Mary D’Agostino lives life as a spiritual adventure, soulful journey and heart expanding experience. Her passion is holding a sacred space for her fellow travelers, so that they may connect with the eternal truth of their beautiful souls! Her work as a spiritual counselor, energy medicine practitioner, soul medium, and educator in the healing and intuitive arts is how she both gives and receives from the universal flow of love.

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Show Notes

  • Looking at life through synchronicities – 2:43
  • Two sides of the same coin: birth and death – 3:39
  • Giving birth to a daughter at 18 years old – 4:38
  • Creating a healing art practice – 6:05
  • Her son’s passing  – 6:24
  • What happened to Brandon – 8:12
  • The breathing meditation that led Mary to a vision – 9:10
  • The encounter with Archangel Michael – 10:41
  • A state of meditation – 10:59
  • Helping clients connect with their families – 12:19
  • Mary’s knowledge of her son’s passing – 14:47
  • Human experience with death – 15:30
  • What happened to Brandon that evening – 16:37
  • Mary’s mystical experience – 17:26
  • Helping and guiding Brandon  – 19:59
  • Mary’s son told her the way that he died – 20:47
  • Deep connection with her son – 24:51
  • Mary’s son pushed her to connect to Lisa Jones – 25:59
  • Mary’s son had a shared near-death experience – 27:19
  • The loss of a loved one – 29:08
  • They are always with us – 30:56
  • Grieving or believing – 32:59
  • Death is not a disease, is a transition – 33:40
  • Lisa reads some cards for Mary – 34:04
  • A message from her son – 38:25
  • Having a grief counselor – 40:07
  • Lisa reads some cards about how society views death – 40:58

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2 Responses to “The Human Experience Versus The Spiritual Experience Of Death With Mary D’Agostino – Episode 72”

  1. Jenna

    Lisa’s interview with Mary D’Agostino is very emotional and moving! One of the most important insights from the interview that Lisa and Mary discuss is how the human experience of death is so different from the spiritual experience. It is very difficult to lose a loved one in the physical sense and to not be able to experience his or her physical presence and emotional and intellectual support. I agree that in our society we often view death as something sad, scary, and morbid in the human sense, and we often neglect the positive spiritual sense in which our loved ones are still with us. I also like how Lisa and Mary discuss how we should not judge a person’s life by how long the person lived. I do not consider longevity to be the most important thing in life, what is important is how much we enjoy life and love others in the time that we are given. In addition to Lisa’s point about spiritual communication with the loved one continuing after death, I would also add there is a certain spiritual aspect to recognizing how much love and joy the loved one felt and provided to other people when the person was alive as well. I consider our own memories of the person to be a spiritual component too.

    It is so emotionally powerful when Mary talks about Brandon’s death, and especially how he told her how the angel who picked him up when he died reminded him of his mom and her love, and how his mom had never given up on love. That is one of the most moving things I have heard in Lisa’s podcast, and I also was almost crying when I listened to that. It must have been amazing for her to experience that kind of message from her son and to understand how strong that love is. I also love how she continues to receive communication and signs from Brandon. It sounds like that has been very helpful in her life, and it is so wonderful how she still experiences that amazing love from her son. I feel like love is the ultimate emotion in so many ways, I wish people treated each other better.

    I also really like how Mary says that life and death are two sides to the same coin. I think Mary’s point is interesting that one of the reasons she left her husband is so she could raise her children the way she wanted to. I have heard some other women say that as well. But what I like about what Mary says is the reason she wanted to raise her children on her own was not to control them and manipulate them to be what she wanted, but instead so they could learn the important lesson of being able to look to their inner wisdom to find out what they wanted in life instead of just following what society told them they should want. I have noticed that is a common theme in many of Lisa’s podcasts, and one of the biggest lessons and takeaways from it. It is also wonderful how Mary says she feels joy connecting with the spiritual self, we should all spend time on the spiritual aspects of ourselves in order to understand who we truly are.

  2. Carol Mortarotti Mason

    Wow, yet another moving episode that gave me chills and brought me to tears.. Mary I am deeply sorry for the loss of your beautiful and loving son. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences that bring awareness to us all. I too have had spiritual experiences and feel thankful for having them. Lisa you are such a loving soul to provide these inspirational podcasts for us to listen and learn by. Love to you both.


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