“Life. It’s meant to be lived…and loved.” – Lisa Jones

Hi. I’m Lisa.

I’m a pretty normal, once-upon-a-time CPA who worked for Price Waterhouse in San Francisco, Ernst & Young in Washington D.C. and a hedge fund in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

I also happen to be a millionaire and a spiritual medium…

When Things Were Simple

I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, the daughter of adoptive parents, both of whom were social workers. Despite the fact that they didn’t earn much money, I wanted for nothing. Heck, we had a TV with three channels, two Shetland ponies and a cable that ran between two trees (our homemade version of zip line). What more could a young girl want?

I wore clothes my mom made for me and spent my days playing outside, riding my ponies and dirt bikes for fun. Life was pretty simple. Until my parents divorced. Then things got complicated.

Money: A Dirty Word?

Even though my life was simple, I knew wealth from afar as my grandparents in Iowa were millionaires. Yet they never spoke about money. In fact, it wasn’t until I was in college that I learned just how wealthy they were. And it wasn’t until after I graduated from college that my dad (now divorced from my mom) proudly produced his balance sheet and revealed he, too, was a millionaire.

I guess it runs in the family…

Religion: Filled With Fear & Shame

Another thing that runs in the family is a belief in God. I was raised Lutheran, and believed every word I was told. Including that people who weren’t baptized would go to hell as well as people who didn’t obey the rules… So I did my best to be a good girl…one who was seen, not heard. But sometimes it wasn’t easy. That’s because I have a unique gift…one I never used to confess…I’m a spiritual medium.

For the longest time, I wouldn’t admit this truth…even to myself. But then Ian, my husband, died. The day—February 22, 2004—started out just like any other. By the time it was over, I had experienced a shared death experience during which I witnessed Ian being welcomed into heaven despite that fact he hadn’t been baptized. I also witnessed my own spiritual awakening during which I was welcomed to heaven by the angels who honored my mediumship skills and called upon me to use my gift to help others.

The Threat of Regret

Just days before Ian died—he was only 44—he told me how much he regretted not helping more people. As a young man, he’d dreamt of becoming a doctor. But, urged on by his father, ended up a corporate tax attorney. Hearing his regret broke my heart, and made me long for a more meaningful life for myself. Yet, as soon as his funeral was over, I went back to work….as a senior accountant and tax compliance manager for a hedge fund.

Several years later, just before I turned 44—I woke up one day with an important realization: I had net worth but no life worth, money but no time, a title but no passion, position but no purpose. It was like the movie Groundhog’s Day. There I was: Waking up, going to work, coming home, eating, watching TV and going to bed. Only to wake up the next day to do it all over again.

Ian’s words of regret floated through my consciousness as it occurred to me that I was going to live longer than he had. That was good news, but it came with a shocking realization: that if I didn’t find more meaning in my own life, I’d regret it on my deathbed, too.


So, I quit my job, embraced my gift and took a leap of faith by becoming a full-time medium. As I do so, my life became more challenging. The depression I struggled with ever since I was a child returned, and my parents’ divorce, even though it had occurred decades earlier, came back to haunt me. There I was, an adopted child rejected by my birth parents, and then I lost the security of my adoptive parents – somehow this pain welled up as I embraced my mediumship gifts.

My depression went from bad to worse when I received a handful of negative comments after a large stage show from people who thought what I did was fake, fraudulent or just downright evil. In retrospect, it was the religious underpinnings I was raised with, that held me captive more so than the comments by people with different beliefs.

And finally, the money beliefs I was raised with brought me to my knees. My father died unexpectedly in 2012 at age 74, due to post-surgery infection, just months after my grandmother died at age 103. Her estate rolled into my father’s estate, which flowed to his 3rd wife…

I didn’t really care (okay, deep down I did) that my father left all his money to support his 3rd wife, who wasn’t even a decade older than me, however I know that my grandparents wanted their estate to pass to my brother and me, which it didn’t. As an adopted daughter, this once again made me feel unloved and unwanted by my father.

Then in 2014 my mom, who I always viewed as my biggest supporter and savior, died while on vacation in Hawaii. Although I had the most amazing spiritual experience with her spirit, before, during and after her death, her loss crushed my soul and I had to step away from my gifts of helping others, as I healed myself.

A Life Worth Living

As a little girl, I never dreamed of growing up to be able to channel angels, guides and passed-away loved ones. I never thought I’d one day be interviewed by CNN to predict the stock market or asked by entrepreneurs and corporate execs to help them make decisions about their million dollar businesses. Nor did I think I’d stand on stage in front of 500 people to teach them how to awaken their wealth within so they too could be connected to their own divine wisdom. And I certainly didn’t think I’d be the Monday Morning Medium on a radio show with hundreds of thousands of listeners or be contacted by a TV production team to host my own show (which was just before my mom died, so after she died, so did the energy to create the show), but here I am.

Flash Forward

I’m currently living in Maui, Hawaii – a lifelong dream come true! I’ve got two great kids, grown and out on their own, and many wonderful friends all around the world. I travel to exotic places, like Brazil, Bali and Thailand to deepen my spiritual practice.

I’ve hosted the Exploring Death podcast since September 2017 as a forum to shine light on death and to help people become less afraid of what we’ll all one day face. I love diving deep with my community of friends, colleagues and clients helping them make the most of their “life worth” by awakening their wealth within.