Gretchen Bickert is a Sound & Energy Therapist who works with people and animals. She leads group participants on a transformational meditative journey using gongs and other vibrational instruments. She is currently a support staff member and student tutor for the Sound Healing Academy in London and teaches Kundalini, Yoga & Meditation. 

Her interest in the afterlife started when her beloved dog, Ernie, died and sent tangible signs from the afterlife. It was then she began to immerse herself in afterlife research and became certified as a grief counselor for those who are grieving the loss of a beloved pet. Her passion is using sound and energy, along with other holistic modalities, to assist with finding the way back to one’s true self.

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Show Notes

  • The afterlife conference – 3:55
  • Guiding animals through the transition to the other side – 4:46
  • Talking about her dog Ernie – 6:05
  • Losing Ernie – 6:25
  • The messages Gretchen receives from Ernie – 8:04
  • Her mom’s death – 11:14
  • Communicating with your pet – 12:35
  • Ernie wanted to say goodbye to 5 people – 16:40
  • Talking with an animal communicator – 17:34
  • Be in the peace space – 26:28
  • Asking your pet to send you specific signs – 27:27
  • Time is our construct – 38:10
  • Lisa reads cards for Gretchen – 38:48
  • The natural passing of animals – 44:52
  • Talking about euthanasia in animals – 45:58
  • Lisa reads cards about losing a pet – 52:07

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3 Responses to “The End Of Life of a Beloved Pet with Gretchen Bickert – Episode 86”

  1. Jenna

    I love Lisa’s interview with Gretchen Bickert! It is wonderful to hear Gretchen’s descriptions of her dog Ernie and the signs she receives from him. I appreciate how she is helping people deal with the grief involved with a pet dying. How people feel when a pet dies is often overlooked since people don’t necessarily think of pets as being significant, but for many people a pet becomes an important part of the family. Pets provide unconditional love, which is something that we rarely receive from other humans. Gretchen also has a good point that we should talk about end of life care and palliative care for pets the same way we do for people. I really like how Gretchen views pets as living beings who make a difference in people’s lives. I know sometimes we say a pet is “just a dog” but to a family who has had that pet be a part of their lives for a long time it is more than that.

    Gretchen does a good job explaining how a dog can communicate with us through visual images, feelings and quick words. Dogs are very emotionally expressive, and I think they can understand many of our facial expressions and can tell if we are happy or sad. I like how she says she and Ernie have an unspoken body language connection. The story is so sweet about how one of her friends talked to Ernie on the phone before he died, and how Ernie’s ears perked up when he heard him talking to him. Gretchen has a good point that sometimes knowing that a death is coming can be a positive thing since there is more time to prepare in order to give a pet a good death. I really like Gretchen’s suggestion that when a pet is dying, we should try to think of people who would want to say goodbye to the pet. I really like the perspective Gretchen brings to this interview of viewing our pets are being part of our families and having a positive impact on people’s lives. Gretchen also understands that we often have trouble accepting when a pet is dying, and feel like we want to be able to fix everything. It can be difficult to let go and understand when it is time for the pet to die. It is great when Gretchen says Ernie taught her how to accept the dying process and palliative care. I love how Gretchen became interested in the afterlife because of Ernie’s death, I just find that so touching and moving that she cared for her dog that much.

  2. Gretchen

    Thank you Lisa! I loved the card reading so much, and super appreciate you taking the time to share this story! I hope it brings hope to others that are grieving the loss of a pet, or other loved one, or are preparing to say goodbye. Ernie continues to remind me that the bonds of love are truly never ever broken. lots of love! ~ gretchen


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