Saying goodbye is hard to do. In this episode, Lisa explains that she is ending the Exploring Death Podcast for now. She interviews Goldyn Duffy and talks about their new adventure of The Real Onez (TRO), their upcoming Maui retreat and all the other leading-edge adventures they are on, and also how people can still stay in touch with Lisa by signing up on her website. Stay tuned!

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Show Notes

  • A pause to the Exploring Death Podcast – 0:23
  • The new adventure with Goldyn Duffy – 0:55
  • The Real Onez private group – 1:36
  • Helping people in their awakening of consciousness – 2:24
  • The Real Onez Podcast – 2:56
  • Embracing transition – 4:09
  • Lisa and Goldyn’s creations – 6:11
  • The Real Onez community on Facebook – 6:57
  • Talking about channeling – 10:28
  • What we need to do to heal – 11:09
  • What creates a problem in your body? – 11:52
  • Pushing your feelings down – 13:58
  • What happens with our desires – 15:04
  • The Real Onez retreat – 17:17
  • The importance of moving forward in life – 19:35
  • Listen to our internal directions – 21:10
  • Following joy – 24:39
  • Lisa’s thoughts about her pause of The Exploring Death Podcast – 25:59
  • Lisa reads some cards for the listeners – 27:55
  • How to truly express who you are – 28:17
  • Nobody is going to care for you as you care for yourself – 31:40
  • Keeping track on what’s happening with Exploring Death – 34:06
  • Lisa is grateful for her listeners – 34:51
  • Lisa reads some cards about the ending of the current edition of The Exploring Death Podcast – 35:16
  • Celebrating the production of The Exploring Death Podcast – 35:59
  • What The Real Onez means – 37:18

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