Myra Mossman is a Federal Criminal Appeals attorney who has handled complex cases before the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. In her recently published memoir entitled My Random Death, she discusses her near-death experience and how it has shaped her life’s work.

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Show Notes

  • What inspired Myra’s book – 0:55
  • Having a Near-Death Experience – 1:30
  • Having premonitions before the near-death experience – 2:47
  • No more fear, doubt, or worry – 3:26
  • What happened the day before the near-death experience – 4:20
  • Believing in your intuition – 5:20
  • Seeing the “evil man”- 6:33
  • Change and transformation – 9:01
  • What Myra tells us in her book – 9:57
  • Random death or random murder? – 10:19
  • Takeaways from Myra’s book – 11:09
  • Intuition and coincidences – 11:48
  • Myra’s perspective about emotional intelligence – 13:08
  • Spirituality: not acting for yourself alone – 13:46
  • Myra’s thoughts about her work and criminals – 14:40
  • Witnessing killings in today’s world – 16:22
  • Lisa reads some cards for Myra – 18:09
  • It is not okay to treat others with less dignity – 19:48
  • We are on a voyage to a new world- 20:15
  • No fear or worry in death – 22:20
  • Lisa reads some cards about healing, fear, truth, and passion in life – 24:00

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One Response to “A Near-Death Experience as a Voyage with Myra Mossman – Episode 88”

  1. Jenna

    It was interesting to listen to Lisa’s interview with Myra Mossman. I agree with Myra about unethical charismatic leaders and how they can lead people astray, she has a good point that sometimes people don’t ask the right questions or are afraid to question management’s actions at all. The CEO and top executives often set the tone for an organization, and the tone set has a big impact on how employees at the organization view their ethical obligations. I think it is very important to be ethical, since there needs to be a certain level of trust in society among most people for commerce to work properly. I agree that spirituality is becoming more important in business, not necessarily the supernatural part of spirituality, but the values taught by spirituality are becoming more important.

    I also agree with Myra’s opinion of the death penalty. I think the criminal justice system should be focused more on protecting people from harm from other people than punishing criminals. The death penalty is irreversible, and since juries and judges do make mistakes sometimes, in my opinion the government should not have the power to carry out capital punishment, just for practical reasons if nothing else. I like what Myra says about the mistreatment and lack of empathy for migrants at the border and how important it is to treat everyone with dignity, no matter what their background. I am disturbed by how much bias against foreigners there seems to be in the US now. We all benefit from the skills and knowledge of others, both who are from the US and from elsewhere. It is strange how people’s compassion sometimes ends at the border, as if the people on the other side of the border are somehow worth less just because they live in, or originate from, somewhere else. I like how Myra says we can make a choice to be more compassionate toward other people.

    Myra gives a good analogy when she says that some people are captains of their own boat, and some people hitch a ride on someone else’s boat. It is important for us to find our own way in life and to recognize that no one is identical to anyone else, even identical twins have their own life experiences that are separate from each other. It is very hard for people to break away from the way they were raised, and it can be emotionally difficult to do that, since the person doing that often loses some long-term family relationships. But maybe people shouldn’t be afraid of losing relationships with family members who don’t accept who they really are anyway. I like how Lisa says in her card reading that people need to find their own truth and passion in life.


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