Following an NDE brought on by prescription opioids in 2013, Ginny began communicating with animals and discarnate beings. Like many experiencers, she eagerly pursued a spiritual education in an attempt to understand her abilities. Eventually, she began sharing her skills and healing journey with others, promoting a compassionate message of love and forgiveness.

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Show Notes

  • How she got involved with opioids – 3:16
  • Ginny’s background – 3:36
  • Feeling fatigue and other symptoms – 4:39
  • Taking the first prescription – 6:06
  • All of the misdiagnoses she received about her medical condition – 6:31
  • Being bedridden – 8:55
  • Ginny shares her Near Death Experience – 11:20
  • Being propelled out of her body into a white space with no floor – 13:21
  • What happened on the other side – 15:32
  • Being dead for almost 20 minutes – 16:52
  • Trying a new healing modality – 19:28
  • Weird things happening after her Near Death Experience – 20:15
  • Going on a spiritual journey – 21:51
  • What she learned about going to the other side – 24:00
  • A healer is someone who helps you remember that you can heal yourself – 25:45
  • There are a lot of healing modalities – 34:43
  • Lisa read some cards for Ginny – 36:34
  • Ginny gives a piece of advice for listeners – 44:16
  • Love is the answer – 45:22
  • Lisa reads some cards about pain in our bodies – 48:17
  • It is all about having compassion for yourself – 50:20
  • Beings of love and light thoughts – 51:55

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One Response to “Animal Communication and the Healing Journey With Ginny Jablonski – Episode 97”

  1. Jenna

    This is a fascinating interview with Ginny Jablonski! She and Lisa could have probably kept talking for another two hours and still not run out of things to talk about, but I understand a podcast episode needs to be kept to less than an hour or so. It is very sad how she went to so many different doctors who diagnosed her incorrectly. I agree with her point that it seems like people always trust what doctors say. I am glad she eventually realized medicine is an inexact science and sometimes doctors really don’t know what they are talking about and at times give bad advice and diagnoses.

    The other issue that Ginny brings up is the importance of understanding that medical treatment is not one size fits all. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone responds to treatments differently. That is one of the reasons why conducting medical research and verifying if a drug or treatment works is so hard to do. I like how Ginny says we need to look to ourselves for answers and healing, since in the end only we can decide for ourselves what treatment is best in our own situation, after consulting with doctors and traditional medicine practitioners. It sounds like Ginny did this, since she consulted with pretty much anybody someone could think of to consult with about medicine that would help, and eventually was able to pull everything together and make her own decisions and help with her healing. I don’t think I have ever heard of someone going through quite as extensive a journey of discovery about health as Ginny did, she went all out on everything she could think of!

    I enjoyed Ginny’s description of her near-death experience, I can never hear enough NDE descriptions, they are all fascinating in their own way. I thought someone had a great point on one of Lisa’s previous podcasts that most people experience the NDEs based on the life experiences and religious traditions they are familiar with because that is the best context for the person to understand the message they are receiving. It is interesting how her NDE opened her up to be able to communicate with animals, it would be great if Lisa could bring her back on the podcast again and they could talk about that some more.

    I like how Ginny says we can help overcome medical issues by looking inside ourselves and doing our own healing, and that we are our own best healer. I also appreciate when she says a healer helps you remember you can heal yourself; like how Lisa says that a medium helps someone tap into their own divine wisdom. I agree with Ginny that some medical problems are related to our feelings of lack of self-worth and feeling like we don’t deserve to be healthy. Anything that makes us feel bad about ourselves or causes us to question our self-worth can create pain and other problems in our bodies. I do think people who feel less stress in general are healthier, and since in our modern information age society much of our stress is created by our own mind, feeling good about ourselves and not feeling emotionally threatened by things such as people criticizing us most likely has a positive impact on our health.

    It is interesting how Lisa and Ginny talk about how many more of the thoughts we have are negative compared to how many are positive, and how many positive thoughts it takes to overcome a negative thought. I absolutely love the prayer Ginny gives of “I forgive everyone for everything unconditionally no matter what, including myself, love is the answer.” She has such a good point that unforgiveness is poison, unforgiveness harms ourselves the most, much more than it harms the person we don’t want to forgive.


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