Bonnie Jennings had a very recent NDE, which took place in February of 2019 at which time she was dead for at least 30 minutes.

Bonnie had the most amazing out-of-body experiences I’ve heard to date. Bonnie recalls her experience with such clarity and detail and as you will hear, near the end of the interview, she is also plagued with some memory issues brought on by her death.

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 Show Notes

  • When it all started – 3:12
  • Being a registered nurse – 3:14
  • Experiencing reactions to medications – 4:15
  • Experiencing a brain injury – 6:06
  • She is a miracle – 6:25
  • Arguing with the beings of the other side – 6:44
  • Feeling lonely – 8:06
  • Places that she had visited – 9:07
  • Talking about the afterlife – 16:06
  • The colors that are so different than the ones we have on Earth – 17:28
  • The lessons she continues to receive from the beings of the other side – 18:16
  • Being loved for the persons around her – 22:13
  • Being always a big dreamer – 23:08
  • What’s eternity? – 24:04
  • Memories of an out of body experience – 26:25
  • Being in bad shape and needing a rest – 28:16
  • Lisa reads some cards about what the future holds for Bonnie – 28:38
  • Helping the traumatized NDEers – 32:07
  • Lisa reads some cards for us – 33:21
  • Understanding the life beyond here – 35:00

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