Born a medium, Jake Samoyedny has trained with many of the best mediums today, having studied extensively at the Arthur Findlay college in Stansted, England. He is a proud Registered Lily Dale Medium and a preferred provider for Helping Parents Heal. Jake is the author of three books on mediumship and spirituality: The Compassionate Medium (2014), A Pathway to Eternity (2016), and his newest book, Gatekeeper of the Invisible Door (2019). They are available on Amazon and Kindle. 

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Show Notes

  • Born as a medium – 2:48
  • What exploded his mediumship career – 3:57
  • Stories from the other side – 6:06
  • Knowing that he was a medium – 7:57
  • His cafeteria-style mediumship – 10:43
  • His experience at the Arthur Findlay college – 13:11
  • Doing a maximum of six readings a day – 16:10
  • Jake’s long term goal – 20:12
  • Lisa reads some cards for Jake – 22:44
  • Gatekeeper of the Invisible Door: True Stories of Children In Spirit Book – 27:05
  • Lisa read some cards about receiving messages from the other side. 30:17
  • Message from the Angels – 32:40

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One Response to “Bringing Truth to the Other Side with Jake Samoyedny – Episode 94”

  1. Jenna

    It is great how Jake talks about how he developed his own method of mediumship by learning from many different teachers and using the techniques that he found helpful and avoiding the ones that were not right for him. I love this idea, and how he describes it as cafeteria style mediumship. I have always learned and used information from various sources throughout my own professional career, and I recognize some advice as helpful, and some of it as not so helpful to me, everyone develops their own work styles. I always find it disturbing when someone thinks that if you accept one thing a certain person teaches, you have to accept everything, but I think we close ourselves off to some really good information if we dismiss someone’s ideas entirely just because we don’t agree with everything. Human beings are multi-faceted, and we need to recognize that.

    I love how Jake says he is the hardest-working medium! That is amazing he does about six readings a day, I think that would be emotionally difficult. I always appreciate when anyone is enthusiastic about his or her work and puts forth effort to do it well. It is true what he says that there are only a small percentage of people who can make a living working as a psychic. It is one of those things where there are many more people who want to make a living doing it than there are jobs available, similar to people who want to make a living from writing books or acting.

    I think it is so funny when Lisa and Jake are talking about doing readings on a stage in front of a group of people, and how some people in the audience try to get all of the attention, even when what the psychic says is not relevant to them! That would be a problem with doing readings on stage in front of a large audience. It might be fun to do those readings with a large group if the audience were cooperative.

    I like how Jake says he wants to be able to use his psychic abilities to know someone’s social security number, but I think it is probably just as well that psychics are not able to do that. Otherwise there would be some major computer security and other security issues and all the psychics would work for intelligence agencies around the world! Companies and governments would have a psychic detect someone’s password and break into computer systems. Although there would be some positive things about that too, such as if someone died and you couldn’t find important documents, you could hire the psychic to find out the location of the documents for you. Or the psychic could contact a murder victim and learn who the murderer was. I think psychics are probably better at picking up on more emotional aspects of things than things like the exact location of something or a social security number. I am sure the more psychics practice and develop their skills the better they are at what they do, but I don’t think there are going to be psychics detecting social security numbers anytime soon.


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