Chris Batts recently wrote the book: BOOM! The Life and Times of a Suicide Near-Death experience. He has a fascinating story—he grew up in the inner city, and was thrown in a dumpster at six months old as his mother didn’t want him, and he had an emotionally abusive grandmother. Throughout his life, he didn’t see the purpose of being here, and several years ago he decided to end it all. At that time, he had an out-of-body and near-death experience where he met God and His angels. Be sure to stay tuned as Chris will give you some great advice if you’re having feelings of depression, because he’s been there.

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Show Notes

  • Chris’ background and childhood – 1:50
  • A suicide survivor – 2:08
  • Planning his suicide – 3:36
  • His book title – 4:30
  • Feeling an out-of-body experience – 5:47
  • What His angels look like – 6:34
  • When he knew that he met His Guardian Angels  – 11:05
  • Guardian Angels helped Chris to progress with his communication – 11:40
  • How he decided to write his book – 13:34
  • The details of his childhood and heartbreak – 14:55
  • Committing suicide because of depression – 17:15
  • Words of love for the audience – 18:59
  • You never know who actually is concerned about you – 20:45
  • Lisa reads some cards for Chris – 21:03
  • Chris’ book name and where you can find it – 23:47
  • Lisa reads some cards about suicide and being depressed – 25:11
  • Beings of Love and Light message about suicide – 28:00

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2 Responses to “The Life and Times Of a Suicide Near-Death Experience With Chris Batts – Episode 92”

  1. Jenna

    This interview with Chris Batts is fascinating, especially when he talks about his near-death experience. It is interesting to hear the perspective of a suicide survivor. I love how Chris describes his guardian angels in this interview! I know suicide is a very serious topic, but I do really enjoy how he talks about the angels’ personalities and what they look like. It is great how Chris knows that his guardian angels love him and help him throughout his life. It is so funny when Chris says he argues with his guardian angels sometimes, but they always turn out to be right. It is comforting to think that Divine love and assistance is available to us even at times when it seems people do not care about us. I like how Chris has ongoing guidance from his guardian angels, sometimes I think Divine guidance can be more helpful than advice from other people, since it always comes from a place of love, whereas guidance from other people is not consistent in that respect.

    It was interesting to hear about Chris’ difficult childhood. It is amazing how Chris was able to overcome so much adversity in his life. There are so many people who feel like they are rejected and unwanted by everybody, so I like Chris’ message for people who are considering suicide to understand that they are loved, even when they don’t feel that way. I also like how he says love and help for suicidal people can come from sources that are not necessarily obvious. Even if a person’s family does not love him or her and does not provide sympathy, there is often somebody out there who is kind and compassionate about what the suicidal person is facing. Chris has a good point that people having suicidal thoughts are often afraid to talk about them out of fear of being judged, so I like his advice that it is important to reach out anyway, because not everyone will be judgmental and there are many people willing to help. I also appreciate Chris’ suggestion that a suicidal person should think of specific people who would be affected if the person were gone. Some people also feel like they are a burden on others, and the weight of that can feel so heavy to people sometimes. Circumstances might trigger someone killing himself or herself, but often quality of life is not the main determinant, there are usually biological factors like depression involved. I agree with the message at the end that we should not be judgmental about people who kill themselves, and that we should have compassion and love for any death, no matter what the cause.


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