Paula Lenz, born and raised in Texas (yes, she says “y’all”), graduated with a BA degree from Sam Houston State University. Retiring after 40 years as a business leader, Paula wrote her book Driving into Infinity: Living with My Brother’s Spirit; describing her life-changing experiences with her deceased brother, Don.

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Show Notes

  • A recurring dream: it all began in 1982 – 3:40
  • Discussing the recurrent dream – 4:04
  • Jesus appeared in the sky above us – 4:37
  • A terrible pain over the heart area – 5:52
  • How Paula realized that her brother died in an accident – 7:44
  • Don appeared next to her after he had passed – 9:11
  • Speaking telepathically – 11:15
  • Lending back into her body – 14:00
  • Being silent about her experience with her brother  – 16:22
  • Having an English major – 19:53
  • All that exists in the Universe is one – 22:59
  • Having visions and hearing a voice – 26:06
  • Going to church and being more focused on spirituality – 27:30
  • Examples of her intuition – 28:10
  • Being guided by voices – 31:22
  • An incredible story about being poisoned – 33:59
  • Lisa reads cards for Paula – 35:16
  • Paula shares her idea of consciousness – 39:53
  • Spirits and consciousness – 41:54
  • “The conscience consciousness” – 43:15
  • Talking about Paula’s book and where to find it – 47:45
  • Lisa shares what spirits said to her – 50:20
  • Card reading for the audience – 54:14

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2 Responses to “The Powerful Energy of Love with Paula Lenz – Episode 84”

  1. Jenna

    I love Lisa’s interview with Paula Lenz! It is interesting how she sensed her brother’s death happening while she was driving, and before that she had a recurring dream that gave her premonitions of what was going to happen. This obviously had a profound influence on her life, just like other shared-death and near-death experiences I have heard guests on Lisa’s podcast describe. I love how Paula’s brother communicated with her telepathically that she shouldn’t be sad, and that he wanted her to be happy because he was happy. I think it is such an important point for people to remember that the loved one who died is not the one who is suffering, it is the person who is grieving who has to go through the difficulty of the loved one’s death. Even though Paula knew her brother was okay once he crossed over, I am sure she still felt some sense of loss of no longer having her brother around in human form. Even though many people die in accidents, it can still take someone by surprise anytime a death is unexpected.

    I love how Paula describes feeling a sense of oneness with everything, I have heard some of Lisa’s other podcast guests describe their near-death and shared-death experiences that way. I agree it is important for us to remember that we are all connected, so I like how Paula mentions that in the podcast. Also, similar to some of the other podcasts guests, she felt a sense of overwhelming peace and the powerful energy of love. She wanted to stay in the amazing spiritual oneness of love and peace, but she felt herself being pulled back into her body, since it wasn’t her time yet. I think some of that feeling of love and oneness is because in that state of being we don’t feel the burdens and judgment of other people that we normally do in life, and are just experiencing our whole spiritual selves without the other baggage of living.

    I like how Paula describes some of the after-effects of her experience, such as when she talks about how her intuition expanded after her shared-death experience with her brother. I have found intuition to be very helpful in my life, since sometimes we tend to overthink things, and that is not always the best way to arrive at a solution. I like how her intuition told her to contact a former manager she had worked for before and how that lead to her finding such a good job that she enjoyed. When people are unhappy at their jobs, not only is it bad for the person who is unhappy, but it is bad for the co-workers who have to be around the unhappy person, so it is a negative thing all around when someone is unhappy at work. I also appreciate how Lisa had Paula on her podcast since Paula had a regular professional career. I like Lisa’s interviews with psychics and life coaches and people like that, but they do not resonate directly with me as much as someone like Paula who had a regular business job when she was working.

    Paula does a good job describing the idea of melding into spirit and connecting with the deeper universal consciousness. She is right that we should use intuition and guidance of spirit in daily life, since that can be very helpful. It is great how she gives the advice to imagine the edges of our body becoming particles and reaching out feeling a part of the whole universe. There is nothing quite like a spiritual feeling of being connected to everything else. She also has a good point that it is important for people to understand for themselves what they want in life, other people can give us advice about things, but only we can know for sure what we want, since we are all different.


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