Rich is a clairvoyant energy worker and healer. His abilities include chakra clearing and energy release instruction, karma clearing communication with the souls of the dead, as well as crossing them over. He also does remote healing, helping others throughout the world. He does this to help others heal and learn, so they may empower themselves and reach a higher potential. He draws from his past religious experiences to help others gain clarity, release unbeneficial beliefs, and find a new direction in their lives. His book Subtle Energy and the World We Experience, he wrote to help people understand how to gain clarity in their lives. In addition to this, he is involved with communicating with the souls of the dead and crossing them over. After exploring the realms of the afterlife on Maui, he has recently published a new book: Afterlife in Hawaii. He resides in Maui with his wife and daughter. Stay tuned and enjoy this episode!

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 Show Notes

  • How he started his vocation – 2:15
  • He didn’t believe in the afterlife – 3:26
  • You are where you should be – 4:35
  • Explaining what he wrote in his book – 6:44
  • Afterlife in Hawaii – 9:22
  • Why don’t souls cross over? – 12:11
  • Having ignorance about the other side – 13:52
  • What happens after you cross over -16:10
  • Afterlife is there – 16:32
  • How to connect with your loved ones who have passed – 16:43
  • How he experienced the presence of souls – 19:40
  • There’s nothing to fear about the afterlife – 22:20
  • Everywhere we go, there’s a group of souls that need help – 25:22
  • A story about helping souls cross to the other side – 25:50
  • Doing “Ho’oponopono” – 27:27
  • Worried about darkness – 29:58
  • Lisa reads some cards for Rich – 32:35
  • Near-death experiences change people – 35:50
  • Lisa reads cards about her conversation with Rich – 40:10

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One Response to “Communicating with Souls of the Dead and Crossing Them Over with Rich Ralston – Episode 110”

  1. Jenna

    Lisa’s interview with Rich Ralston is fun and interesting. I am not concerned with whether the experiences people describe who are interviewed on Lisa’s podcast are real or not, some of the experiences seem more unlikely than others. But I think they are all real from the person’s point of view who is telling us about the experience, and that is what is important. Whatever they believe is a reflection of who they are and the experiences they have had in life, and therefore is interesting in its own way. Everyone views and thinks about things differently, and any type of belief, whether realistic or not, contributes something to our understanding of human beings and how they filter things through their own views of the world. All of the guests on Lisa’s podcast have had some great points, even those with perspectives I consider to be a little more unrealistic than others. I consider all of the NDE stories to be significant, because every single person who has one of those experiences learns something important about life from it.

    I love what Rich says about race and that we should be tolerant because our souls have experienced being incarnated as many different races over numerous lifetimes, that is such a great way to give perspective to that! The race we are born into is completely arbitrary, we are all one species, I can’t imagine not liking someone just because his or her race or national origin is different from mine. When we put labels on groups of people sometimes that dehumanizes them because we start to view everyone in a group as being the same. People are really missing out if they exclude whole groups of people from their lives just because of some arbitrary characteristic.

    I like how Rich describes helping souls cross over, and the different categories of souls who are stuck, such as the ones who are afraid of going to hell, the ones who die a violent death such as an accident or in a battle, and the ones who don’t believe in the afterlife so they are confused after they die about what is going on. I like how Rich’s friend communicated with him after he died, and still communicates with him on a regular basis. I appreciate how Rich lets in the light of all those beautiful souls (and even some angry ones!) and helps them rejoin their soul groups to reincarnate or do whatever it is they want to do next.

    Rich gives great advice about connecting with loved ones who have crossed over even for people who are not clairvoyant. I appreciate how he says to let the love in from the deceased person, that is really what it is all about in the end. I certainly understand why Rich wants to keep his clairvoyant abilities closed most of the time, it is good he has control over that. I like how he says that everything is an energy field.


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