Enjoying life, last night, I watched the airing of the HBO documentary, “Lucky” – a movie about playing the lottery and the better life you have when you win, or do you?  This 90 minute film by director, Jeffrey Blitz, really struck a cord with me.  “Lucky” mentioned that Americans spend about $65 billion dollars on the lottery every year – that’s an astounding amount!  Your chances of winning?  1 in 195 million!!!  The interesting slant from this documentary was that for the most part, everyone that won the jackpot didn’t think that it was happy money and they certainly didn’t have a happier life.

This documentary opened my eyes to the idea that so many of us, including myself, dream that a huge wind fall would be the answer to our dreams – when in fact the money can create a real life nightmare.  In one way or another the money corrupted the lives of the lottery winners portrayed in the documentary.  Many lost friends, some felt they had to leave their family home and one even had his life threatened by his own siblings!

The real lure of playing the lottery is the “idea” of winning all that money and how you would spend it.  “Lucky” illustrated that winning doesn’t always have – if ever – a fairytale ending.  Instead of dreaming about winning the lottery, I’m going to spend my time being grateful for what I do have and dream about achieving my goals with my own hard work and passion.  Wanna join me?