In October 2016, Jim was flying one of his historical reproduction airplanes over the Connecticut countryside. Suddenly, he lost power and crashed into a forest, rupturing his lungs, breaking all his ribs and shattering his right leg. LifeStar life-flighted him to the Hartford Hospital, where the surgeons prepared him for day-long operation by putting him into a week-long coma. It was then that he had his NDE and went to a place called the “in between.”

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 Show Notes

  • How Jim and Lisa met – 3:50
  • Jim’s Near-Death Story – 4:46
  • How did he not die? – 6:15
  • What he saw in his Near-Death Experience – 8:40
  • A place where there was absolute silence – 9:44
  • Being in the “in between” – 11:52
  • What Jim learned about mercy – 17:40
  • Amnesia two days before the crash – 20:24
  • The after-effects of the NDE – 23:57
  • What premonitions are for Jim? – 27:49
  • Can premonitions happen? – 32:44
  • Jim’s biggest takeaway from his NDE – 36:34
  • In living right, the right thing will happen – 39:36
  • Being born with everything we need to be happy – 42:00
  • Opportunities exist for people who see them – 43:17
  • Lisa reads some cards for Jim – 43:33
  • It is all about gratitude for your life – 46:00
  • Lisa reads some cards about premonitions – 49:52
  • The beings of love and light message – 53:10

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One Response to “Teleported to the “In Between” with Jim Bruton – Episode 109”

  1. Jenna

    Jim Bruton has such a likable personality and has so many insightful things to say! Jim’s NDE is one of the stranger ones I have heard, especially when he describes the big machine with gears, and how he says each gear was a probability of a thought or deed in the future. I like how he says he was in the in-between, and that he could remove things from the machine that were to his spiritual detriment. I love when Jim says all choices have unintended consequences. I have become less judgmental over the last few years as I realized most people are doing the best they can with the information available to them in the situation they are in.

    I enjoyed Lisa’s conversation with Jim about changes in how he began to view things in life after his NDE, especially when he talks about how much his empathy for other people increased. I enjoyed the discussion about premonitions and how all choices collapse into the one choice now. I think everyone has premonitions sometimes, but as Lisa and Jim discuss, unless it is something that ends up having a big impact we don’t usually remember it. I like how Jim gives the analogy of the amusement park ride from two different perspectives, I really like that analogy since it can be applied to so many things. Sometimes I feel like one reason people are always talking past each other is even when people are both right from their own perspective, they are only seeing that and not seeing the other side, and that can make communication extremely difficult at times.


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