Francesca Kimpton is a highly respected English medium whose reputation for accuracy has been demonstrated thousands of times in front of radio and television audiences around the world. She has presented her talent for crowds in over 30 countries and was the first medium ever to have her own successful live and unedited UK television series called “Revelations”. She currently resides in Los Angeles and travels extensively, sharing her gifts and lecturing clients on many aspects of mediumship and the afterlife.

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Show Notes

  • Francesca’s trip to Hawaii – 2:40
  • A demonstration of mediumship – 3:14
  • How she became a medium – 4:15
  • Seeing things that nobody could see – 5:37
  • Definition of a skeptical person – 5:58
  • Who is a skeptic? – 6:52
  • A refusal to believe in something – 7:50
  • Mediumship can alleviate people’s fears – 8:18
  • Hearing voices at night – 10:54
  • The fear of death – 11:30
  • Discussing death with your family – 13:14
  • Stories about mediumship – 14:37
  • Forgetting the messages that she gives – 18:13
  • Spirits want to prove that they are right – 20:37
  • Asking spirits for advice – 21:19
  • Lisa reads some cards for Francesca – 26:30
  • Get in touch with Francesca – 28:23
  • Lisa reads some cards about the fear of death – 30:06


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One Response to “The Fear Of Death With Francesca Kimpton – Episode 75”

  1. Jenna

    I enjoyed Lisa’s interview with Francesca Kimpton. I can tell she is serious and enthusiastic about her work, and I love how she is so confident about her abilities. It is interesting how she realized she was a medium at such a young age. I am glad Lisa will have a chance to meet Francesca in person when she goes to Hawaii. Lisa and Francesca also discuss why people fear death. I like how Lisa and Francesca talk about how popular culture in the US makes death scary with so many shows and movies about scary spirits, which contributes to us wanting to avoid the topic of death. I also appreciate how Lisa says her communication with spirits has always been loving and supportive and not something to be afraid of, and that the other side is a peaceful and loving place to be. One reason people fear death is they fear missing out on what happens in life after they die. I think the best way for people to deal with fear of missing out is to use their time wisely to do whatever is most important to them in the time that they have, since for all of us our time is limited.

    Francesca also has a good point that many people’s fears about death revolve around the actual dying process itself, more so than concern about what happens after that. The dying process, and the pain and suffering involved, is a very legitimate concern people have. That is especially true now, since medical technology is to the point where people can be kept alive for sometimes long periods of time in what is a terrible condition for the person. If possible, it is good to have discussions with family about how long they would want to be kept alive and what sort of medical procedures they would want done in that situation. I like how you and Francesca discuss how people don’t talk about final plans with family, I think it is just such an awkward and uncomfortable topic for people to discuss with relatives in general, but it can be an important discussion to have.

    It is interesting when Francesca says she doesn’t see spirits around all the time, but when one appears to her suddenly on the street or in a social situation it is to provide her an important message. It is great how she says that spirits love to prove they are right so people will trust them, and that Francesca has learned to always trust that they are right, even if at first they don’t seem to be right. Life is a messy and complicated process, so we shouldn’t immediately expect results from following advice the spirits are telling us, but instead let go of expectation and follow where things lead. Also, we shouldn’t expect things to turn out the way we anticipate, what we think will happen or hope to happen is not necessarily what is meant to be, and we need to remember that.


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