Growing up Carolyn often saw spirits and had psychic experiences. However, it wasn’t until her NDE due to meningitis in 2011, that she experienced a sudden transition into full-blown mediumship. Her abilities were magnified as she developed a boundless ability to communicate with spirits between two worlds. Though she had returned from the next world, her connection remained. Carolyn is now known both nationally and internationally as The Next World Medium. She is an evidential and medical medium, who has located missing people both deceased and alive and has found illnesses or ailments in many, which have then been validated and confirmed by medical doctors.

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Show Notes

  • Carolyn’s near-death experience – 2:07
  • Seeing spirits – 2:40
  • Spirits in her childhood house – 3:17
  • Bringing messages from the other side – 5:05
  • Living with her son while she had meningitis – 5:59
  • Receiving messages from the other side – 11:50
  • The importance of 11/11/11 for Carolyn – 15:20
  • A full recovery – 16:18
  • Medical mysteries – 17:30
  • Unique experiences – 21:41
  • Negative experiences around death – 22:30
  • Messages from the other side – 27:02
  • Crossing over to the other side – 31:46
  • Lisa reads some cards for Carolyn – 32:48
  • Carolyn’s medium experience- 35:17
  • There are always going to be skeptics – 36:00
  • Carolyn’s  medium experience – 37:11
  • A piece of advice: always trust your intuition – 39:27
  • You have to listen to your own intuition and your own path – 40:38
  • Carolyn gives a message to Lisa from the other side – 43:09
  • Lisa reads some cards about near-death experiences and death – 44:30
  • Embracing the whole idea of death – 49:00

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One Response to “Seeing The Bright Light With Carolyn Clapper – Episode 79”

  1. Jenna

    I love how Carolyn’s spiritual abilities opened so strongly after she had meningitis, and how her deceased mother was the one who provided her the information about what was wrong with her. It was also interesting to hear Carolyn talk about living in the house where she could communicate with spirits, and how even her husband who was not spiritual was able to have similar experiences in the house. It is funny when Carolyn says that people are disappointed that her NDE wasn’t more exciting and amazing. I find it interesting when she says that an NDE is not actual death, it is just close to death, so we should not assume that what is experienced during an NDE is the same as the afterlife. I like how Carolyn kept seeing 11/11/11, it reminds of the show Lost where there was that sequence of numbers that kept showing up. It is great how Carolyn says every person’s story of crossing over is unique, and none of us can claim for sure to know exactly what it will be like.

    It is great how Carolyn is involved in so many different types of work. I have heard of some psychics that help with missing persons cases and with solving murders, I can see how a psychic could be helpful with that. It seems to be kind of hit or miss though, but I agree they can provide some assistance. She is also right that time is of the essence with those cases, since even after a few days it starts to become more and more difficult to solve. I personally would find that type of work disturbing, so I can understand what she is saying about it making people feel like death is even more scary, especially the last few moments of a violent death. But I like how Carolyn says that once someone has gone through that, they no longer carry the scars and trauma of that experience once they have crossed over. I like how Carolyn also helps with medical diagnoses. Considering how bad the medical system can be at that sometimes, a psychic is probably not much worse than anyone else trying to do that in certain cases.

    I love the story Lisa tells in her card reading for the listeners about the man who wrote the letter to her about how Ian (Lisa’s husband who had died after a long battle with cancer) helped him 30 years ago to find a career that he ended up enjoying. It must have been so touching and moving for Lisa to read that. It is such a wonderful thing when someone acknowledges how another person helped him. I feel like people often lash out at people when they did something that hurt them, but then they don’t reach out with kindness to point out when someone has done something that was helpful. In my opinion, the letter Lisa received from the man thanking Ian is both happy and sad, because Ian gave his friend good advice to find a fulfilling career that made him happy, but Ian himself ended up regretting his own career.


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