My life has been filled with a lot of drama. I was adopted at birth, molested as a 4 year old, date raped at 16 and physically abused by a boyfriend during my college years, which resulted in a fractured skull. I lived in San Francisco during the 1989 earthquake, and survived the fires of the Berkeley Hills in 1991. My father in law dropped dead of a heart attack while visiting our home in 1992 and our daughter was born with her esophagus not attached to her stomach in 1993. Not to mention the death of my husband when I was 37. I could go on, but I won’t. Whenever I’d share a few of these details with people I would always get the same response, “Wow, you should write a book!”

Well, I did. I started writing it soon after my husband, Ian, died from cancer in 2004. It started out as a memoir about my life up until Ian’s death. However, once I met, started dating and ultimately married my second husband, David, I put the book down, wanting to concentrate on all the happiness I was experiencing. For the first time, I felt I could fully embrace life and not dwell on past traumas.

In the fall of 2011, I decided I had to share my story. Since Ian’s death, I’d had such a dramatic shift, having given up accounting, started connecting to angels and the spirit world, and was coaching other people, both individuals and groups.

When I revisited the book this time, I focused the beginning on Ian’s death and my spiritual awakening the very moment he passed. It took me over a year and a half and I’m finally done! I could have never done it without my book coach, Caroline Allen from Art of Storytelling. If you have a desire to write a book, Caroline is the coach for you. My book is currently with my editor for the final polishing with the expected publication to be early summer of this year.

To give you an idea of what I’ve written in my book Art of Living Happy, here is an excerpt about my experience of connecting to the angels:

One of the girls, Barb, lived in London. She came to my home for a visit. We were chatting and she asked me if she could ask the angels a question. I told her I’d have to get a pad and pencil.
“Can’t I just ask the question, and then you just directly tell me the answer? Without writing it down? You know, just speak what they say?”
“I’ve never thought of doing that before. Ok, let’s give it a try.”
We sat on the floor in the guest room, crossed-legged and facing each other. I closed my eyes and said, “Ok, what’s your question?”
Barb said, “I want to know about the direction of my life. Am I on the right path?”
Suddenly, I felt as though a train dropped on top of my head. I felt this huge rush of energy pouring right into that spot.
“Welcome, Barb. We are glad you are here and are very happy to answer your question.” My voice sounded like a robot, mechanical and halting. “We want you to know that you are on your path and that…” The energy wouldn’t stop. My teeth started to chatter and I felt as though I was floating or being lifted off of the ground. My entire body was vibrating and my neck became stiff. No words were coming out; a rush of energy, like a lightning bolt, was coming through the top of my head.
I called out to Barb, “Make them stop! Make them go away!” I tried to push the words out of my mouth, because I felt as though I had no control over my body. “Tell them to go away!”
Barb said, “Stop! Angels, leave Lisa’s body now! She wants you to leave.”
As quickly as the energy rushed in, it rushed out. I felt light-headed and disoriented.
“Oh, my god, Lisa. Are you ok?” Barb asked.
I rubbed my forehead. “Oh God, I’m ok. I just need some water. That was crazy. I’ve never felt that way before. It was a rush, but scary too.”
Having the angel energy enter my body was mind-blowing. When I wrote down their messages on paper, the energy felt lightly connected; yet, when I opened myself up to channel the message through my voice, it was as though I became an untethered live electrical wire. The experience reminded of the time I touched the glowing red wire in a toaster with a knife.

In writing my book my goal was to not only tell my story, but to help support others who happen to find themselves in a similar situation. The more I share my story the more people I am connecting with who have had their own struggle. I had felt so alone and now I’m finding a whole community of people who understand where I have been or who are just starting out and appreciate the support they are finding from my experiences.

I’d love to know if you have ever had a psychic experience? Please leave me a comment below and tell me all about it. I find all of this so fascinating – and the best part is now I get to help people all over the world connect to spirit and help them with any issue that they are dealing with, so they can live a happier life. Let me know how I can help you.

Love and Blessings, ~Lisa

Living a Life of Enchantment

This past week my husband, David, and I stayed two nights in Sedona, Arizona. I had never been to Sedona before and was completely blown away by the beauty, magnificence and especially by the power that exuded from the stunning red rocks that surrounded the town.

What made the stay even lovelier was the fact that we lodged at the Enchantment Resort. Check out the view from the pool, absolutely spectacular!

Besides having breathtaking scenery the Enchantment Resort was a wonderland of spiritual activities. Throughout the day they offered a variety of free events that you could participate in which included a morning intention ritual in the Crystal Grotto, an evening guided mediation, a Vortex lecture and walk as well as guided hiking tours to connect you to the earth. I found the staff and the entire facility to be warm, and welcoming. While I sat at the pool enjoying the views and the serenity, I could hear notes from a Native American flute wafting through the air. Apparently one of the locals likes to hike up to the Kachina Woman Vortex to play his flute for all to enjoy.

David and I signed up for the hiking tour, which was from 9 – 11:30am. Our guide, Jamie picked us up, along with three other charming guests, and drove us into town to a parking lot for one of the local plumbers. Apparently there are trailheads all throughout the town. We were a bit skeptical at first, but after about two minutes of walking on the trail we never saw any sign of town for the next 2.5 hours.  The hike was life affirming and not just because of the scenery and the wildlife we saw, which included a Peregrine falcon and the scat from a bobcat, but because of the amazing conversation I had with Jamie.

Jamie grew up in Flagstaff, not far from Sedona, and she followed her parent’s direction and advice by graduating college and then receiving her master’s degree in education. However after she completed her studies she felt she had “done her duty” and that it was time to follow her true desires and passions. She is now leading hikes and as I understand it she is in charge of two departments at The Enchantment Resort. What I loved about her story is that she said with great enthusiasm, “I love my job! Even though a lot of my friends think I’m nuts, I don’t care, because I’m so happy!” Every six months she gets 3 weeks off, so she travels the world. She just returned from New Zealand and cant wait to go back.

Well, all I can say is that Jamie’s story is a perfect example of the Art of Living Happy! It was so exciting to bear witness to another person living the life of their dreams.

My question to you – are you an example of the Art of Living Happy? If you are living a happy life share what you are doing and why you love it so much. If you aren’t living a happy life, tell me why and what you wish you were doing. Maybe we can figure out how to help you achieve your goal! Either way leave a comment and let’s start the conversation.

Love and Blessings,

Fun with Denise Linn

I’m so excited to share with you Denise Linn’s Gateway Dreaming™ Professional Certification Course.  As you may, or may not know, I am a Denise Linn Certified Soul Coach.  I obtained my certification when I went and studied directly with Denise Linn at her home – Summerhill Ranch – which is located on the Central Coast of California.  I highly recommend working with Denise as her teachings touched my soul and changed the course of my life – as I choose to resign from my job as a hedge fund accountant to fulfill my dream to become a full time spiritual light-worker.  I truly couldn’t be happier.  Thanks, Denise!!!

Now she is offering an online certification course to become a Gateway Dreaming™ Coach!  You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!!!  Although the course is already underway – not to worry.  You can download all of the previous lessons to listen to at your convenience.  I am so excited for you to see how inspirational and motivational Denise Linn is as a teacher and mentor.  See below for some of the details, and to sign up click on the link or click on the Denise Linn photo.

Gateway Dreaming™

A Professional Certification Course

Format: Online Course sponsored by HayHouse. All Seminars will be available on-demand after Live events.

Live Show Dates: June 21 – Dec. 13, 2010

Time of Shows: 4:00 – 5:30 pm PST

Pre-Shows: 3:30 – 4:00

Login: beginning at 3:30 PST

Register today by clicking this link:  Gateway Dreaming™: A Professional Certification Courseand save $200 with incredible early-bird special pricing!

Are you looking for a career that can make an enormous, positive difference in the lives of others? Become a Gatekeeper! This intensive online certification course gives you the tools that you need to become an excellent Gateway Dreaming™ Coach as well as to lead Gateway Dreaming™ Circles and Study Groups.

In seven interactive online lessons, renowned healer, author, and dream expert Denise Linn will share her wealth of expertise about taping into the power of dreams and setting up your own successful practice. You’ll learn how to assist your clients to discern the inner messages that come through their nightly dreams that can deeply empower every aspect of their lives.

I’ve got another happy living story.  I just told you about how I met my husband and how filled with gratitude I am to have him in my life.  After we were married, David moved into the house that Ian and I had been living in, and in fact where Ian had died.  In retrospect this must have been quite difficult for David, and I give him great credit for not asking us to move.

The kids were now twelve and ten and our house didn’t have a basement or any real place for them to just “hang out.”  We  also had three cars, as Ian had a convertible BMW which I traded in for an awesome MINI convertible, and of course I still had my car and David had his.  We really needed a three car garage.  Ultimately we decided to add on to our house by building a third garage and adding a bonus room above the entire garage area.  We also put together a long list of other upgrades we wanted to have within the house:  a wine fridge, an extra refrigerator in the garage, an upgrade to our master shower that included a ledge for me to prop my leg while shaving and gorgeous thick glass walls, and a new kitchen with granite counter tops – someday.  No problem, right?  Wrong!

We were told by our architect that it would take about 4 to 6 weeks to get the variance approval that we needed in order to start our building project.  Apparently, we needed to build eighteen inches over our set back line on the property, and this needed town approval.   We were ready to go. . .   First the town forgot to put a notice in the paper about our project which added another 4 weeks.  Then our architect filed the wrong papers – 6 more weeks.  Then we had the hearing, and the committee agreed that they would have to view the site.  Another hearing would be set in 4 weeks during which time the board members would all drive to our house to view the proposed variance.  But wait!  It was now vacation time, so the next hearing wouldnot  be set for 8 weeks.  After all of this waiting, we thought we were close.   Oops!  One of the committee members couldn’t remember what our property looked like; yes, he had viewed it along with other committe members, but he couldn’t get a clear picture in his head, and he wanted to postpone the vote until the next meeting.  This went on for 9 months!

During our wait and even a year or so earlier, I often drove by a beautiful house on a lake.  This home was across the street from the middle and high schools, so I saw it regularly when I dropped my daughter off at the middle school.  I had watched as they tore down a small, nondescript cape and re-built the home into the most amazing, breath taking, glass covered, chalet.  I even called my realtor and asked if the home owners were going to sell the house or if it was just for them.   She said, “Just for them.”

One day as I was driving by, I noticed that the glass house was for sale.  I again called my realtor, without any real intention of buying the house, but just to inquire about the cost and to ask why they were selling.  The owners were being transferred to Texas.  they were not happy about leaving, but they had to go in order to keep getting a paycheck.  The price?  Way more than was affordable for us.  Oh well . . .

After the 9 month variance struggle, we finally received approval.  It was time to move ahead with our plans.  That same week, I drove by the lake house again on my way to school, and I noticed that the for sale sign in front of the house had changed company names.  Curious, I gave my good friend,the realtor another call.  The owner’s had tried to sell the house for six months without success, so they took a buyout from their company.  Now the lake house was being sold by the relocation company, and they had drastically dropped the price in order to sell it fast.

Mamanasco House

I called my husband, and we all met at the lake house.  David and I walked into the front room and without looking at the rest of the place I knew, then and there, that we would be living there very soon.  Not only did this house have the three car garage, but it also had the extra refrigerator that we wanted.  It had a walk out basement with a TV room, and a guest room with its own bathroom.  The main floor had a brand new kitchen with granite counter tops and a huge wine fridge.  The master bathroom had a beautifully tiled, tumbled-marble shower with a ledge for me to prop my leg while shaving, and the shower even had the thick glass walls we wanted!  This is all in addition to the house having a killer view of the lake!  And it was within walking distance to both of the schools our childen would be attending!

I feel so blessed, and I feel such gratitude for all of the events, especially the frustrating nine months of waiting for variance hearings because we would not be in the house that I love without going through those bumps in the road.

This blog is about the art of living happy, thus the chosen URL…  I figured before I got side tracked with too many ideas about the “art” part of living happy – I would throw out a crash course in happiness, so you can get started living happy NOW.

Laughing Angel

✓    Start Laughing – Laughter is the medicine of the soul.  If you aren’t happy in your life then start laughing.  Even if things are absolutely terrible, find something to laugh at.  Remember that you can always be more happy in your life.  If nothing strikes you as funny, then sit down and force yourself to laugh.  I know you will feel ridiculous, but who cares, if this will help your life get back on track – why not?  What do you have to lose???  And it’s free!!!  Find time to laugh everyday – minimum of five to ten minutes.

✓    Have fun – Okay, so you’ve lightened up a bit as you are looking for funny events in your life.  Good for you!  The next thing I want you to focus on is having fun.  Life can get way to serious; school, work, paying bills, monitoring your stock portfolio, taking care of children, fighting with your loved ones – come on – have some fun already!  Ideally go outside and run around, play catch with your kids or a friend, swing on the playground.  Remember when you were a kid?  It wasn’t hard to have fun then, was it?  Plan fifteen minutes everyday to just have fun.  Wait a minute; what’s that?  I hear people moaning, “I don’t have an extra fifteen minutes in my day.”  Get up earlier, turn off the TV, or go to bed 15 minutes later.  Stop making excuses and start having fun – it’s not like I’m asking you to go to the dentist everyday!

Intuition - Go with the feeling

✓    Listen up – This is where I’m going to lose some of you.  Hear me out and stick with me – I promise you will be happier if you follow this advice.  Listen to your gut, that little voice in your head, your intuition.  Call it what you’d like, but this is the key to being happy in life.  As I mentioned in yesterdays blog, “I want to inspire you, even a tiny bit, to look for the flickers of coincidence in your life.  As you notice these flickers, they will start to become flashes, and then one day you will start to notice miracles in your life.”  These flashes and flickers I’m referring to start with your intuition and actually following through with what you are feeling or hearing.  You are on this planet for a purpose and if you aren’t fulfilling that purpose you are most likely not happy – you may be very successful and even extremely wealthy – but bottom line you are not truly happy, you feel a void in your life.  The fastest way to fill that hole is to discover your purpose and start living that life.

This was a total crash course.  I have so many ways to help you live a happy life, but as I mentioned, I wanted to give you some concrete ideas right away so you can be working on your happy life right NOW.  I’d love your feedback.  Send me a comment as I read every message that comes my way – I guarantee it!  Here’s to being happy! – Lisa