An amazing opportunity to hear from a real authority in the field of regression therapy, today we are joined by Peter Wright who is a certified Hypnotherapist in Santa Barbara with 25 years of experience. He is one of only 40 Board-certified Past-Life Regression Therapists in the nation and a certified Life-Between-Lives Hypnotherapist. Peter has helped over 1,800 clients through the practice of his special techniques.

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Show Notes

  • A hypnotherapist session – 1:02
  • What is hypnotherapy? – 1:50
  • Many answers are inside ourselves – 2:36
  • Connecting with the higher-self – 5:23
  • Working with the memory and the ego – 5:50
  • A connection with the events of the past life – 6:20
  • Your soul and your imagination – 9:34
  • How a client cleared his voice after a session – 11:06
  • Past events that explain your actual behavior – 13:14
  • Your spirit body – 14:11
  • Our lifetimes could be real – 16:56
  • A story about a married couple – 18:18
  • Discussing the subject of suicide – 22:26
  • Losing a daughter to suicide – 24:20
  • You are your own medium – 25:40
  • Lisa reads some cards for Peter – 27:14
  • Experiences from past lives that affect your current life – 28:00
  • Avoiding the negativity – 29:00
  • Do not focus on depression and black energy – 31:17
  • Imagine a place where you connect with your higher-self – 35:13
  • Lisa reads some cards about hypnotherapy – 39:40

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One Response to “Every Moment In Life Is A Gift With Peter Wright – Episode 81”

  1. Jenna

    This is an excellent interview! I love how Peter says hypnosis is focused concentration. People have such big misconceptions about what hypnotizing someone means because there are so many ridiculous hypnotism scenarios on TV shows and movies. People watch these shows and start thinking you can hypnotize someone to be a sleeper agent and go assassinate someone, or hypnotize them to walk off a cliff, but it doesn’t work that way. A person can’t hypnotize someone to do something that is truly against what they want to do. Therefore, I am very glad Peter does such an excellent job of describing what hypnotism is and what it is not.

    I am impressed with how this interview with Peter provides so much helpful and practical information. I love the idea of using hypnotism to help someone resolve issues they are going through. Peter does such a good job of explaining the process of finding out what the issue is and then having the client use his or her imagination and inner wisdom to connect to the higher self. It is also a great idea for the client to invite guidance from passed away loved ones and from spirit guides, or anyone else the client would like to be present at the session, since the client is the one who understands best who would be helpful in the session. I like how Peter’s technique frees the client to go where he or she wants with their imagination, instead of just telling the client what they should say or do, or how they should interpret what they are feeling and visualizing.

    It is good how Peter acknowledges that some people are more visual than others, and some people are more auditory and sensory and feeling. I like how Peter uses the idea of past lives to assist clients in figuring out what the source is of their issues. Even in sessions where clients are just imagining a past life scenario, it is still helpful, because whatever the clients are imagining in the hypnotized state is helping them work through the issues they are there to try to resolve. I feel like Peter gives the clients a sort of permission to allow their imaginations to go where it is most useful without the clients feeling a sense of judgment or being made to feel like what they are doing is silly. I agree with what Lisa often says, that our wisdom does come from within, but I think many people do not entirely feel comfortable with achieving that on their own. Because of this, someone like Peter can be helpful, even if it is just nudging the client a little bit along the way, but still allowing the client to be the one who tells the story. I like how Peter says that talk therapy works with the conscious mind, and that hypnotherapy works with the higher self.

    Peter gives such amazing advice at the end of the podcast when he goes through the process of how to let go of negative issues and emotions such as anxiety, anger, and depression. Just by hearing him describe it, I can see how it could be helpful to follow that process to remove negative energy that no longer serves us.


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