Spar Street is a world-renowned painter and sculptor who wakes up every day with the intention of making love, joy, and passion a more palpable and embodied part of people’s everyday lives. Having had numerous brushes with death, and a lifetime of exploring what it really means to be fully alive, he has dedicated his life to amplifying people’s awareness of the things that make life truly rich, meaningful and fulfilling. His work is celebrated in many of the most prestigious art galleries, fairs, and collections around the world.

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Show Notes

  • His experience with skiing – 3:02
  • Skiing in terrifying places – 3:41
  • Not knowing what happened – 4:50
  • The skiing accident – 5:37
  • The preciousness of life – 7:23
  • Spar’s many life experiences – 8:08
  • A sense of freedom while skiing – 9:44
  • The loss of his father – 11:21
  • His brother’s departure – 12:57
  • It’s all about love and connection – 15:00
  • There is intense love and pain in life – 16:39
  • Feeling grief and loss – 17:40
  • Spar’s current life – 18:18
  • Loving arts and people – 22:20
  • Looking at ourselves in the mirror – 24:06
  • The importance of self-love – 24:52
  • Finding an opportunity to love yourself – 31:17
  • Life is rich beyond anything that money can offer – 32:04
  • Having moments where love is so palpable – 34:27
  • Lisa reads some cards for Spar – 35:37
  • Spar’s definition of intimacy – 38:52
  • Get in touch with Spar – 41:55
  • Lisa reads some cards about being authentic – 44:30

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One Response to “Grief, Loss, And Self-Love With Spar Street – Episode 80”

  1. Jenna

    What an incredible interview with Spar Street! I am always impressed with someone who is so genuine in an interview. It sounds like Spar was somewhat fearless when he was younger, considering he was willing to ski in such challenging places. It is interesting how Spar’s skiing accident caused him to feel a sense of gratitude and vulnerability and helped him understand the preciousness of life. I think it also helped him realize the precariousness of life as well. Even though it doesn’t sound like Spar had a spiritual type of near-death experience like some of Lisa’s other podcast guests, he did come to a spiritual realization about life and how fragile and vulnerable we are in life, and how important it is for us to have compassion for each other.

    I like how Spar talks about his emotional challenges when he was younger, and how much his father’s death had an impact on him. I love how Spar says we should imagine what we would say to the people who matter to us most if we found out they were dying soon. I think when we are death aware it helps us to put things into perspective and remember what is truly important to us. It also gives us the freedom to let go of petty grievances and desire for revenge. It is wonderful when Spar says we should acknowledge people who are going through difficulties in life. Doing that can mean so much to another person sometimes, especially since we often ignore people who are going through bad times since we don’t know what to say or how to behave around the person who is facing difficulties.

    Spar does a good job of explaining how to handle grief and to really feel grief as a means of having a strong connection to our loved ones who have crossed over. I like how Lisa and Spar talk about how most people tend to avoid the emotions associated with grief, since those emotions make people feel very uncomfortable. It is so moving when Spar says when we are in grief, we should find someone who is important to us to look into our eyes and let that person see us as we truly are. Most of us play so many social games daily when dealing with other people that it can be comforting if there is somebody to relate to and be ourselves with directly, especially in times of grief, so we can share our true feelings. Spar also has a good point that even if we don’t have another person like that in our lives, we can look at ourselves in a mirror and try to do the same thing. I like his idea of doing this and addressing painful feelings about ourselves such as being ashamed of things we have done in the past and trying to let those go. I appreciate how he says we should feel value independent of the groups we belong to. It is great how Lisa and Spar talk about how as a child there is such massive pressure to fit in. I don’t really understand people who remember childhood as somehow being an ideal time in their lives. Not that being an adult is easy, but I think being a child can be worse in some ways.

    I like how Lisa mentions in her card reading for Spar how important it is for us to feel gratitude, and Lisa and Spar make such a good point that it is easy for us to feel gratitude when things are going well, but we are not as good at showing gratitude when our situation is more challenging and difficult. I agree that when our life experiences take a bad turn, it is even more important for us to maintain a sense of gratitude. I like how Spar has the “experiencing the present moment” attitude. In this podcast, Spar is so honest and willing to talk to Lisa in a way that makes the interview amazing. I also appreciate Spar’s point that so many people are “living in caskets” as he put it. Lisa has talked many times on her podcast about how people are so afraid of living life to the fullest, and how death awareness can help us have a more genuine approach toward living life.


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