Elaine Lopez-Bogard is a Fertility Intuitive who helps women overcome fertility issues so they can hold their babies in their arms. Elaine also loves helping women connect and communicate with their Spirit Baby to aide in the conception process as well as find peace from pregnancy loss.

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Show Notes

  • Elaine’s background and pregnancy loss – 3:24
  • In 2014 she started to study holistic kinesiology – 4:10
  • Helping women to heal from pregnancy loss – 4:48
  • When her spiritual gifts started to open up – 5:07
  • The idea of spirit babies and a story about one of her clients who brings her soul baby forward – 7:58
  • Being on a mission to help women – 9:50
  • A story of a soul baby – 11:48
  • Talking about abortion – 15:29
  • A symbol that represents abortion – 20:32
  • Elaine’s story of connecting with her spirit baby – 21:53
  • Elaine’s goal and mission – 24:23
  • Establishing a soul connection and communicating with their baby – 25:00
  • Lisa reads some cards for Elaine – 25:41
  • Lisa shares the divine download that she received – 33:57


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2 Responses to “Spirit Babies and Conscious Conception with Elaine Lopez-Bogard – Episode 96”

  1. Jenna

    I love the idea of spirit babies! There are many women who struggle with infertility, and often do so in silence. I agree people who keep asking a woman when she is going to have a baby need to be more sensitive in remembering that women can have issues with infertility. I like how Elaine helps women who are struggling with infertility to connect with the spirit baby who is trying to come in and how that provides comfort and helps with energetic blockages. Some women who have had a miscarriage do feel quite a bit of anxiety the next time they are pregnant and become very concerned about another miscarriage or still birth happening again. Having a miscarriage is a common event even if some women don’t feel comfortable talking about it when it happens.

    I like how Elaine’s own experience with pregnancy loss allowed her to realize how she could help other women dealing with the same emotions, whether that loss is infertility, abortion, or a miscarriage. That is sad how when it happened to her she didn’t have anyone to talk to about it, but her realization of that allowed her be able to do the wonderful work helping women she is doing now. It is interesting how her intuitive and spiritual abilities magnified when she started to do the work she is doing now. It seems like spiritual gifts open up the most when a person has found what he or she really wants to do in life. It is more difficult for a person to feel a strong connection to the Divine if they are not following their soul’s purpose. I just realized that is a common thread in many of these podcasts as far as the person becoming more spiritual.

    I like how Elaine describes receiving the messages from the spirit babies and how that helps the women feel comfort and a sense of closure about whatever happened. I agree, they don’t need to believe in past lives, or even that the spirit baby is truly communicating messages to them, they just need to feel a certain sense of connection and that can help them shift their way of thinking about the situation. It is very moving when she talks about communicating messages to women who have had an abortion, it is usually a very difficult decision for a woman to have an abortion, and often she is in a bad situation in some way if she is considering making that extremely hard decision, so any kind of support afterwards she can receive can be helpful to her. That is very accurate when she says so many women feel shame and guilt about abortion, even in situations where they realize it was the right decision under the circumstances.

    I like how Elaine tells women that all of the babies that have been miscarried or aborted provide the women with messages of unconditional love, what a wonderful communication to give to women who often have feelings of guilt and shame in those situations. Even in cases of miscarriage or infertility women often feel like it is their fault or they did something wrong that is preventing them from becoming pregnant or that caused the miscarriage. I appreciate the work Elaine is doing in helping these women.

  2. Anthony Chipoletti

    A Native American woman guided me in this ritual. It was done because my home area was in seven straight days of severe drought with dangerous ozone levels in the air. This event happened on Saturday, June 12, 1999 at dawn. I went outside and saw that the entire sky had a thick cloud cover that was pink and blue all over, like a baby’s blanket. My daughter’s baby boy, Dakota, had died at birth, three months before this event. There was only one star visible high in the sky; I walked into the front lawn to put that star directly over my head. This required me to walk on the grass about six feet from the front of our house and about three feet from the center of the house while facing the house; I was facing toward the West Power which is of Rain and Life; I looked up and smelled a fresh flow, as if the water from the earth were going back up into the sky; then I bent backwards, while standing, to search the whole sky to see if there were any other stars; there were none visible except one, very bright star, which appeared to be hiding itself behind a tree; I offered a gift which I believe has great spiritual power and is actually named Gentle Rain. I believe that the star above me was my grandson, Dakota, and that the star behind the tree was his sister, Mizuko, who had died several months before in a miscarriage.


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