Learn how to awaken your spirit after suffering a loss with our guest Sandy Alemian, a spirit medium, and soul coach who believes that we are all like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, we have had the power within us all of the time but we are unaware of it.

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Show Notes

  • The ocean – 3:57
  • Sandy’s experience with her daughter’s disease – 4:51
  • A major loss – 5:58
  • Her daughter’s death – 6:16
  • Messages from the angles – 7:07
  • Getting messages through her readings – 7:48
  • An acronym for death – 8:20
  • Death is not the end, death is an illusion – 10:13
  • Death is divine expansion and total healing – 11:58
  • Missing the physical body – 12:17
  • Having internal experiences – 13:49
  • Sandy’s stories about connecting clients with spirits – 14:06
  • Death as a failure – 19:19
  • Helping people see death differently – 19:49
  • Is dying at a young age okay? – 21:52
  • One of the hardest loses: losing a child – 22:50
  • Why meditation is so important – 24:00
  • Some people have a hard time letting go – 26:02
  • A message from a person that committed suicide – 27:56
  • The idea of soul awareness – 30:08
  • Feeling like a victim – 30:47
  • Lisa reads some cards for Sandy – 33:13
  • Helping people believe – 35:04
  • Spirits are the “best comedians around” – 36:54
  • Lisa gives us a message and reads some cards – 39:18
  • Listen to your truth – 42:22

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2 Responses to “Divine Expansion And Total Healing With Sandy Alemian – Episode 83”

  1. Jenna

    It is interesting how Sandy woke up to understanding death when her infant daughter died. For several guests that have been on Lisa’s podcast, a traumatic event is what opened them up to enhanced spiritual abilities. Lisa and Sandy also have a great conversation about how it is important for us to accept that there are things we don’t have control over in life. It is interesting when Sandy says clients always want her to be able to predict for them what will happen in their lives, and she has a good point that we are not always meant to know that. So many things in life are hard to predict, and I have learned so much from Lisa about being able to accept what is, and work within what I am able to control. We often encounter situations in life we don’t like and that we didn’t want, but we can only do the best we can within the context of what the situation is at the time.

    I love Sandy’s acronym for death of Divine Expansion and Total Healing! I like how Sandy takes a broad perspective of things by looking at it from the soul perspective instead of just from the perspective of an individual lifetime. It is great when Sandy says that death is a transition between being a spirit with a body into a spirit without a body. I also appreciate how Sandy says that none of our experiences are meant to victimize us, but sometimes they seem that way from our current limited perspective because we are not looking at it from the point of view that our soul is learning from our experiences. It is better to avoid having the attitude of being a victim in situations that seem unfair, and even in situations that are truly unjust. As I have heard several people say, even when we are not able to control what happens to us, we can choose how we react to the event, as well as the attitude we take about what happened, and what actions we can take going forward.

    Lisa and Sandy have a good point that when a person dies, it is the people who were close to the person who have issues to deal with surrounding the death. I like how Sandy helps people identify signs from loved ones who have crossed over, and I agree the reason people have trouble noticing the signs is because they are so busy with life that they don’t take the time to observe them. I also appreciate Sandy’s point that people really miss the physical presence of their loved ones. I like how you and Sandy talk about how our loved ones who have crossed over are always around, instead of being in a specific place. I love the story that Sandy tells about the client who received the message about visiting her husband’s grave marker at the cemetery, since when she visited the cemetery he would go to the cemetery with her, and when she didn’t visit the cemetery, he was still around anyway. That is such a great point, there is no reason to be fixated on a specific place. As many people say, cemeteries are for the living, not the dead.

    I like how Sandy says she helps bring people into the present moment to heal, because that is when spirit connection happens. I really appreciate how Sandy says when someone young dies we react and behave as if that is something that should not happen, but instead we need to look at it without judgement. It is just a societal notion that there is a certain correct lifespan that we are somehow cosmically entitled to live, when that is not actually the case. I like how Lisa and Sandy talk about how even though losing a child is one of the hardest losses, people can be grateful for the time that they did have with the child, and just understand that for that child, a full lifetime (or what we consider to be a full lifetime) just was not meant to happen. I finally understand the idea of appreciating something but not being attached to it. It all has to do with gratitude, since we can be extremely grateful for what we consider to be a good thing in our lives, and when we lose it instead of feeling resentful of the loss, we can appreciate and be grateful it was in our lives for as long as was. We can even take that approach toward our own lives and the lifespan we have been given. We can appreciate the time we have, and even if it ends earlier than what we consider to be the societal expectations of what a lifespan should be, we can be happy we were given the time that we were.

    I like how Lisa and Sandy discuss how relationships are better with someone who has crossed over. I think this is because they no longer carry the negative emotions and burdens that are involved with living through a life. I like how Sandy describes that as they have left their bodies and gone to a realm of unconditional love, that is so beautiful. I think during our own lifetimes we should try to drop the negative emotions that cause us so much conflict and so many problems with other people in life. I think educating people about death awareness is a good way to help people improve the skill of overcoming negative emotions. People feel so threatened and lash out at so many things, it would be good if people could have more of an abundance attitude, and I think it would also help if they understood that their soul cannot be harmed, so there is no reason to feel so threatened.

  2. Heidi Hanson

    This was one of the Best Podcasts I’ve listened to. I was laughing with both of you as you both laughed as she shared what she saw with the De-Light card. I was driving to the lake for our family vacation…our 4th one since our Grace’s passing. I had to share the podcast with my Soul Sistas…7 mothers who all have children in Spirit…before I even finished listening! I will relisten and may even reach out to Sandy. May 7, 2016…is our daughter Grace’s Re-Birthday…as we call it…and I know She is with me and I get so so many signs throughout the day…each and every day. It is the “Missing” that stops me in my tracks! Learning how to Connect with Grace as Sandy was able to help the mother connect with her son would be a game changer. Learning about Soul Planning / Contracts changed my Journey to Healing early on. I believe Grace led me to this podcasts, as She does most of your podcasts, all in Divine timing.


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