Living a Life of Enchantment

This past week my husband, David, and I stayed two nights in Sedona, Arizona. I had never been to Sedona before and was completely blown away by the beauty, magnificence and especially by the power that exuded from the stunning red rocks that surrounded the town.

What made the stay even lovelier was the fact that we lodged at the Enchantment Resort. Check out the view from the pool, absolutely spectacular!

Besides having breathtaking scenery the Enchantment Resort was a wonderland of spiritual activities. Throughout the day they offered a variety of free events that you could participate in which included a morning intention ritual in the Crystal Grotto, an evening guided mediation, a Vortex lecture and walk as well as guided hiking tours to connect you to the earth. I found the staff and the entire facility to be warm, and welcoming. While I sat at the pool enjoying the views and the serenity, I could hear notes from a Native American flute wafting through the air. Apparently one of the locals likes to hike up to the Kachina Woman Vortex to play his flute for all to enjoy.

David and I signed up for the hiking tour, which was from 9 – 11:30am. Our guide, Jamie picked us up, along with three other charming guests, and drove us into town to a parking lot for one of the local plumbers. Apparently there are trailheads all throughout the town. We were a bit skeptical at first, but after about two minutes of walking on the trail we never saw any sign of town for the next 2.5 hours.  The hike was life affirming and not just because of the scenery and the wildlife we saw, which included a Peregrine falcon and the scat from a bobcat, but because of the amazing conversation I had with Jamie.

Jamie grew up in Flagstaff, not far from Sedona, and she followed her parent’s direction and advice by graduating college and then receiving her master’s degree in education. However after she completed her studies she felt she had “done her duty” and that it was time to follow her true desires and passions. She is now leading hikes and as I understand it she is in charge of two departments at The Enchantment Resort. What I loved about her story is that she said with great enthusiasm, “I love my job! Even though a lot of my friends think I’m nuts, I don’t care, because I’m so happy!” Every six months she gets 3 weeks off, so she travels the world. She just returned from New Zealand and cant wait to go back.

Well, all I can say is that Jamie’s story is a perfect example of the Art of Living Happy! It was so exciting to bear witness to another person living the life of their dreams.

My question to you – are you an example of the Art of Living Happy? If you are living a happy life share what you are doing and why you love it so much. If you aren’t living a happy life, tell me why and what you wish you were doing. Maybe we can figure out how to help you achieve your goal! Either way leave a comment and let’s start the conversation.

Love and Blessings,

Now, before you walk away from this blog post, hating me please read to the end, I have some good ideas that will start you on your own path of “having it all“.

I realized after posting my blog yesterday that not only am I blessed, but that I truly have it all.  I’m living the American Dream and I am proud of that fact!  In every aspect of my life; love, children, health, money, pets, house, cars there is really nothing that I don’t have or that I want.  Now that I’ve stated this sentence, I’m sure many people reading this proclamation are thinking, “Who the F@*k does she think she is?  She thinks she is all that, and I hope she dies, I hate her!”  I know that is what some people are thinking because, let me tell you, my “good” friends have said this to my face over the years, and I have never understood where they are coming from.  In fact, if that was your reaction, then that is exactly why you are in the position you are in, and I am in the position I am in.

I haven’t always been so lucky.  Just go to the About Me page and read up on my lovely childhood to see how far I’ve come.  The turning point for me was the night my husband, Ian Sharpe, died.  This event, opened my eyes to knowing that there is a higher power at work.  Once I surrendered to the fact that there is a God, a Creator, a Universal Life Force, whatever you want to call it – because let me tell you I don’t have all the answers, but I do believe in something greater than me – who I usually refer to as God – my entire world opened up to me.  The second thing that propelled me to the place that I am at today, is asking this higher power – God – for what I wanted in life.  I write my wishes down.  This is how I “found” the current love of my life, David and the house that we are living in, along with my jobs, health, cars, etc…  And finally, the practice that keeps this amazing force going is having gratitude for everything in my life, everyday – even the bad times.

To summarize 1) fully believe in something greater than yourself (God, Creator, etc), 2) ask for what you want, and 3) be grateful for everything that comes your way.  Finally, if you are one of those people who tear down others for the goodness you see in their lives, then you must STOP this behavior immediately.  What you put out into the universe, you get back ten times over.  If you are jealous, or resentful, then your life will be filled with things to be jealous about and things to resent.  If you are loving, grateful and truly happy for someone else, when they share their good news, then you will have things in your life that you love, that your are grateful for and things to be happy about.  I guarantee this to be true!