Today we are joined by Mr.Jacob Cooper, a world-renowned public speaker on the afterlife. He takes insights from his profound Near-Death Experience (NDE) and works to empower others through education while attempting to answer questions regarding the mystery of life on the other side of the veil. Jacob is currently writing a book on his Near-death experience titled Lessons From The Light And Tools For Life.

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Show Notes

  • Jacob’s near-death experience – 3:00
  • Not being able to breathe – 4:00
  • My body was no longer functioning – 5:00
  • Visiting different dimensions and seeing angels – 6:40
  • Understanding who is Jesus Christ – 7:30
  • Connecting to Christ’s vibration – 8:12
  • Seeing spiritual guides – 9:40
  • The high vibrational frequencies coming from the angels – 11:09
  • The palace of the great light – 13:40
  • The survival lessons – 15:12
  • Experiences on the other side – 17:40
  • Having survival skills – 18:20
  • The purpose of life – 19:20
  • Everybody wants to know their life purpose – 21:13
  • Just be yourself – 24:22
  • Jacob’s out of body experience – 25:00
  • One human body, one human soul – 28:09
  • Through lectures, people can understand a near-death experience – 35:17
  • Lisa reads some cards for Jacob – 38:12
  • Send love to others and accept yourself – 42:00
  • Get in touch with Jacob Cooper – 42:50
  • Lisa reads some cards about deprogramming yourself – 43:48
  • Open your heart and believe in yourself  – 46:20

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One Response to “Feeling An Unknown Energy And Searching For Your Life Purpose With Jacob Cooper – Episode 76”

  1. Jenna

    The best part of Lisa’s interview with Jacob is when he talks about how we don’t need to have any sort of grandiose official purpose or goal in life, we just need to focus on simple things in the moment. Lisa has said in the past that success is being happy in the moment we are in. That is such profound wisdom, and I really wish more people would adhere to that idea. Some people live so much just for the big events, but those are fleeting, and sometimes not as enjoyable as people are expecting. Even expensive vacations are often not as much fun as people imagine they will be. Most of the total time of our lives is not spent on big events, so if we don’t enjoy our daily lives, we are missing the point. I also love how Lisa says that it seems like people are trying to win some sort of race of life, when that is so absurd, since we all end up the same in the end. I appreciate how Lisa and Jacob discuss the way people are so desperate for another person or authority to provide them with an ultimate purpose, even though our purpose has to come from within ourselves. I also like how Lisa and Jacob say we should not compare ourselves to others when deciding how successful we are, instead we should make comparisons with our own goals, especially regarding material things. In my opinion, people spend way too much time worrying about, and being concerned with, what other people have.


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