Goldyn Duffy is a Universal Law, meditation, and mindfulness educator. She is a speaker, author, and co-founder of the M21 Revolution, an online collective of leading-edge change makers. With the addition of meditation in her life, she was able to tap into patience she never knew she had before. From this, her relationship with her husband and daughters deepened. Her life became clearer and her freedom to choose was unveiled.

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Show Notes

  • Goldyn’s recent book – 2:59
  • The death of our story‘s thoughts – 3:50
  • Her story in California – 4:44
  • Following your true desire – 5:12
  • Revisiting our traumas – 6:03
  • Carrying your own stories wherever you go – 7:13
  • Using techniques when you lose something in your life – 7:34
  • Feeling better with meditation – 8:40
  • Teaching you how to meditate – 10:13
  • Ten to fifteen minutes that will change your life – 10:57
  • Transforming lives through meditation – 11:33
  • Gaining control of the mind – 14:01
  • A piece of advice from Goldyn – 15:07
  • Seeing life’s gifts – 15:55
  • Ask yourself what you want – 16:33
  • Lisa reads some cards for Goldyn – 18:17
  • Let your old story die – 21:09
  • Get in touch with Goldyn – 22:00
  • Lisa reads some cards about identity creation – 23:13
  • Be honest with yourself – 23:56
  • Find joy in your current situation – 24:30
  • Beings of love and light thoughts – 26:42

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One Response to “The Death of Our Story with Goldyn Duffy – Episode 89”

  1. Jenna

    I always enjoy Lisa’s conversations with Goldyn Duffy. I look forward to reading Goldyn’s book. Goldyn has a great point that we have certain narratives we tell ourselves about our lives, and that we have the power to change how we tell ourselves those stories. We are shaped so strongly by our previous experiences, and our attitudes and the way we view ourselves are often formed at a young age. We use all of these to create a narrative of ourselves, and we view ourselves and everything else through this narrative. Sometimes we forget how much our thoughts and opinions are based on our pre-conceived notions about things, and this can lead us to feel like we have fewer choices than we actually do if life. This leads us to artificially limit ourselves in life more narrowly than we should. I like how Goldyn says her old self needed to die in order for her to move to California. It does take a certain leap of faith to leave everything that is familiar and begin a new life somewhere else with different people. Lisa did something similar when she moved to Hawaii.

    Goldyn gives excellent advice about dealing with a loss in life, whether that is a loss of a loved one or the loss of any other type of relationship or anything else that harms our identity in some way. I like when Lisa says we create so much suffering for ourselves in our own minds, since most of the time no one is physically harming us. I think some of this is because our identity and sense of self-worth is so tied up in the stories we tell ourselves (including our expectations and what we view as other people’s expectations) that we feel threatened when that changes in some way, and this causes us to feel mental and emotional pain. Goldyn gives great advice when she says to build a new story around a negative event that happens to us and try to look at it in a more positive way, instead of telling ourselves the same negative story over and over in our heads.

    I like Goldyn’s suggestions about meditation. That is a great idea to start by writing down things we are worried about in advance to clear those concerns before starting to meditate, and I like the whole idea of using meditation as a mechanism of releasing an old story that is holding us back. I also appreciate how she describes the process of identity creation by looking at what we really want in life and trying to find out what actions are needed to create that. I love how Lisa and Goldyn say that our negative and fearful thoughts are trying to keep us safe. We need to be aware and mindful of when that is happening to us to be able to make a rational judgement about how to react to the fearful thought. A fight or flight response is not helpful in most of the situations we deal with today in modern society, in many ways it can be counterproductive to what we are trying to do.


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