With the devastation of Japan from the earthquake and tsunami I’ve been wondering what I could personally do to help. Today, I was directed to this minute long inspirational video which encourages us to visualize a safe outcome for the nuclear reactors. I encourage you to view this video and for all of us to spend some time each day, not only imagining the nuclear reactor cooling down, but also send unconditional love to the earth, Japan and the people of Japan. ~Blessings, Lisa

This blog post is part 3 of a 4 part series. I thought this series may be helpful to anyone who is facing the death of a loved one or knows anyone that has passed away. At times you may find it difficult to read, yet in the end I hope you can see the inspiration and gratitude I found in this 24 hour period.
Blessings ~Lisa

I was jolted awake. I sat up and found myself tangled in the gauzy canopy material. I was over my face and wrapped around one of my arms. Come in, come in. Both Marc and Pierre were there, almost falling into the room. I had been asleep for almost 3 hours, it was 1:15am. It was dark and I was disoriented waking up in my daughter’s room. I untangled myself and felt a sense of calm and peace. I wasn’t sure how I was going to react when Ian died, but I sure didn’t think it would be with a calm and peaceful feeling – but how could I not after having just left the place that Ian was about the enter.

10 yr wedding anniversary trip to Bermuda

I pushed past Marc and Pierre and ran down the hallway to my room. The bedside lamp was the only light in the room. I ran up next to Ian, the oxygen still pushing clean fresh air into Ian’s lifeless lungs. I looked into Ian’s face- he wasn’t there-he was lifeless-he was a shell of himself. It was the same wan sunken checked face I had just hours ago kissed on the forehead goodnight and yet the person I had kissed was no longer there. I felt a flood of mixed emotions. First and foremost was what we do next, what abut the kids, its over, what abut his mother-so many thoughts were racing through my head. I asked what had happened and Pierre said that he had been listening to the monitor we had set up and Ian’s breathing had become more and more shallow and longer apart. He decided to go upstairs to our room and sit with Ian as he wasn’t sure what was happening. When he came upstairs he sat next to Ian in the dining room chair which had been brought upstairs sometime earlier on Saturday. He said his breaths were getting farther apart and then they just stopped. Pierre ran down to get marc and he came up to see and then they debated as to whether to wake me up! I guess Marc didn’t want to bother me.

Earlier that evening, I had called my friend Lisa whose husband was also battling cancer. She ironically had given me the information about what to do if a person dies at home. If I hadn’t had talked to her, I would not have had a clue as to what to do. “You first have to call the hospice nurse so they can pronounce the person dead. Then call the funeral director so the body can be taken. It’s best to call the two people at the same time, so that once the nurse is done, then the body can be whisked off as soon as possible.” I told marc and Pierre that we needed to go make those calls, but first could someone please get Ian’s wedding ring off his finger, as I didn’t want them taking his body with it on. Marc stepped up to Ian’s side of the bed and gently lifted Ian’s arm and grasped the ring and slide it off his finger. Marc handed me the ring and I slipped it into my pocket.

We went downstairs to the kitchen and called the hospice nurse. It would take her a couple of hours to get there. While we sat waiting for the nurse I was compelled to go up alone and spend some time with Ian. The oxygen was still going, so when I got to the room I took the plastic tubing out of Ian’s nostrils and gently took the tubing out from behind his ears. I then turned off the oxygen machine which immediately deadened the room. The calm I felt was overwhelming. I felt serene and grateful that he end had come quickly, swiftly. I went to turn off the electric blanket as Ian had been bone chillingly cold since returning from Seattle. I reached for the control panel and on the display was the letter “E.” I had never seen the letter “E” before and was very struck by it. The usual settings were 1 through 9 and H for high. After feeling I had done what I needed to do I went downstairs and sat at the counter with Pierre. I told Pierre about the “E” on the display of the electric blanket. Without missing a beat Pierre said, “Eternity.” I gasped and pulled the new wedding band from my pocket. Pierre didn’t know anything about the Valentine’s gift that Ian had receive a week ago. Inside the band I had engraved, “Eternally Yours.” Pierre and I looked at each other and smiled. Ian had told me that someway, somehow he was going to send me a sign to let me know that he was ok, and I figured this was it.

I was very concerned that the kid’s weren’t going to be able to say goodbye to their dad. I was reluctant to call the funeral home, as I didn’t want Ian to be gone before the kids got home. I called the funeral home and told them what had happened but that I wasn’t ready for them to come and take his body. They agreed, but said they would be there if I wanted to call back. The nurse came downstairs after pronouncing Ian dead and advised that I call the funeral home back and have them take the body as soon as possible. I was so confused; I didn’t know what to do. I did the first thing that came to mind, and that was to call my friend Susie and ask her what to do. She was up skiing in Vermont, but had given me her phone number and told me to call if I needed anything. It must have been 2 or 3 am, but she was so supportive and helpful. She told me to call the funeral director and have them come get the body as it might be more upsetting to the kids to come home and see their dad dead in his bed. Also his body would start to deteriorate which would not be a good thing for the children to experience – or for me for that matter. I hung up the phone and called Daniel Jowdy, the Kane funeral home director. He was at the house within about an hour. When he showed up he was wearing the best cut black suit I had ever seen on a man and a gorgeous black wool overcoat, behind him stood two men who were faceless. He spoke in a soothing yet respectful tone. However he reminded me of the Angel of Death, almost too well put together and with the two men standing behind him it was eerie.

I told Daniel my dilemma about the kids being away for the night and that I was afraid that they would be upset if he were gone and they didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. He very calmly said, “We can not deny the children the privilege of saying goodbye to their father, I will make arrangements for an opportunity to view Ian’s body on Sunday.” I felt so relieved! I then walked Daniel and his helpers up to my bedroom. I went and sat on the couch in the family room – I didn’t want to see them take Ian out on the stretcher.

6 weeks before Ian died...

After the funeral people had been here and taken Ian’s body, Marc, Pierre and I all went back to bed; it was around 4:30am. When I went back up to my room, the funeral people had made my bed and even folded Ian’s CAL blanket so that he insignia was right in the middle on top of the bed. It felt very respectful. I slept for about 2 hours and then woke up and started writing in my journal. Around 7 I took a shower. While I was drying my hair I had the hot air flowing on my face and I closed my eyes and I could hear Ian whisper from behind my left ear, “It is so great here. I love you, but it is so awesome here!” This took my breath away! I felt again so comforted. I felt so at peace! I know that Ian is in a better place. I wasn’t sad for Ian passing, but I was sad for me and the kids.

This blog post is part 2 of a 4 part series.  I thought this series may be helpful to anyone who is facing the death of a loved one or knows anyone that has passed away.  At times you may find it difficult to read, yet in the end I hope you can see the inspiration and gratitude I found in this 24 hour period.
Blessings ~Lisa

After kissing Ian goodnight and ensuring he was comfortable and safe I gave instructions to Marc, Ian’s brother, and Pierre, Ian’s best friend, as to what and how to administer any medications Ian might need.  They were going to take the night shift as I was exhausted.  He had had his first dose of morphine around 8pm which is why I think he was sleeping so peacefully.  I was relieved to have Marc and Pierre there as it was the first time since our family had returned from Seattle that I wasn’t alone with Ian.  After having the hospice nurse tell us, earlier that evening, that it could be weeks if not months before Ian would die, I was ready to sleep.  I hadn’t slept in almost 48 hours.

Having to tell them that Daddy was going to die was rough...

I walked down to my daughter’s room and wrote in my journal about everything I could remember from the day.  I felt things were happening which were bigger than me and I wanted to remember every detail.  I sat on my daughter’s twin bed with the blue satin comforter and white fake fur blanket which we had bought in Seattle at the kids Pottery Barn and shipped home.

I dropped my journal to the floor and laid back and looked up into the canopy circle above the bed which flowed down with white gauzy material accented with pink and blue streamers.  The puppy and kittens on the chair rail wallpaper boarder played and cuddled.  The blue lattice wall paper above and the pastel pink, blue, yellow and green wavy stripped wall paper below made me feel safe and loved.  The mass of stuffed animals I pushed to the floor plopped down and settled on the floor along side the bed.  I found Jenna’s loved to death “Yellow” blanket as she called it under her pillow.  It was the blanket that Jenna first laid down on when she was brought home from the hospital after her life threatening surgery at birth.  You could hardly call this piece of shredded material a blanket, but the warmth, safety and security that it gave Jenna was beyond what a full sized blanket could provide.  I nuzzled “Yellow” and held it tight as I prayed to God and my angels.  I prayed that when the time was right that they would take Ian quickly and painlessly.  I had heard too many horror stories about people dying while we were in Seattle.  I couldn’t bear that happening to Ian.  I was confused as to how long this was going to go on as the doctor had said one thing and the hospice nurse another.  I thought back to the moment that I pulled the kids into Rob’s room that day and had told them I had bad news – that, “Daddy was going to die.”  How Rob screamed – how Jenna ran to Daddy – how miraculously Daddy was coherent and available – how it went better than I could have planned for it.

I drifted off to sleep while praying and running through my thoughts on the day.  I awoke in a most breathtaking place.  I was surrounded by gleaming white and gold open aired buildings.  A brilliant blue sky with glorious white shimmering clouds floating through the sky.  People, spirits, hurriedly, scurrying from one place to another preparing a huge feast, banquet, party.  It was full of excitement and decorations and so many souls.  My angels said, “Lisa, we are preparing for the arrival of the Great Ian Sharpe.  We have been preparing a long time and the time is near for his brilliant soul to come and join us!”  I had such a sense of euphoria and anticipation.  As I continued to observe an announcement was being repeated by a tall loving soul, with two spirits following behind him gonging the most beautiful bell tones, “The Grand Mr. Ian Sharpe is about to arrive!”  The floors of marble, gleaming clean and love surrounding everything.  The sense of anticipation was palpable.  The place I was in was so much more than I could ever describe because it was like nothing here on earth.  It had to be Heaven.  I was caught up in the moment watching all that was happening when trumpets sounded and then…knock, knock, knock – “Lisa, Lisa wake up.  We think Ian just passed away!”

I just ran across a very inspirational twitter site: Mbono.net.  Mbono means vision in the language of the Xhosa people of South Africa.  I found the site as I was reading through some of the more interesting tweets and noticed that many of them were coming from mbono.net.  So I went to check it out.  The following is an explanation of Mbono.net from the their website:

Inspirational site...

“Mbono is a place where you can give voice to your dreams and intentions, being heard, supporting and in turn supported by others. A rich set of resources are here to help you in finding the clearest possible expression for your soul’s purpose here on earth, and giving that expression form in your life. Our search routines evolve with your use so that we can present postings from people who are most likely to share a soul connection with you.

You send status updates in five categories, and you will find it valuable to complete the first four as you begin and work through a project or issue, using the fifth to report your miraculous results:

  • Imagine – a space for sharing your visions and dreams.
  • Intend – a space to declare your intention, the new positive state you already see, feel and are committed to existing as a reality in your life.
  • Gratitude – a place to give thanks for all that you have in your life now.
  • Release – a place for releasing that which no longer serves, giving room for new creation. This is actually a special sort of Intention, and one which is a very important and often overlooked part of the creative process.
  • Miracles – a place to record and share the miracles large and small which you experience as your vision and intention comes into manifestation.”

I highly recommend that you check out this website – if you are a twitter user or not – as it’s a really fun place to see what people are up to and it offers a wide variety of useful books.

I had the remarkable opportunity to attend a presentation given by Jerry Wills, who has the miraculous ability to heal people,  on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at StarVisions in Chappaqua, NY.  On this very special evening Jerry Wills told his life story of how he gained the ability to heal people, where he came from and why he is here.  He had not shared this story with a group of people since the mid 1990’s.

Jerry Wills, Healer

Although his story was extraordinary, and many of the details were almost beyond belief, the overall message was one of love, understanding and compassion for all of humankind.  Here are some of the quotes from the evening:

“To be effective you must develop confidence within yourself.”

“Be yourself and shine brightly.”

“Allow people to see you in your own truth, so they can see themselves in their truth.”

“Express your freewill and just say ‘no’.”

“To see the creator, look into the eyes of another.”

“Where there is darkness, there must be light.”

“The meaning of life? Enjoy being alive!”

“Find out what your gifts are and share them with the world.”

“Find yourself, by going within.”

“2012 – it’s the cusp of a moment when we can finally be free and have the capacity to see who we are and the divine nature of our existence.”

“Find the best part of yourself, to bring out the best in others.”

I had never met Jerry Wills before this evening, yet I was drawn to attend this lecture for some unknown reason.  After listening to his words – I understood.  His entire story was a confirmation for me, as to why I quit my job and why I am being drawn to advocate for the “spirit world” – even though I’m still not comfortable labeling what I’m doing as “advocating for the spirit world.”

Keep checking back with me, as I know my light is shining brighter with each passing day and soon my light will be shining with laser beam focus.  Love and blessings to you!