For over the last 23 years, Greg “Magick” Bernstein has trained one-on-one extensively, with a number of different powerful shaman, kahuna, elders & sorcerers. He leads shamanic mystical retreats in power places around the world such as Hawaii, Mount Shasta and Sedona.  His unique approach is to transmit & emanate an energetic field in which awakening unconditional love, connection to spirit and the mystical are exponentially amplified. This field facilitates the resolution of wounds and trauma and wakes people up to their true nature. Death, and visiting death vortexes are often a part of his teachings & retreats. Enjoy this episode!

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 Show Notes

  • India last fall – 2:41
  • Meditating on death and witnessing it – 3:47
  • Being in places where you can experience death – 4:28
  • Are you afraid of death? – 5:20
  • There’s something guaranteed in life: death – 6:03
  • There’s always something to grieve – 7:46
  • An experience that changed Magick’s life – 9:11
  • A dead body on the road – 10:42
  • A month of death – 12:40
  • Our resistance to death creates suffering – 13:27
  • What to do if you are going into a death process – 14:50
  • Measuring the quality of your life by listening to what you feel – 15:38
  • Retrain your brain to feel all the things that happen in your life – 19:02
  • Where real power is – 21:00
  • What Magick included in Lisa’s last retreat – 21:19
  • Experiencing his death for an eternity – 25:22
  • The meaning of life is to love – 27:47
  • Not having a near-death experience but having a few stories about it to share – 28:11
  • Meditating with a sneak – 31:02
  • The seven days retreat in Maui – 32:50
  • Lisa reads some cards for Magick – 36:50
  • Get in touch with Magick – 39:00
  • Lisa reads some cards about death and how to embrace it – 47:45
  • What beings of love and light have to say about this interview – 50:53
  • Love is the answer to find the answers in your lifetime – 52:20

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One Response to “Witness The Portal To The Other Side with Greg “Magick” Bernstein – Episode 102”

  1. Jenna

    I love how Magick describes the way his interest in death started, he does such a great job of explaining how ten years ago he had a vision and feeling of everything and everyone he had ever known dying around him. He had a profound realization that so many people fail to grasp, that everything is temporary except for our souls. I wish more people were able to truly understand the transitory nature of things, I think people would be kinder to each other and not be as upset about little things that in the big scheme are not all that important. Many people have not truly awakened to life by understanding the reality of death. I really enjoyed Lisa’s discussion with Magick about not just literal death, but also how we go through a series of little deaths in the sense of changes in our lives, and how we mourn those changes. He has good advice that we can mourn those deaths in advance. When Lisa and Magick discuss fear of loss it reminds me of the idea of attachment and letting go of attachments. I love how Magick describes how suffering is caused by our attachments and our fear of losing things. I like Magick’s suggestion of not being controlled by our thoughts by instead focusing on the sensations in our body, that is good advice.


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