This morning I had a 10 o’clock appointment with a certified hypnotherapist to undergo a past life regression.  As I stated in my Art of Living Happy – Finding Your Passion blog from 6/22/2010 I have a passion for energy work of any type – which includes past life regression.  Being a certified Past Life Coach it’s always refreshing to work with another professional in my field to gain insight from their skill and technique, as well as the fact that it is quite challenging to take your self on your own past life journey.

Past Life regression is an amazing therapeutic tool used to gain clarity with any issue you may be dealing with in your current life.  The process is similar to talk therapy, however; after discussing the problems you are grappling with, the therapist will encourage you to get completely comfortable and then gently talk you into a light trance.  For example; “OK, let’s take some deep breaths.  Inhaaaaale, good – now exxxxxxhale, excellent.  Allow your head to feel heavy and melt into the back of the chair…  now relax the muscles around your eyes and checks.  That’s great.  Taking another deep breath, allow the muscles around your mouth to relax.  Just writing these words make me feel relaxed and ready to explore a past life.

After you are fully relaxed you may be guided by the therapist to a door, a tunnel or over a bridge.  There are endless ideas as to how to transition to a past life.  Once you walk through the door or tunnel or over the bridge you have arrived to a past life.  It’s really quite magical!  You then have a chance to explore this lifetime and discover what possible events occurred in the past which may be affecting your present day life.  Being brought into a light trance also allows, quite easily, the release of pain or blockages that may be lodged in your cellular memory.

If you are interested in learning more about Past Lives, I highly recommend Denise Linn’s book:  Past Lives, Present Miracles