survivor, heart transplant recipient and global speaker, who travels the world sharing her remarkable story of recovery and resilience.

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Show Notes

  • Having a near-death experience in 2010 – 2:59
  • The conference in Texas – 3:50
  • Cherie’s husband – 5:04
  • What the angels look like – 6:20
  • The fluid energy – 6:46
  • Cherie’s coma – 7:07
  • A visit from a family member – 7:50
  • Something happened when Cherie was in coma – 9:12
  • Crossing over to the other side – 9:57
  • Her near-death experience – 10:10
  • The last words that she said to her husband – 12:47
  • Her first thought when she crossed over – 13:30
  • Never fitting in – 14:19
  • Feeling relieved after crossing over – 15:07
  • People’s judgment – 17:11
  • Feeling love and gratitude – 18:50
  • What’s a life-review? – 22:37
  • How seven days in a coma feels like – 23:50
  • Lessons from the afterlife – 26:40
  • Her rebirth – 29:30
  • What happened after coming back to life – 31:10
  • The after-life experience – 33:00
  • How crossing over changed her whole life – 34:12
  • Getting a heart transplant – 37:03
  • Living through the near-death experience – 40:32
  • Lisa reads some cards for Cherie – 43:46
  • Always check in with yourself – 45:54
  • Discussing intentions and how you want to feel in life – 49:40
  • More money more problems – 50:10
  • Get in touch with Cherie – 52:49
  • Lisa reads some cards about setting intentions in your life – 56:10

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One Response to “Coming Back And Teaching The World with Cherie Aimée – Episode 71”

  1. Jenna

    Lisa’s interview with Cherie is wonderful! I feel bad for Cherie that she has had so many terrible medical problems, but it is wonderful how she learned so much about how to live life from her NDE. I like how Cherie explains how it took her so long to make sense of her NDE and to truly understand the insights she had gained from it. I can see how that could be the case, especially since she had to deal with such painful and overwhelming medical issues. It is difficult to even imagine having to go through something that terrible. I am glad Cherie had a chance to be involved with a community of other people who also experienced NDEs. I agree that when we experience something it can be helpful to talk to others who have experienced something similar, since that can provide some confirmation and clarification of the experience.

    My favorite part of Lisa’s interview with Cherie is when she talks about how much relief she felt when she was in the afterlife because she was no longer being judged by everybody and was able to lose that burden of judgement and to feel unconditional love instead. I just love this so much. I like how she talks about how in life she always felt like an outcast and never fit in with a particular group. It is so true what she says that people segment themselves into so many groups that they feel like they need to fit into. It is moving when she explains how when she was in the afterlife, she was able to no longer feel the stress and worry of living up to everyone else’s expectations, that is so beautiful.

    I like how Cherie says how we behave and act in this lifetime does matter, and it is great how she says we each have our own responsibility to keep our soul clear. This is such a good insight, and I agree we each have a responsibility to take action in our lives when issues arise so we don’t keep repeating our mistakes. I also like Cherie’s comment that she learned to live in a way consistent with what she learned from her NDE, and how we need to listen to and trust our inner voice of knowing. This is very true, there are over 7 billion people in the world, and no individual person has exactly the same experience as another. Advice from other people can be helpful in life, but in the end we are the only one with our specific life experience, so we need to decide for ourselves what is most important to us in life.

    Cherie also has a good point about intentions. I love how she says intentions should be about how we want to feel, instead of about things or having things. Having money and things is just a means of helping to achieve how we want to feel, but the end goal is to feel happy, loved, and safe. Money is just a tool to assist in achieving that, and it only helps achieve that when used in the correct way. If it is used the wrong way it can cause the opposite to happen. I also appreciate how Cherie says if our intentions get off track, we can forgive ourselves and start a new day, and no matter where we are in life, it is a chance to forgive ourselves and go from there.


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