Charlee is a speaker, author, and president of New Beginnings Family Care, an after-life concierge service. Charlee blended her unique knowledge of spirituality and science to recreate her life from top to bottom, and loves to show others how to do the same. She also enjoys reading to learn, live music, and all things food.

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 Show Notes

  • An after-life service – 1:48
  • Creating a new concept in the death arena – 2:14
  • When her stepdad died – 3:19
  • Being useless – 4:27
  • What happens when you lose a loved one? – 4:44
  • A voice in her head told her what to do – 5:56
  • The idea of New Beginnings Family Care – 7:13
  • It is truly a transition – 10:29
  • Having the service of hospice volunteer – 10:47
  • Services that New Beginning Family Care provides – 12:10
  • Sometimes you need an independent third-party to help you – 13:40
  • An awesome experience that happened to Charlee – 14:28
  • When she felt her stepdad’s presence – 16:12
  • What life is all about – 17:56
  • Lisa reads some cards for Charlee – 18:31
  • Surviving after the loss of a loved one – 21:09
  • Lisa reads some cards around the idea of getting professional help when you lose a loved one – 23:48

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