Stiltwalker, national speaker, and best selling author, counselor, Rev. Peter Panagore M.Div., just finished fifteen years broadcasting in Maine and New Hampshire on two NBC stations as devotional writer and storyteller, bringing daily hope, inspiration, and light into the middle of the morning news with thirty million views a year.

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Show Notes

  • Having a Near Death Experience and coming back to earth – 4:21
  • Peter experiences the other side – 5:19
  • Adopting yoga as the basis of his prayer life – 5:53
  • Our experience here on earth – 7:00
  • Peter challenges you to think about if you’ve had a spiritual experience – 10:00
  • A visitation from a deceased loved one – 10:33
  • Having a person visit you from the other side – 12:09
  • What are other mystical experiences? – 13:54
  • We are fragile beings at the end of the day – 18:49
  • Death is always around us – 19:00
  • Lisa reads some cards for Peter – 20:49
  • What’s the point of being here? – 21:03
  • We are here to be happy – 22:30
  • It is all about love – 24:50
  • Lisa reads some cards about going to the other side – 25:28
  • The reason why we come to Earth – 27:39
  • All about love – 27:55
  • Our time here on earth is limited – 29:15
  • Beings of love and light thoughts – 29:32

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One Response to “Love is the Real Lesson with Peter Panagore – Episode 98”

  1. Jenna

    I love Lisa’s conversation with Peter about spiritual experiences. I have always appreciated the point Lisa and Peter talk about in this podcast that there are many different types of spiritual experiences, and often people have had those experiences even if they don’t realize it. I like the example Peter gives of receiving a telepathic message from a loved one who has gone to the other side, and then feeling love through the deceased person’s spiritual presence. Sometimes being out in nature can create a feeling of having a mystical experience, and I appreciate how Peter gives the example of the spiritual feeling we often have when seeing a beautiful sunset and other beautiful things in nature. In my opinion, good music can create that type of feeling as well. I like how Lisa and Peter describe these experiences as a sense of knowing. I also think of it as having a sense in these moments of everything being okay, a feeling that nothing can harm our soul. I also agree dreams can be very powerful. Peter gives good advice when he says it is possible to be serious about spirituality and still have fun in life, I think spiritual experiences greatly enhance our enjoyment of life.


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