Petra is an Intuitive Scientist. Educated as an engineer and scientist in Germany, where she was born and raised, she became a volunteer firefighter in Switzerland driving the 40ton trucks. There she studied to become a hypnotherapist, relocated to the US and became a globally renowned speaker and award-winning bestselling author. She mainly focuses on near-death experiences and out of body sensations based on personal experiences. Stay tuned and enjoy this episode!

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 Show Notes

  • Driving fire trucks – 3:47
  • Petra’s near-death experience  that changed her life the most – 5:11
  • Being in surgery after giving birth to her daughter – 6:26
  • Being a member of the fire department – 7:56
  • Staying unconscious for six hours – 9:13
  • Her experience on the other side – 10:01
  • Somebody told her it wasn’t her time yet – 11:22
  • How Petra got into hypnosis – 13:05
  • Her daughter’s sickness – 14:20
  • A story of transformation using hypnosis – 15:30
  • Understanding our belief systems – 18:23
  • Lisa reads some cards for Petra – 19:31
  • Using hypnotherapy to help people – 21:57
  • Petra’s book and how we can get in touch with her – 24:36
  • Lisa reads some cards about what your truth is – 25:40
  • What beings of light and love have to say about this conversation – 28:52

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