Who am I? Why am I here?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

Well, I do and decided to open my channel this morning and, in about 15 minutes, downloaded the following message for myself:

Lisa: Who am I? Why am I here?

Beings of Love and Light: You are a divine being here to open the world to the divine that runs through us all. You are here as a manifested angel to hold people close for them to see that love is all around. You are here to transcribe the messages from the Universe to help support the earth people on their quest to live their best lives. You are here as an angel of mercy to help people as they transition to the other side as well as to help those who remain here to cope with their loss. You are here as a money magistrate. To show the world how money is nothing more than an energetic tool that can be used for good and evil. And that the money that comes to those are based much more on their thoughts than on their actions. You are here to love your children and have appreciation for all the material things that has come your way due] to your thoughts and experiences. You are here to embrace the love of others to know that you are good enough always and forever. You are here to help those who suffer from loneness and misunderstanding from the harsh society that tells them they are not good enough. You are here as an emissary of the galactic order to help those who are lost and confused by their experience here on earth, as it was not as it was intended. You are here to give grace and ease to those who suffer from depression and anxiety around their unworthiness. You are here to help support those who have wealth and have no richness in their lives. You are here to help all those who come to you for guidance, acceptance and love. You are here to be You and to help those who can’t seem to find themselves. You are here to be that one person who will save their life to go on and to find their own way. You are here to help those who are lost and can’t find themselves.  You have an important role in raising the awareness of spirituality on this earth plane and you must not give up or step back any further. You must step up and allow yourself to be seen.

Lisa: How do I do this?

Beings of Love and Light: You can do this by opening yourself up to being seen and being open about your mission. Show exactly who you are and your tribe will appear. Stop hiding and start sharing your gifts. NOW! We are here to support you in any way you need from us.

Lisa: Who are You?

Beings of Love and Light: WE are the being of Love and Light. Start by putting together some live events and watch them fill up. It is right in front of you. Do it now.

Lisa: Thank you, I love you!

Beings of Love and Light: And we love you and are here for you always!

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