Lee Harris is an intuitive medium, transformational leader, musician, visual artist and the author of “Energy Speaks”. Stay tuned as we listen to Lee’s incredible journey from holding channeling sessions and readings in his home to a successful career leading workshops in front of numerous groups throughout the world.

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Show Notes

  • Discussing Lee’s book – 2:12
  • Following your own path – 3:49
  • Starting as a channelist – 4:50
  • A sensitive kid – 5:42
  • Channeling your guides – 7:10
  • The power of foresight – 9:59
  • Experimenting with energies and vibrations – 11:42
  • Doing readings for a lot of people – 12:12
  • Channeling sessions and intuition – 13:56
  • Using the information channel – 14:41
  • The prediction is irrelevant -16:03
  • Working with people through growing pains – 16:24
  • Lee’s approach on his sessions – 18:50
  • Understanding a little bit more about mediums – 20:18
  • Predictions can change – 21:22
  • Spirituality, mediumship, and channeling – 23:23
  • An example of our connections to our destiny – 24:39
  • What is life? – 27:37
  • What is synchronicity? – 30:02
  • Lisa reads some cards for Lee – 32:00
  • Lisa’s book recommendations: “Energy Speaks” – 35:10
  • The three-week self-love challenge – 35:58
  • How gratitude is present in Lee’s life – 37:43
  • Lisa reads some cards about shining a light on life – 40:54
  • Allowing yourself to be a radiant person – 43:10


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One Response to “Channeling Your Path with Lee Harris – Episode 77”

  1. Jenna

    Lisa’s interview with Lee Harris is very interesting and uplifting. I like how Lisa and Lee discuss how people seem to think mediums are just there to predict things and provide some sort of quick fix to their problems. I think this shows a lack of understanding on people’s part to how mediums can be useful and helpful. It is great how Lee describes that as being similar to how when he was a kid he would eat some Snickers bars to feel better, and the way that only provided a short-term temporary relief. Lee has a good point that it can also help to pay attention to how a client reacts to certain information, that can give some insight into what the client is feeling and his or her perspective on things. Some people are talkative and open, but some other people are not so much, so sometimes people’s reactions can be helpful.

    I don’t think the specific predictions are all that important, and predicting the future is hard, and it is too bad if people take the predictions to be some sort of absolute truth. I would think psychics and mediums probably can do a little better at predicting people’s behavior than the average person since they are more in tune with how people behave, but it still is hard. The important thing a medium can provide others is to change a person’s mindset to view things in a different way and to help increase the person’s confidence in his or her own abilities. I also think a medium can help someone understand that they have choices in life. Also, people have more confidence when mediums helps nudge them in the right direction, sometimes people just need someone else to tell them what they already know.

    I love how Lisa and Lee talk about going with the flow in life. Many disappointments in life are all about expectations. We expect things to go a certain way, and then when they do not, we feel disappointment. So it is good if we can change our mindset that we will do the best we can, and we can hope for certain things, but when those things don’t turn out the way we expect, we need to just realize it was not meant to be, and move on to whatever is next in life. I love how Lisa says we should accept what is. We do the best we can, plan the best we can, but it is important that we not be disappointed when things do not turn out the way we thought they would. We just need to move on in the moment we are in and deal with the next thing. Recently I have been trying to think of life as being sort of an adventure, and even on more mundane routine days, there are always small little interesting things. Maybe it is not anything big, but just reading some little new thing or learning about something a little different than what I knew the previous day helps advance my life a little bit. I just try to do a little fun thing each day, even if it not anything especially significant.


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