Sarina Baptista is an award winning author, international speaker, spiritual teacher, and psychic medium. She teaches classes and is a visiting medium at Lily Dale, NY during their summer program. Sarina discovered her gifts through her tragedy – the passing of her seven-year-old son in March 2007. She learned that her son did not die. He was still very close, and he led her to her incredible mediumship gifts.

Her book My View from Heaven, was written by her son J.T. to answer questions about where he is, how he found his way, what he’s doing now and why we choose to come to earth in the first place. Sarina works with a collective of Guides who can see what her clients need and assists in each session. Her training programs are designed to train others to connect with the other side based upon what she has learned from her son and the Guides.

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 Show Notes

  • Sarina’s story and background – 3:40
  • Her son’s amazing story – 4:45
  • A mom that lost a kid – 6:00
  • What happened after her son’s death – 6:39
  • Why did he go? – 8:14
  • A message behind his death – 8:37
  • Having a conversation with a medium – 9:56
  • How hard it is to understand the messages from the other side – 12:35
  • Hearing her son’s messages all the time – 16:40
  • How we must grieve differently – 20:35
  • Journaling is a good tool for the grieving process – 23:04
  • Connecting to the other side – 25:00
  • Everybody is a medium – 26:48
  • Lisa reads some cards for Sarina – 27:12
  • Some stories about Sarina’s work – 31:15
  • Understanding more about the afterlife – 33:56
  • Lisa reads some cards about her conversation with Sarina – 38:25
  • Time of the year that you miss your beloved ones even more – 40:48
  • What the beings of love and light have to share – 42:56

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One Response to “Connecting Heart and Soul with Sarina Baptista – Episode 105”

  1. Jenna

    It is wonderful how Sarina was able to turn the tragedy of her young son’s death into something that helps people. Listening to your podcast, I have the impression that mediumship abilities often become apparent in times of loss of a loved one or other tragedy such as a near-death experience. One of my favorite parts of the interview is when Sarina talks about how the post-death communication from her son feels so loving and comforting,

    I enjoy the discussion about how it is difficult for our deceased loved ones to send messages from the other side, and that we need to be open to the signs and attempts they are making to communicate with us, since the messages often are not clear. I loved the story she told about someone’s son who was able to make a call from his old deactivated phone number. I like when Sarina says that we should not feel bad about continually asking for a loved one who has died to send us messages, since that soul wants to communicate with us so we know he or she is okay, and wants us to feel better. It is such a comforting thought, even though the relationship is not the same.

    I think that you and Sarina have a great point that some relationships can be better with someone who has died than it was when the person was alive. I love when Sarina says that people have a higher understanding and perspective once they have crossed over. I think that is true, and in addition I think that once a soul is no longer in a body and tasked with focusing on survival, there is no longer anything to feel threatened by. It seems like even in wealthy advanced countries like the US where our survival is not being threatened the vast majority of time, people still react emotionally and sometimes even violently as if their lives were truly being threatened, even though in most situations that is not the case. So maybe death truly is the only escape from that strong survival drive, perhaps a soul in a human body can never feel secure enough to completely let go of that.

    I agree with you and Sarina that everyone has potential mediumship abilities, but like any other skill, it does help to have training to improve that skill, even for people who are naturally gifted. Even the very best musicians and athletes practice and train so they can be at peak performance.


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