Juliet has experienced something that not many do on this earth… an Astral, or out of body, phenomenal walk through the Bardo Realms. The Bardo is a Sanskrit word meaning a state of existence between death and rebirth. She shares both the exhilarating and terrifying parts on today’s podcast. 

She’s also going to talk about her 10 year deep dive into the mysteries of the Collective Story, in other words “OUR Story” by studying in a Mystery School during the 90’s and early 2000’s. As she followed her path, Astrology became a big part of her life, as she is fascinated by the story that the planets share about each one of us at our birth as well as throughout our life here on earth.

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 Show Notes

  • How everything happened – 2:21
  • Visiting her teacher – 2:40
  • Understanding the Collective History – 3:41
  • Being guided by her spiritual guides – 4:29
  • When she understood everything that she lived – 7:22
  • Juliet’s teacher – 9:13
  • Love never judges – 9:35
  • A story that Juliet had experienced – 12:48
  • Dark is love unconscious – 14:25
  • What is Spiritual Bypass? – 15:38
  • Shining the light for us – 18:38
  • Juliet’s story about her father’s death – 21:26
  • Each soul story is different – 22:39
  • The upcoming astrology for 2020 – 24:26
  • Constantly studying – 26:24
  • Knowing more about the spiritual world – 29:15
  • Lisa reads some cards for Juliet – 29:47
  • Listen to what your soul is calling you to do – 33:11
  • Get in touch with Juliet – 33:37
  • Lisa reads some cards about the idea of spirituality – 35:20
  • Lisa reads the Divine Message  – 37:14
  • The Real Onez New Podcast – 40:54

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One Response to “UnWind the Soul with Juliet Doty – Episode 104”

  1. Jenna

    I appreciate Lisa’s discussion with Juliet about judgment and how and why we judge other people. I love how Juliet says that love never judges, but that we are the ones attaching judgment to ourselves and others, so we need to be able to forgive ourselves. She has a great point that sometimes when we are judging ourselves it is because we tell ourselves a certain story about reality and blame ourselves for something that happened even when the story we are telling ourselves is not true. When we relive in our minds an event that occurred, we make specific judgments about the actions both we and others took and we include those in the story we tell ourselves, and sometimes we forget the narrative in our head is just a story, and that other people who had the same experience also have their own narrative of who was at fault and who did what that caused the event to unfold the way it did. It is important for people when recalling a specific event to be able to step away from that and remember that the story in our heads is not necessarily reality.

    I also like your discussion about the problems with spiritual bypass. It is important for us to be able to face our emotions and allow them to go through us in order to clear them. If we try to suppress our feelings and have never dealt with them, they are still there. I like how Juliet says we need to acknowledge what is there and face it, allowing us to move on and forgive ourselves. Juliet gives good advice that when we are triggered by something, we need to look into ourselves to figure out why we feel that way. The goal is to eventually become our true authentic selves.


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