Elaine Lopez-Bogard is a Fertility Intuitive who helps women overcome fertility issues so they can hold their babies in their arms. Elaine also loves helping women connect and communicate with their Spirit Baby to aide in the conception process as well as find peace from pregnancy loss.

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Show Notes

  • Elaine’s background and pregnancy loss – 3:24
  • In 2014 she started to study holistic kinesiology – 4:10
  • Helping women to heal from pregnancy loss – 4:48
  • When her spiritual gifts started to open up – 5:07
  • The idea of spirit babies and a story about one of her clients who brings her soul baby forward – 7:58
  • Being on a mission to help women – 9:50
  • A story of a soul baby – 11:48
  • Talking about abortion – 15:29
  • A symbol that represents abortion – 20:32
  • Elaine’s story of connecting with her spirit baby – 21:53
  • Elaine’s goal and mission – 24:23
  • Establishing a soul connection and communicating with their baby – 25:00
  • Lisa reads some cards for Elaine – 25:41
  • Lisa shares the divine download that she received – 33:57


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