Curtis is the director of Off The Left Eye, a media project of the nonprofit Swedenborg Foundation, that looks to explore and explain a truly comprehensive theory of life, without taking itself too seriously.

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Show Notes

  • Curtis’ speech at IANDS conference – 3:44
  • What motivated his presentation – 4:16
  • Things that do not get along – 5:08
  • Having access to the spiritual world – 6:40
  • Understanding Emanuel Swedenborg’s life – 7:00
  • How Curtis got involved with Swedenborg – 8:15
  • What is the Swedenborg Foundation? – 9:30
  • How he started with Swedenborg Foundation – 11:33
  • Everyone wants to talk about spiritual experiences – 12:14
  • The Spiritual side of life – 17:08
  • Swedenborg’s thoughts on the other life in his book – 19:03
  • Near-Death experiences and Swedenborg – 20:36
  • How understanding Swedenborg’s principles help you to know the other side  – 22:22
  • Heaven and Hell book – 26:36
  • Teaching you about the other side – 28:08
  • Getting into Swedenborg’s world – 29:22
  • Swedenborg descriptions of the other life – 31:21
  • Lisa reads some cards for Curtis – 34:03
  • Everything has to be with heart and mind – 38:15
  • Lisa reads some cards about finding a new connection – 41:55
  • Lisa’s Divine Message – 43:55


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