The Real Onez is a forum to bring to you ALL things spiritual and scientific to assist you in becoming a deliberate creator of your life! Lisa and Goldyn are here to lighten up this life experience and to bring awareness to your true worthiness as a creator on this planet. They are interested in creating a community of like-minded people who are ready to level up this life experience to the epic adventure it is meant to be. Stay tuned and enjoy this episode!

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Show Notes

  • The First Episode of The Real Onez – 3:49
  • Kicking off The Real Onez – 4:34
  • How the idea started of doing a show together – 6:05
  • Where The Real Onez came from – 6:58
  • Having a solid spiritual guidance – 11:40
  • What’s life? – 12:50
  • Living a very human experience – 14:20
  • Taking back your power – 15:30
  • Being The Real Onez and talking about things that happen in our lives – 17:07
  • Being interested in the growth and expansion of others – 18:00
  • The whole reason we’re here is for the mystery of it all – 19:50
  • Feeling down and depressed – 23:23
  • Money does not buy happiness – 23:57
  • Having new thoughts and new feelings – 26:20
  • Lack of energy and activating energy – 27:00
  • Something happens because you manifested it – 28:52
  • Helping people even if they are anonymous – 32:40
  • Lisa reads some cards about The Real Onez – 33:54
  • Life is hard enough – 35:18
  • Goldyn invites us to close our eyes and imagine good things – 37:00
  • Let the dark places feel the light – 38:43

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One Response to “The Real Onez Kick-Off Episode with Goldyn Duffy – Episode 101”

  1. Jenna

    Lisa and Goldyn have a great point about contrast, and how contrast provides us an opportunity to learn and make changes. Sometimes being unhappy with a situation provides the prompt to take action to make a change. I love how Lisa says that people take life way too seriously, I was just thinking about that recently. Life is not just about surviving; it is about enjoying it and being curious. I appreciate the point Lisa makes that some people just are on autopilot and go to work and eat dinner and feel like they are consistently in survival mode. I agree that is not a good way to live. If people don’t enjoy daily life, and even if they only enjoy big events (which are fleeting and just a small part of life), that is usually not enough if they do not experience joy on a daily basis.

    It is interesting when Lisa and Goldyn discuss the difference between being problem oriented and solution oriented, and how they both can provide people with a higher perspective and help them to see their blind spots. Sometimes it is easier for someone who is outside of a situation to provide advice and perspective towards solutions and this combined with Lisa and Goldyn’s strong empathic abilities and connection to the Divine, they both have much to offer in that respect. I also think Lisa and Goldyn have a good point that talking to a friend isn’t always helpful if the friend just reinforces the negative feelings and continues the pattern of the person feeling bad for himself or herself.

    The discussion is also interesting about how people can seem to have everything and still be depressed. I love Lisa’s point that people are wrong to keep thinking “if only” such and such were to happen they would be happy. Usually if someone is not happy, there are underlying problems that go beyond whatever the thing is they feel they are lacking. This also results in them focusing on what they lack which makes them even more unhappy about not having it. Lisa and Goldyn also have a good point that people should not feel guilty about being depressed even when they have everything society expects will make people happy, depression is much more complicated than just quality of life.


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