Let’s FREAK her out!

This was a Universal Joke on ME and I feel like this all happened just so we could share it with you.

Here’s what happened …

I get home and am washing my hands at the sink when all of a sudden I see this really dark spot on my arm!

I thought it was another bruise … and I LITERALLY thought I had some sort of disease and that I was going to DIE!

Oh my GOD!

Here I am on Maui, all by MYSELF … all of my friends are off island!

What am I going to do???

Here I am leading this SPIRITUAL life … everything is all LOVE and LIGHT!

But, the second I think OH MY GOD

Instead of falling back on my SPIRITUALITY,

Instead of KNOWING that I am SAFE!

No matter what, no matter what happens! Even if I were to pass suddenly …

I’m still SAFE because I’m ETERNAL.

We do this all the time in life.

We do it about people, about relationships, certain circumstances and we literally FREAK OUT and then create this HUGE STORY in our HEAD.

We have underlying vibrations that cause MANIFESTATIONS and if you’re not aware of them you’re creating by default.

When you feel yourself starting to FREAK OUT … no matter what you are freaking out about … Stop and ask yourself:

What else could this be?”

Now step back, breathe deeply and look back to see what the true cause of your fear really is.  (Watch the video, above, to see how my freak out shed light on the FEAR I wasn’t even aware I have been feeling, and more importantly what to do about it!)

It’s our birthright to LIVE our passions and be ABUNDANT.

It is just out belief systems that keep us from it.

Just knowing these concepts can really break someone’s HEART open and really allow them to follow their path … which is really life CHANGING.


  • you’re in a job you hate
  • you’re in a relationship that’s not working for you
  • your health is not where you want it to be

These are all signs that you need to do something DIFFERENT!

Love and Blessings from Maui,

Have you ever had a nutty day?

A day where everything seems to be going against you?

A day where you WANT to speak up for yourself (and maybe you do), a day where it just feels like everything and everyone is out to get you?

It’s so easy being at home, setting up your own little bubble where you can listen to the right music, meditate and stay in your happy place … but when it’s time to go out into the real world it’s not always easy to maintain that high, HAPPY vibration.

Every single time you come into contact with another human being there is an energetic interaction … and you have the CHOICE to either join that person on their vibrational level or provide them with the CHOICE to join you on yours.

Remember … people only know how to treat YOU the way they have been treated before.

When someone attacks/yells at you they are not really yelling at YOU.

They are creating behavior that has been done to them. They are putting it on you because you’re an EARTH ANGEL who can take that energy and NOT react to it.

When you are truly in your SPIRITUAL space you can counteract their energy in 2 ways …

You can either:

  • Bless them, or
  • Compliment them

That will take down their barrier.

The reason they are attacking YOU is because ENERGETICALLY they know that YOU have something that can HEAL the pain within THEM!

Now, they will likely respond to your blessing/compliment in one of 2 ways … either they will respond with a snarky comment or they will be skeptical, but the air will have been let out of their sails and the anger will dissipate.

The way we allow ourselves to become victims is if somebody comes at you with a lot of negative energy and you REACT, then you fall to their level of lower vibration and it dominates YOU.

 This is not about becoming a doormat.

It’s about being LOVE … at the end of the day, if you are just 100% LOVE in every situation, that’s standing in your POWER.

I want to share the gift of blessing with you … this is going to change your life when you start doing it.

This is about being fully in your body and letting your heart stay open.

Here are the 3 steps to praying

  1. Bless those who suffer
  2. Bless those who created or inflicted the suffering
  3. Bless those who are witnessing the suffering

Say the prayer out loud and then start FEELING it in your body.

Think it, say it and then feel it (this is the part that we miss … we don’t normally pray until we FEEL it.) This is the part that will change your life!

Bottom line … we all want to be LOVED.

Love and Blessings from Maui,

We can’t control the rain!

That’s 2 weeks away … so much can happen in 14 days!!

Miracles happen every day and you just need to believe and LET GO!

As soon as you catch yourself identifying something you don’t want … that’s the perfect opportunity to flip it around and play it out in the positive!


If you’re not having FUN it’s a sign …

Allow the Universe to show you. You’ll be given little breadcrumbs of information.

The biggest thing to do is follow that. Sometimes you’ll get messages but then be afraid to act on them. They might take you out of your comfort zone.

It might entail; a move, leaving a partner, completely throwing away everything you’ve worked so hard for … but when you take that leap of FAITH GOD/UNIVERSE is always there to support you on the next step!

Not sure if you are receiving messages or just thinking thoughts? Maybe you’ve been given 2 different opportunities or there are 2 different paths to take … how do you know which one to follow?

If I keep getting the thought over and over again … I know that’s not me!

You can’t do it WRONG! GOD will meet you anywhere you are.

You have to take the action steps when they are given to you.

There’s a REASON for this.

Do you have a big DESIRE (or even just a little craving)?

Journal about it. Put feeling, detail and as many adjectives as you can into your story.

Meditate and at the end of your meditation become the person who has accomplished that DESIRE

*be the person living in the DREAM HOUSE,
*be the person who can WALK again,
*be the mother of the INFANT,
*be the person with a $1,000,000 BANK balance.

Feel the emotions this person would be feeling. Feel the appreciation you WILL exude when you ARE this person.

Now throughout your day, every chance you get, ask yourself …

“How would a person with *insert your manifestation here* be feeling right now?”

FEEL that way.

“How would a person with *insert your manifestation here* be acting right now?”

ACT that way.

“What would a person with *insert your manifestation here* be thinking right now?”

THINK that thought.

If you get worried about it that’s what the UNIVERSE feeds back to you … something to WORRY about.

Letting go is so KEY!!

Give this exercise a try over the next week.

Keep your eyes and heart open to see the breadcrumbs and even better – the MANIFESTATIONS!

Send me an Email … I LOVE sharing in your excitement!

I can’t wait to hear about all of your manifestations!!

Love and Blessings from Maui,


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