Spar Street is a world-renowned painter and sculptor who wakes up every day with the intention of making love, joy, and passion a more palpable and embodied part of people’s everyday lives. Having had numerous brushes with death, and a lifetime of exploring what it really means to be fully alive, he has dedicated his life to amplifying people’s awareness of the things that make life truly rich, meaningful and fulfilling. His work is celebrated in many of the most prestigious art galleries, fairs, and collections around the world.

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Show Notes

  • His experience with skiing – 3:02
  • Skiing in terrifying places – 3:41
  • Not knowing what happened – 4:50
  • The skiing accident – 5:37
  • The preciousness of life – 7:23
  • Spar’s many life experiences – 8:08
  • A sense of freedom while skiing – 9:44
  • The loss of his father – 11:21
  • His brother’s departure – 12:57
  • It’s all about love and connection – 15:00
  • There is intense love and pain in life – 16:39
  • Feeling grief and loss – 17:40
  • Spar’s current life – 18:18
  • Loving arts and people – 22:20
  • Looking at ourselves in the mirror – 24:06
  • The importance of self-love – 24:52
  • Finding an opportunity to love yourself – 31:17
  • Life is rich beyond anything that money can offer – 32:04
  • Having moments where love is so palpable – 34:27
  • Lisa reads some cards for Spar – 35:37
  • Spar’s definition of intimacy – 38:52
  • Get in touch with Spar – 41:55
  • Lisa reads some cards about being authentic – 44:30

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