Lisa Smartt, MA, is the author of “Words at the Threshold”. A linguist, educator, and poet, she founded the “Final Words Project”, an ongoing study devoted to collecting the mysterious language at the end of lives. She co-facilitates workshops about language and consciousness with Raymond Moody at universities, hospices, and conferences and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit her online at

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Show Notes

  • The words of people as they are near death – 2:03
  • Working with adults with dyslexia – 2:20
  • The three week period of Lisa’s father’s death – 3:14
  • Studying linguistics at school – 5:56
  • Articles on how we learn languages – 6:12
  • Going on a mission in 2012 – 6:20
  • The synchronicities and the announcement of Lisa’s father’s death – 7:40
  • How people can know that they are going to die – 8:06
  • How Lisa’s friend knew he was approaching death – 9:16
  • A seventeen-year-old girl that gave indications that she was going to die – 11:53
  • Creating a formula for happiness – 14:13
  • Fear v.s. Intuition – 16:00
  • Being right about the Angels – 21:00
  • The final words of her husband – 25:49
  • Languages of near-death experiences – 28:29
  • This reality is not all that we are – 30:00
  • Lisa Jones reads some cards for her guest – 33:12
  • Assuming that the language is secret – 36:45
  • Lisa Jones reads some cards about the language of death – 37:15

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One Response to “Words At The Threshold With Lisa Smartt – Episode 73”

  1. Jenna

    Lisa Smartt is very well-spoken, and this is a great interview about a thought-provoking topic. She does a good job explaining how she became interested in the words of the dying because of her father’s death process that lasted over several weeks. It is interesting how her father felt like there was going to be a big event, and that he was seeing angels. I like how various things that happen to us in life take us in different directions and provide us with new experiences and interests. I appreciate the discussion about how a person’s words and actions can foreshadow death happening soon. Lisa Smartt also has a great point that when someone is near death and saying things that are strange and don’t make sense, we should just listen without judgment instead of trying to correct what the person says. At this point in the dying process, the person’s mind is in a different state, so it is good to just listen.


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