My life has been filled with a lot of drama. I was adopted at birth, molested as a 4 year old, date raped at 16 and physically abused by a boyfriend during my college years, which resulted in a fractured skull. I lived in San Francisco during the 1989 earthquake, and survived the fires of the Berkeley Hills in 1991. My father in law dropped dead of a heart attack while visiting our home in 1992 and our daughter was born with her esophagus not attached to her stomach in 1993. Not to mention the death of my husband when I was 37. I could go on, but I won’t. Whenever I’d share a few of these details with people I would always get the same response, “Wow, you should write a book!”

Well, I did. I started writing it soon after my husband, Ian, died from cancer in 2004. It started out as a memoir about my life up until Ian’s death. However, once I met, started dating and ultimately married my second husband, David, I put the book down, wanting to concentrate on all the happiness I was experiencing. For the first time, I felt I could fully embrace life and not dwell on past traumas.

In the fall of 2011, I decided I had to share my story. Since Ian’s death, I’d had such a dramatic shift, having given up accounting, started connecting to angels and the spirit world, and was coaching other people, both individuals and groups.

When I revisited the book this time, I focused the beginning on Ian’s death and my spiritual awakening the very moment he passed. It took me over a year and a half and I’m finally done! I could have never done it without my book coach, Caroline Allen from Art of Storytelling. If you have a desire to write a book, Caroline is the coach for you. My book is currently with my editor for the final polishing with the expected publication to be early summer of this year.

To give you an idea of what I’ve written in my book Art of Living Happy, here is an excerpt about my experience of connecting to the angels:

One of the girls, Barb, lived in London. She came to my home for a visit. We were chatting and she asked me if she could ask the angels a question. I told her I’d have to get a pad and pencil.
“Can’t I just ask the question, and then you just directly tell me the answer? Without writing it down? You know, just speak what they say?”
“I’ve never thought of doing that before. Ok, let’s give it a try.”
We sat on the floor in the guest room, crossed-legged and facing each other. I closed my eyes and said, “Ok, what’s your question?”
Barb said, “I want to know about the direction of my life. Am I on the right path?”
Suddenly, I felt as though a train dropped on top of my head. I felt this huge rush of energy pouring right into that spot.
“Welcome, Barb. We are glad you are here and are very happy to answer your question.” My voice sounded like a robot, mechanical and halting. “We want you to know that you are on your path and that…” The energy wouldn’t stop. My teeth started to chatter and I felt as though I was floating or being lifted off of the ground. My entire body was vibrating and my neck became stiff. No words were coming out; a rush of energy, like a lightning bolt, was coming through the top of my head.
I called out to Barb, “Make them stop! Make them go away!” I tried to push the words out of my mouth, because I felt as though I had no control over my body. “Tell them to go away!”
Barb said, “Stop! Angels, leave Lisa’s body now! She wants you to leave.”
As quickly as the energy rushed in, it rushed out. I felt light-headed and disoriented.
“Oh, my god, Lisa. Are you ok?” Barb asked.
I rubbed my forehead. “Oh God, I’m ok. I just need some water. That was crazy. I’ve never felt that way before. It was a rush, but scary too.”
Having the angel energy enter my body was mind-blowing. When I wrote down their messages on paper, the energy felt lightly connected; yet, when I opened myself up to channel the message through my voice, it was as though I became an untethered live electrical wire. The experience reminded of the time I touched the glowing red wire in a toaster with a knife.

In writing my book my goal was to not only tell my story, but to help support others who happen to find themselves in a similar situation. The more I share my story the more people I am connecting with who have had their own struggle. I had felt so alone and now I’m finding a whole community of people who understand where I have been or who are just starting out and appreciate the support they are finding from my experiences.

I’d love to know if you have ever had a psychic experience? Please leave me a comment below and tell me all about it. I find all of this so fascinating – and the best part is now I get to help people all over the world connect to spirit and help them with any issue that they are dealing with, so they can live a happier life. Let me know how I can help you.

Love and Blessings, ~Lisa

Wow!  How are YOU feeling?  Again, I want to say that I am so proud of YOU for taking the time to take care of yourself and to discover more about who you are.  Truly there is really nothing more important, than YOU!!!

Todays lesson is all about how you can best assimilate all that you have learnt about yourself over these past 4 weeks.  I’ve included pictures of my last quest which was AMAZING!  I created a sacred place (see photos below) which included all of the elements – a feather for air, a cup of water, a candle for fire and a crystal for earth, and a super comfortable place to sit!  I then meditated for sixty minutes.  I took note of all the animals that showed up and recorded my thoughts and feelings.  It was magical!

Please share your experiences with me by clicking on the {comments} button at the end of this posting.  I really would LOVE to hear all about your quest!  Again, thank you for taking the time to discover your authentic self.

In the next few weeks I’ll be unveiling my NEW website and rolling out a webinar which will help you to continue exploring your journey while you are here on earth. Please know that even though my website will be changing, I am not!  I’m still the same person that I have always been. I’m just expanding the way I can help people, because that is my mission in this lifetime. I’m so excited about all of the changes I’m making and I look forward to you experiencing my new site!

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QUEST:  Beyond the 28 Days

You have spent 28 days examining your life, clearing your closets, purifying yourself, and opening your heart in order to hear the messages from your soul.  After this remarkable time, one of the best ways to open even more fully to your higher self and your inner wisdom is to take time away from your normal routine to be very still and just listen.  This is a kind of quest.

As a suggestion, it would be best to do your quest sometime in the next two weeks.  You can spend an hour, several hours, half a day, or even an entire day dedicated to praying and listening.

Air, Water, Fire, Earth

For this type of quest, you might want to make a sacred circle within which to sit.  To make your sacred circle, use objects to represent Air, Water, Fire, and Earth for the four cardinal directions.  For example, you might put a feather in the Eastern part of the circle to represent Air, a bowl of Water in the Southern part of the circle to represent Water, a candle in the West for Fire, and a crystal or stone in the North for Earth.  (See Denise Linn’s Book: “Quest” for additional information.)

You can make your sacred circle inside or outdoors in nature.  It can be a small circle four to six feet across, or a larger circle that is eight to ten feet across.  You can make it with flowers strewn in a circle, with pebbles, pine-cones, or anything that you have available.  The objects you use to create your sacred space are less important than the feeling that you have within your circle.  It is essential that when you are sitting in your circle that you feel safe and it becomes your sanctuary.

Once your circle is complete, create a ceremony to sanctify and bless it and ask for spiritual guidance.  Then sit within your circle and visualize yourself becoming a sacred vessel for spirit to flow through.  Pray.  Talk to the Creator.  Be still.  Breathe.  Be open.  You might want to have pen and paper to record any insights that you have.

Enjoying the Lake on my Quest

Watch for signs.  Ask yourself, “If I knew what my soul wanted me to know, what would it be?” There will be messages surrounding you.  Watch your thoughts and feelings and the events that occur around you.  Listen with your heart.  If you are outdoors, watch the movement of animals, birds, and clouds.  If you are indoors, it’s valuable to be in a place where you can see out of a window.  Notice the movement of the clouds or what occurs out the window, but also be aware of signs within your home.  For example, if you are sitting in your home in your sacred circle and a trail of ants begins to weave its way towards you, this might be a message for you about “working in community” or about being diligent in moving toward your goals.

Things To Do On Your Quest

Life Examination

During the past 28 days you have spent much time examining your life, but this is a chance to take it even deeper, to allow the work of the 28-day program to coalesce and to cement itself.  Of course, you may just want to sit, be still, and listen but you may also want to continue your self-examination.  If so, here are some things you can do:

•  Relive Your Life. Re-experience your life again in its totality, and at the same time become the objective witness.  Do not judge; just observe.  Notice patterns that continue to re-occur during your life.  Notice recurring issues.  What has been significant in your life?

•  Travel into Your Probable Future. In your imagination, project yourself into your future. Given your past history and given your subconscious programming, what is your probable destiny?  What do you realistically expect is in store for your future?  Contemplate traveling to your probable future.  One year?  Five years?  Seven years?  Ten years?  Twenty years?  Thirty?  And beyond.  Are you happy with what you see?  Do you feel satisfied with the probability patterns of your future?  If not, what steps can you take now to create the future that your soul desires?

• Examine Your Relationship to Yourself.  What are your core beliefs?  What have you discovered about yourself during the 28-day program?  List as many core beliefs as you can. What do they tell you about your relationship to yourself?

• Observing Old Patterns. Examine the thoughts that you have about your Quest and about your circle.  What are you enjoying?  What is bothering you?  When we are ready to release an old belief, we will often subconsciously create a similar situation that will allow the belief to surface so that it can be released.  If you are thinking, for example, that you’re not doing your Quest right or that you didn’t find a good location, perhaps these thoughts are representative of greater beliefs you have about your life.  During your Quest, you have the opportunity to relinquish the old limiting beliefs and embrace the new empowering beliefs you discovered doing the 28-day program.  And the first step to releasing non-productive patterns is to become aware of them.

• Forgiveness. Identify the people who have wronged you and the people whom you have wronged.  Imagine yourself speaking or communicating with these individuals and really “speaking your truth” to them and then really listening to them speak their truth to you.  Imagine this inner dialogue until you reach some kind of resolve.  What haven’t you communicated that you need to communicate?  Who do you need to forgive?  If you just can’t forgive, then forgive yourself for not forgiving others.  Or, if an act is unforgivable, forgive the person … but not the act.

• Who Is Important in Your Life? What people have been important in your past?  Are you at peace with all your relationships from the past or is there still something that you need to do or communicate to feel at peace with these people?  Who is important in your present life?  Are you satisfied with your current relationships?  Is there any action that you need to take regarding those people?  If there is, make a plan on when and how you are going to implement the change.  If there is something that you need to change regarding a relationship, be sure to examine how that change will alter every aspect of your life.

Face Your Fears

Name your fears and confront them one at a time.  If you are not sure exactly what you are afraid of, or if you want to get in touch with your more submerged fears, take a moment to visualize yourself in a vulnerable situation.  What situation seems to embody vulnerability for you?  Just let your mind float freely to see what comes to mind.  As difficult as it might be, as an exercise, imagine each of your fears coming to fruition … and then visualize yourself facing and overcoming that fear with strength, passion, and power.  This simple exercise can make an immense difference in your life and can help you to live life with courage and inner peace.

Tap The Spirit Power Within

The following are things you can do while meditating in your sacred circle to tap into your inner spirit power and to integrate the deep, inner-journey you’ve been on for the past 28-days:

Shape Shifting: Imagine changing your shape to become a tree, animal, mineral, etc.

Sensing Energy: Imagine you can see and hear the energy of the objects around you.

Finding Your Spirit Allies: Everyone has a particular animal, plant, and mineral aligned with his or her energy.  Meditate to find yours.

Finding Your Spirit Name:  Discover your soul’s special name.

Finding Your Spirit Song: Make up a song that comes from your soul.  And then sing it!

Finding Your Spirit Dance:  Get up and dance your heart out.

Making a Prayer Stick.

Give Thanks

Thankfulness helps you be receptive to the life force of the universe.  Being appreciative empowers and strengthens you.  If you hold your life in the context of misery and suffering, then life becomes a string of difficult events to overcome, but if you hold your life in the context of gratefulness, then every experience you have is a gift and offers great value.  Go through your entire life with the attitude of thankfulness.  Even if you are not sure what you are thankful for, radiate a feeling of gratitude for each event in your life.  It is never too late to transform your past.

Also, by being thankful for your body just as it is, you can help open the door to healing.  Praying for healing sometimes comes from the point of view that your body isn’t good.  The body hears this and often responds in a negative way.  If you radiate love and thankfulness for your body, it often responds by becoming healthier.

Remember to thank yourself and Great Spirit for carrying you through the 28-day program of self-examination, soulful exploration, and renewal.

Call for a Vision

The words you use are less important than the sincerity of your spirit.  When asking for a vision, you can call for guidance from the spirit realm to help you (Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels, Allies) or you can still your mind, be open and accept whatever occurs.  Transformation and change often come not in the way that we expect.  In fact, it is often because it is not as we expected that we can be transformed.  Be open.  Expect the unexpected.  Often it is in the quiet moments of life when remarkable insights can occur.  Accept.  Receive.  Breathe.  Observe.

The most common way that visions appear is through intuition, a spontaneous thought, or just an inner knowing.  Visions, deep spiritual realizations and revelations don’t usually come as a lightning bolt but rather as a gentle emerging awareness.  To encourage your vision, be conscious of the thoughts that float through your mind.  Very often, the simple exercise of watching your thoughts can provide remarkable insights into your life and your future.


No matter what form your Quest took, at a deep level you have amassed a spiritual energy.  It is extremely valuable to project this energy to others.  Finish your Quest by sending prayers, blessings, and good thoughts to people you know and love.  Pray for people you love.  Pray for people you have wronged or who have wronged you.  Send prayers to people you don’t know and perhaps will never know and then to all people.  Then send prayers to all creatures of our beautiful planet and to the planet, Mother Earth herself.

Clean Up

Before you start to take apart your circle, it’s important to give thanks to the spirits of that place and to the unseen who gave you guidance.  If your quest was in nature, take time to restore the area to its natural state.  Make it look as completely natural as possible.

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Day 28 – A Circle of Love

Day 28.  Congratulations!  You have come to the final day of the 28 Day Soul Coaching® program.  Take this moment, right now, to pat yourself on the back for taking the time, the past 28 days, to focus on YOU.  Ultimately that is all each one of us has – just ourself.  The only way to improve your life is to improve yourself.  Realizing YOU are LOVE; is one key to understanding life.  YOU are here to give and to receive love.  Any actions on your behalf not in line with this concept will come back to show you what and who you are.  Of course there are events in everyones life, like the death of a loved one, that is beyond our control.  However the way we choose to deal with that death will again be mirrored back to us in one way or another.

Tomorrow there will be a blog post on how to preform a quest in order to assimilate all of the information that you have discovered about yourself these last 28 days.  Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.  I LOVE YOU!  ~Blessings, Lisa

Love is all there is...

Earth: Day 28 – A Circle of Love

At its essence, the soul is unconditional love.  When you have cleared away inner and outer clutter, your capacity to love yourself, love others, and love the Creator magnifies.  Today is a reminder of who you are.

Affirmation for the Day: I give love deeply and fully.  I receive love deeply and fully.  My essence is love.

Today: Continually remind yourself that no matter what judgments you make, every experience you have today is allowing you to evolve as a spiritual being.  Remind yourself that every experience today is for your ultimate highest good, even if you judge it as a bad, boring, demeaning, or worthless experience.

Level 1:  Surrounded by a Circle of Love

Meditate on the sky.  Visualize a sparking spring morning with no clouds.  The sky is completely clear.  Breathe in this clarity.  Absorb the vastness of the sky into your soul.  Become one with the sky.

Then, imagine yourself in a beautiful fresh mountain meadow.  As you stand in the center of an ancient and sacred circle of stones, you find yourself surrounded by a circle of love.  All around you are people that love you, angelic beings, and wise ones from the realm of spirit.  They are radiating incredible love and healing energy to you.

blue = copyright © 2007 material (reprinted with permission) by Denise Linn

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(Welcome, if you’ve just arrived click here to start on Day 1.  This program will change your life for the better – check out the amazing comments people are posting.  ~ Lisa)

Day 27.  Just one more day to the completion of this journey!  Today is about seeing yourself as if you are already the person you desire to be.  We create our future by our thoughts today – so start thinking good thoughts! Where do you see yourself in six months, a year, or even in five years? You are going to be somewhere, wouldn’t it be a good idea to think about where you would like to be rather than just waiting around to see where you end up?  Allowing Universe to take you on a journey to discover who you are can be freeing, however I prefer to have some input as to what direction to go and then ask Universe to make it so, or better!  This way you can have your cake and potentially eat two other flavors too…  Enjoy the day.  ~Blessings, Lisa

Earth: Day 27 – Creating a Fabulous Future

You have spent time during this 28-day program clearing your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual clutter to make it easier to hear the messages from your soul. Today, you have the opportunity to begin to manifest a future that will nourish your soul.

Affirmation for the Day: My future is filled with love, joy, and peace!

Today: Act today in accordance with who you desire to be tomorrow. For example, if who you desire to be in the future is courageous and powerful, act courageous and powerful today. Tomorrow’s future is being created today, and today is yesterday’s future.

In other words, your future is created now. If who you desire to be in the future is strong, beautiful and fit, “act as if” you are these qualities now. Don’t slump your shoulders and drag your feet. Stand tall; square your head on your shoulders; walk with confidence and deliberation. As you feel it, so you become it. This is a simple yet powerful truth.

Level 1: Creating Your Future

Close your eyes and spend 15 minutes visualizing an amazing possible future for yourself. Make it almost like an epic movie. For example, David recently planted his first vines for his vineyard, so for this exercise, he imagined himself six years in the future. In his visualization, the sun is setting and frogs are beginning to croak, and a huge moon is rising in the east. He is with a group of good friends in a new home on a hill, and they are all toasting each other because the wine tastes so good. He “saw” himself putting some music on and everyone spontaneously started dancing through the wild grasses as the moon rose.

Imagine yourself in the future doing something that would nourish your soul. Immerse yourself so much in the experience that it feels real. By doing this you are projecting the energy into the future so it can draw to it the forces it needs to manifest. Affirm to yourself that this (or something better, for your highest good) will come to fruition.

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Day 26 – A Home for the Soul

When you go on vacation, sometimes the best part is when you go home.  Day 26 is about ensuring that your soul feels like is has a home and that you nurture this place in order to feel grounded and secure.  I LOVE my home.  Everyday when I drive into the driveway I say, “I am so grateful to be living in this beautiful home with my loving husband and amazing children.”  I truly never get tired of being in awe of where I live.  The energy I put into this gratitude statement is then returned to me as my home truly loves me back.  I can feel it!  I encourage you to begin to develop a relationship with the place you live.  It may not be your dream home, and that is ok, but the more you start to nourish the feelings you have for where you live, the happier you will become.  If you truly hate where you live, then move!  I know that you may feel that you can’t – but guess what, if there is a will there is a way!  Keep me posted!  ~Blessings, Lisa

Earth: Day 26 – A Home for the Soul

There are four things that the soul requires in a home:
1. It needs a sense of belonging, to feel connected to the land or to a place.
2. The soul needs a place to feel safe, so you can be yourself without fear or hesitation.
3. It yearns for harmony with the greater cycle of nature.
4. Your soul needs sacred space.

When your home has these things, your life will be filled with inner peace.

Affirmation for the Day: I am at home, no matter where I am.

Today: Wherever you are, affirm that you are “at home.” For example, if you are in you car, affirm to yourself, “I am at home in my car.” If you are in your office say, “I am at home in my office.” If you are on a bus say, “I am at home on the bus.” Also, periodically affirm, “I am at home in my body.” If you are with other people, affirm to yourself, “I am at home with … (Sue and John, or my children, or my husband, or my wife, etc.)”

Level 1: Bring Nature into Your Home

The survival of the earliest humans depended on their ability to live in balance with the natural world and their homes reflected an awareness of this fact. Modern homes are often separated from nature and the soul has suffered as a result.

Today, bring nature into your environment so that the “beauty in your home leads the heart to the holy mountain.” Here are some ideas. Put up a photo of nature. Gather some leaves and make an arrangement of leaves, moss, pine-cones, and stones on a table. Tie feathers on strings and let them dangle where a breeze can softly move them. Put a big plant by the front door. Take a walk and find some items from nature and arrange them into a mandala on a coffee table. Play CDs of nature sounds: waterfall, rain, ocean surf, wind, crickets, or birds, etc

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We are all one with Earth.  Day 25 is about connecting with Earth and allowing the forces within you to be energized by the currents from the Earth, weather its from the soil, a tree, the oceans or the winds that pass by your face.  Taking time to observe nature is always a worthwhile way to spend your time.  Even just visualizing aspects of the outside world can calm and relax your soul.

Inspirational site...

We live on a lake and I can barely express the joy, as its truly overwhelmingly wonderful, that I receive when I take the time to launch one of my little kayaks, with me balancing inside, out into the watery world just steps from my house.    When I was still working at the hedge fund, I made a decision to take a kayak out everyday after work, barring any potential lightning.  This small gesture saved my soul from sinking into the depths of despair.  Even if I only spent a few minutes floating and rowing I felt invigorated and recharged.  I challenge you to find a way to recharge with the Earth.  Don’t forget, I would love to hear all about it!  ~Blessings, Lisa

Earth: Day 25 – Awakening the Natural Forces Within You

We live in a rhythmic universe. Every part of nature has a unique language and rhythm of its own—every flower, bird, and tree has its own rhythmic language, which together create the underlying context that weaves all life together. We are constantly surrounded by these rhythms of energy. And if you take a moment to become very still, you can feel these rhythms of the natural world inside of you. It is immensely valuable to awaken and listen to the natural forces within you. Are your own internal rhythms in alignment with the natural rhythms of the world?

Affirmation for the Day: I am in harmony with the natural rhythm of life.

Today: Be aware of the rhythms of nature in all its forms around you. From the rising and setting sun, to the lengthening of shadows during the day, to the movement of animals and insects, and the changing weather patterns. Be aware of your own internal rhythms. Notice if they seem to be in alignment with the natural rhythms of nature.

Level 1: Replenished by Nature

As nature is disappearing around us, we are losing vast tracts of the wilderness inside of ourselves as well. It’s as if the fertile soil of the soul is being gradually depleted. Everyday as we lose part of our natural outer heritage, our inner heritage diminishes as well.

One of the fastest ways to replenish the reserves of the soul is to spend time in nature. The remarkable thing about the human brain is that research has shown that even just visualizing nature can produce some of the same positive biochemical and psychological results as actually spending time in nature.

Today, take 15 minutes to close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful, refreshing place in nature. Make it as real as you can and imagine yourself really being there. You might imagine a mountain meadow, a sparkling seashore, an alpine lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, or somewhere else. (This is an excellent exercise to do periodically during the day. Even a few seconds of visualizing yourself in nature can rejuvenate you.)

blue = copyright © 2007 material (reprinted with permission) by Denise Linn

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Day 24 is all about what your physical body is telling the world.  The way you carry yourself, the way you walk into a room, and actually the way you do everything physically, is a statement not only to others, but especially to yourself as to what and who you are.  If you walk with your head down and your shoulders slummed forward, do you think that people would view you as confident and capable?  No, most likely they would think you are shy and possible depressed.  How do you think your own body would view this type of displayed behavior?  I would think you would be sending messages to your brain, that you are shy and possible depressed.  Now, if you walked into a room, with a smiling face, shoulders back and head held lifted, wouldn’t that imply confidence and friendliness?  Yes!  It’s amazing how just being aware of what your body is doing is so important as to what type of response you get from others, and yourself, as to who you are.  ~Blessings, Lisa

Earth: Day 24 – Using the Physiology of Your Body

Your physiology (the way you carry yourself and the way you move your body) is one of the most powerful ways that you can impact your life. Simply said, if you carry yourself in a way that says, “I am confident, strong, and at peace with myself and the world,” your body sends messages to your mind to reconfigure internal processes until they are consistent with your physiology. In other words, if you want to feel confident, adjust your body so it portrays confidence.

Try this—hang your head down, frown, slump your shoulders, breathe in a shallow way and try to feel fabulous and vital without changing your body! Now throw your shoulders back, lift your chin, stand up tall and straight, look up, and put a huge grin on your face. Now while maintaining that physiology, try to feel depressed and down in the dumps. If you keep your body in that peak position, it is almost impossible to feel depressed. The way you use your body is the secret key to how you feel. You can design your future simply by the way that you use your body.

Affirmation for the Day: My body is incredibly strong and healthy.

Today: Carry yourself as if incredible life force and confidence was flowing out of every pore of your body.

Level 1: What Does Your Body Say about You?

Today, be aware of how you use your body. It is so easy to read other people through the way they carry their bodies. Even from a distance it’s not hard to sense the way a person feels about themselves and the world, by the way they move their body.

As we grow up we adopt beliefs about who we are and about our values and rules for life. Each belief has as associated physiology. A person who believes that they will always be downtrodden by life will adopt a physiology that says, “I’m a downtrodden person.” Their body becomes so used to that position that even when they are not being downtrodden their body stays in that position, which will make them feel oppressed.

Your body is always communicating to you and to the world, statements about who you are. This is great when the message empowers you, but it is not great if the message does not empower and support you.

If a stranger were to watch the way you use your body, what kind of judgment might that stranger make about you? Would they think that you are: tired, arrogant, loving, peaceful, submissive, stressed, confident, shy, kind, busy, overwhelmed, centered, frenetic, honest, dishonest, angry, joyous, etc.? Today, notice how you hold and carry your body. Is your body communicating a message with which you are satisfied?

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Day 23 – Body Detox

Day 23!  Today is all about noticing what you put your body through as well as what  you put into your body on a daily basis.  Gone are the days of toiling on the farm and eating exclusively what you can grow for yourself – thank goodness!  However, now our society has gone to another extreme of little to no exercise and potentially a fast food diet or a diet filled with processed ingredients and chemicals – yuck!

Moderation has ALWAYS been my motto.  Even as a younger person if I heard a sweeping statement like, “Eggs are bad for you, don’t eat them.”  I instinctively knew that this was not true for me.  I just heard on The Dr. Oz Show that, “An egg a day, is good for you, especially eating the yolk.”  Talk about radically different ideas!  I love eggs, and I eat one 2 -3 times a week.  They have excellent protein and my body feels good after I eat one.  Really, YOU know what is good for you and what doesn’t work for you.  It’s all about listening to your inner guide.  Sometimes this inner guide gets silenced, so now would be a good time to take some time and allow this guide to be heard.  Sit quietly and ask your body what foods would be best to nourish your body this week and then follow this advice.  Let me know how you are feeling!  ~Blessings, Lisa

Earth: Day 23 – Body Detox

There is a powerful correlation between your mind, your body, your spirit, and your emotions.  If your body is sluggish and stagnant, it is easier to feel sluggish and stagnant.  When your body is vibrant and singing with life force energy, your spirit soars.

Modern life is often toxic to the soul.  In addition to the stress of constantly hurrying and being busy, we also don’t always take time to eat in a leisurely way … we grab fast food, chug it down, don’t taste it, and run onto the next thing.  Much of our water and air is polluted, and much of our food has been produced using pesticides and chemicals.  To maintain a healthy environment for your soul it is valuable to periodically detoxify your body.

Affirmation for the Day: My mind, body, and spirit are clear channels for Love …(Kindness / God / Goddess / Creator / Light / Universal Life Force).


Today: Breathe deeply.  Drink lots of water.  Eat lightly.  Eat fresh food that has life force.  Walk, dance, move your body, and stretch.

Level 1:  Dry Brush Your Skin!

Dry brushing your skin has been called a miracle technique.  It is a quick, easy, inexpensive, and highly effective way to help detoxify your body.  Within a few days your skin will glow and your entire body will be stimulated.

Detoxifying by skin brushing does three things to help cleanse your body:

1.  It stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps detoxify your body.

2.  It sloughs off dead cells so your skin can breathe.  In fact, if your skin were completely covered so it couldn’t breathe (with paint, for example), after awhile your body would start to suffocate.  The pores in your skin are absolutely necessary to help oxygenate your body.

3.  Dry brushing allows for greater release of perspiration because it unclogs pores that are covered with dry skin.  (Perspiration has a similar chemical composition to urine; hence the skin has been called the “third kidney” because it releases the body’s waste products.)

Dry brush just before you shower with (optimally) a natural fiber brush.  Start at your feet and work your way up your body brushing lightly over your neck and face.  If you don’t have a brush, then a rough towel can be effective.  Use brisk, vigorous, rubbing movements with your towel and then shower to slough off all the dead skin.  Ideally, end with a brisk cold rinse.

blue = copyright © 2007 material (reprinted with permission) by Denise Linn

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Today is the beginning of the final week. I am so thrilled and excited for YOU!  This week is dedicated to the Earth and the physical part of who you are.  After exploring the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of your life now it is time to ground yourself with the opportunity to focus on your physical body.

Below you will be conducting a body assessment.  After answering the questions (honestly) you may want to look at one area that you would like to improve.  You can come back later and address other areas, but for today just start with one area and think of one action that you could complete everyday for the rest of this week, which would improve this area of your life.  The key here is to not judge what is good or bad, just observe and take one step today to improve one area of your life.

A great starting point for anyone is to look at themselves in the mirror, every morning, and say, “I love you.”  The more feeling you can put into it the better.  For many people, as simple as this sounds, this is very difficult to do.  If that is the case for you, then start with, “I like you.”  I guarantee that if you continue with this exercise, and tell yourself “I love you” every morning you will see a noticeable difference in how your life unfolds.  I look forward to hearing about your experience.  ~Blessings, Lisa

Days 22-28:

EARTH – Physical

The last seven days of the 28-day program are dedicated to Earth and the physical aspects of your life.  Earth also represents wisdom, integration, and consolidation.  The last week of your preparation is aimed at clearing your physical space as well as preparing your body for your Quest.

Since earliest times, humans have had a dynamic relationship with the Earth.  Throughout ancient history, people saw the world as teeming with spirit life.  Every boulder, tree, mountain, and river had a spirit.  The context of human life was firmly rooted in a natural world infused with divinity.  We no longer, however, interpret the natural world around us as peopled with spiritual identities with whom we can communicate and relate.  Although this shift in perspective has resulted in tremendous gains in scientific understanding, we have lost our sense that we have a place in the cosmos, and we no longer feel intimately connected to the land.  In ancient times one’s connection to the earth lay beyond the realm of doubt.  The earth was the source of all life.  People believed that it fed and nurtured them.

This is the week to purify and balance all physical aspects of your life and to firmly place your roots into the Earth.

Connecting to the Spirit of Earth

All the solid forms around you, including your body, are a part of the physical realm.  Every morning for seven days, when you first awake in the morning, lie in bed and focus on the physical nature of your environment.  Be aware of the shapes and textures of the objects around you.  Get a sense of the solid physical nature of your body.  Notice how you relate to and identify with the physical universe around you.  By doing this you are activating the Spirit of Earth that dwells within you and around you.

To restore this sense of connectedness in your life today, go outside and stand on the land that surrounds your house.  If you live in an area of the city where there is no bare earth, find the closest park or other land that you can stand on.  If possible, remove your shoes to let the energy of the earth enter your body through the bare soles of your feet.  Let the reality of your relationship with the Earth fill your consciousness.  Feel it in every pore of your being.

Relax.  Imagine that you are Earth.  Imagine how it would feel to be a rolling hill, a great mountain, or a deep canyon.  Let yourself merge with the energy of Earth.  Imagine yourself lying in a wildflower meadow high in the mountains.  Visualize the roots of the trees around you extending deeply through the soil, anchoring to Mother Earth.  Feel your own roots reaching down towards the center of the earth.  Know that you are grounded and strong.  Feel the solidity of the round earth beneath you and the power and strength of our planet, which is your home.  Be aware of the grass pushing its way up out of the moist ground nearby.  Know that fresh new shoots of growth are similarly taking place within you right now.

As you do this, notice any memories that emerge into your consciousness.  Just watch these memories the way that you would a stone tumbled along a river bottom.  Don’t become engaged with your memories.  Just observe them.  If you are doing this exercise at bedtime, complete this meditation by drifting off to sleep.  Know that deep inner work occurs within your dreams as you sleep.

Allow memories from the past to come into your awareness.  Don’t judge these memories; just notice them.  Beneath conscious awareness, powerful changes are beginning to occur.  You are a part of the Earth, your body came from elements of Mother Earth and it will one day return to her.  Let yourself go to sleep knowing that as a child of Earth you have all you need.

Earth: Day 22 – Connecting with Your Body


Your physical body is your tool for experiencing the world.  It allows you to see, hear, feel, taste, smell, touch, and know your inner and outer environments.  It is also the temple for your soul.  Your soul is constantly communicating with you through your body, but often we are too busy to really hear these messages.

Today begins a journey to begin to hear the messages of the body and the messages of the soul.

Affirmation for the Day:I am one with the Earth.  I am one with my Body.

Today: Take a short period of time to do a meditation/creative visualization in which you imagine that you are the earth.  Visualize that you are the planet.  Alternatively, imagine that you have transformed into an aspect of the earth, such as:

•  An old oak tree with your roots sinking deep into the earth.

•  A snowcapped mountain.

•  A wildflower swaying in the warm spring breeze.

•  A beach pebble that has been rounded by the gentle rhythm of the sea.

The truth is that you are a part of all things.  There is a vast interconnected universe of which you are a part.  This meditation helps you to re-connect with the physical unity of all things.

Level 1:  Body Assessment

Your body is the vehicle by which you experience the world around you.  You may love it, hate it, ignore it, or be indifferent to it.  Nevertheless, it colors all of your experiences.  It can accelerate or hinder your ability to commune with your soul.

The first step to using your body as a tool for spiritual attunement is to be aware of where you are right now.  Answer “yes” or “no” to the following statements and answer any questions that the statement brings up.

1.  ____  I am comfortable in my body.

2.  ____  My body feels good most of the time.

3.  ____  My body is an outer representation of my inner state of being. (If not, what aspects of your body do reflect your inner state and what aspects don’t?)

4.  ____  When I am in physical discomfort, I know my body is trying to tell me something and I take time to listen to my body.

5.  ____  I do not negatively judge my body.

6.  ____  I love and cherish my body.

7.  ____  I am content with my weight.

8.  ____  My weight is within a healthy range for my body and my age.

9.  ____  I am satisfied with the muscle tone of my body.

10.  ____  I do great things to cherish and honor my body.

11.  ____  I have had a complete and thorough physical check-up in the last couple of years.

12.  ____  My teeth are in great shape and I get periodic cleanings and check-ups.

13.  ____  I floss regularly.

14.  ____  I am happy with my hair, nails, and skin.

15.  ____  My eyesight is good and (if you wear glasses) my prescription is appropriate for my


16.  ____  I hear well.

17.  ____  My organs (heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, etc.) are all in excellent health.

18.  ____  My cholesterol count is healthy.

19.  ____  My blood pressure is in a good range for my age.

20.  ____  My digestive system is excellent.

21.  ____  I do not smoke.

22.  ____  I do not take habit-forming drugs.

23.  ____  My sugar intake is appropriate for my body.

24.  ____  My alcohol intake is appropriate for my body.

25.  ____  I walk or exercise at least three times per week.

26.  ____  I take time to breathe fully and deeply.

27.  ____  My body handles the stress in my life well.

28.  ____  I have no habits that have a negative effect on my health.

29.  ____  I get plenty of sleep to fulfill the needs of my body.

For Women

1.  ____  I have had my yearly Pap smear.

2.  ____  I am confident with my ability to do a self breast-exam, and I do it on a periodic


3.  ____  I’ve had my bone density tested at least by age 50.  (DEXA scan)

For Men

1.  ____  I’ve had my prostate checked (at age 40, 45, and every two years after 50) and my rectal exam every two years after age 40, yearly after age 50.

For Both Women and Men

1.  ____  My colon health is excellent.  (Colonoscopy every 10 years after age 50–unless high risk.)

blue = copyright © 2007 material (reprinted with permission) by Denise Linn

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Today is the last day of fire week, Day 21!  You are going to be given the opportunity to play and have fun.  If you consider yourself an artist you will have the opportunity to play in your field of expertise.  For those of you, like myself, that don’t consider yourself creative or artistic, today is a great day to take out some crayons and just be a kid again.

I was brought up with one sibling, my dear brother, who is two years older than me.  From a very young age he showed incredible artistic abilities.  I on the other had more fun playing with receipt books, adding machines and office supplies (no wonder I became an accountant!).  The point is that because my brother got a lot of attention for his creative skills, I figured I wasn’t an artist let alone a creative person – unless of course you consider creative accounting… just kidding!  The belief that I am not creative, is something that I’ve recently been working on to change about myself.  I don’t blame anyone for this belief, it is just something that as a young child I internalized and now I’m having fun freeing up my creative juices – everyone is creative and artistic, it’s part of being a spiritual entity.  We just have to give ourselves permission to have fun and not judge.  Let me know what happens!  ~Blessings, Lisa

Fire: Day 21 – Fanning the Flame of Your Creativity

Although today’s world revolves around goals, accomplishments, and being productive, we each need to have a part of our life that is completely free, a place where we can surrender, trust our instincts, and discover and express our soul.  The soul needs creativity to express itself.  Basically creativity is receptivity.  When you are open and receptive, ideas and inspiration flow.  Creativity is one of the easiest ways to hear the messages of the soul.

Often people equate creativity with fine arts such as painting or writing, but it can also stoke the fires of every area of your life.  For example, research has shown that individuals that succeed in business often have a high level of creativity.

To fan the flames of your creativity, it is essential to be open to all the ideas that emerge within you, even if they seem wild or unpractical.  And for heaven’s sake don’t judge these inspired ideas.  Nothing dampens creativity faster that thoughts such as, “I’m not a creative person” or “It’s not very good.” If you unconditionally accept doubts and negative judgments of others about your creative ideas, it will put out your fire.

When you are being truly creative, time stands still and you enter into a dimension that can carry you beyond the ordinariness of life.  Ancient mystics knew this; that is why they often used artistic expression to enter into spiritual trance states.

Affirmation for the Day:Incredible creative life force flows through my entire being.

Today: Let your creative juices flow today.  Find ways that you can do things differently. Creativity flows when you are out of your routines.  Is there a different and creative way that you could set the table, clean the car, or make dinner?

Level 1:  Color Your Feelings

Get colored pens, pencils, or crayons, and paper.  Close your eyes and notice what you are currently feeling.  What emotional state are you in right now?  Now choose a color or colors that represent that feeling and passionately draw the feeling.  As a suggestion, play music while you do this exercise as music often ignites creativity.

Get a second sheet of paper.  Close your eyes and be aware of an emotion that you would like to feel.  Again choose a color or colors that represents that feeling and draw the feeling.  Your drawings don’t have to be beautiful or have perspective or make sense.  You are just opening the doors for your inner wisdom to flow through.

Now close your eyes and ask yourself, “If my soul had something to tell me about today, what would it be?” It is much easier for your soul to speak to you when you have opened the gates and creativity helps you with this.  Draw something that symbolizes that message.  If you are unsure what the message is, just start drawing, or just doodle.

Often the message will appear in a symbolic form in your doodle.  If it doesn’t seem to make sense—keep it because it might make sense later.

blue = copyright © 2007 material (reprinted with permission) by Denise Linn

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