Lisa’s Easter Message

Lisa Jones shares a few extracts from her book: “The Art of Living Happy After the Loss of a Loved One.” Join us as we listen to Lisa’s incredible story of how her departed husband appeared before her on the night of Easter Eve.

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Show Notes

  • An extract from her book – 0:37
  • Facing the first holiday without Ian – 1:00
  • Where to hide the Easter eggs – 1:09
  • Encountering Ian’s ghost – 1:39
  • The night before Easter – 2:44
  • Feeling upset about a departed loved one – 4:42
  • Your loved ones are always with you – 5:18
  • Have a wonderful Easter day – 5:37
  • Lisa reads some cards about ghosts –  5:57
  • Our departed loved ones are gone and they are okay – 6:42
  • Your loved ones did not disappear they are with you in a different way – 7:40
  • Get in touch with Lisa Jones – 8:39

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One Response to “Lisa’s Easter Message”

  1. Jenna

    I am glad Lisa read an excerpt from her book. I read Lisa’s book and it does a great job of explaining Lisa’s background and what her life is all about. I like how Lisa says our loved ones who have died are still with us but in a different way. It is important to remember the good things our loved ones did and the positive ways they impacted our lives. Lisa has a great point that when our loved ones die, we are the ones left with the issues and problems surrounding that, our loved ones who have died no longer have any problems. When we lose a loved one we need to take care of ourselves and deal with our grief and the other emotions that happen to us. Lisa has a great attitude that our loved ones are still with us, just in a different form. I love Lisa’s idea of looking for signs and feeling the presence of our loved ones. Even though they are no longer with us in a physical form, we can still sense their presence in a spiritual sense, and enjoy our memories of them.


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