Celestial beings reside in the non-physical realm. Your Higher Self resides there as well. It is the highest aspect of your consciousness. You are one with your Higher Self and you are always connected. It is who you truly are, without any masks.

You don’t have this most intimate connection with other celestial beings. They are not you, but they are there to provide guidance and protection along your life path.

You have selected your life plan before this incarnation, including what you want to experience and learn in this world. Your Higher Self has access to this information and by reconnecting with it, you can have it too. When your life plan or contract was set, your Higher Self selected spirit guides whose job is to make sure you stay on the right track. Besides spirit guides and your Higher Self, the ether is home to guardian angels and archangels as well. As you can consciously reconnect with your Higher Self, you can also detect and connect with these powerful beings.

Mediation is a great way to start communicating with your Higher Self. An altar can serve as a focal point for meditation. Once you’ve tuned in to your Higher Self, you’ll be able to get key information about why you’re here and where you should be going next. Sometimes your Higher Self can sound like intuition, sometimes as a voice of reason. The more you open yourself to it, the more you will be in tune with your Higher Self.
Here’s what you should know about these Light beings:

Higher Self

The Higher Self resides in the ether, the non-physical realm. Your Higher Self is you, but without the veil across your memory. It represents your total soul consciousness, the highest aspect of you. You, here on Earth, are a projection of your Higher Self’s consciousness. When you were born, you forgot where you came from, as incarnation causes oblivion.

There is an unbreakable connection between you and your Higher Self even though you are not aware of it. After incarnation, you are left with an ethereal connection with your Higher Self. As the total soul consciousness, your Higher Self knows everything about you including your past, present, and future because you have chosen the life you are living. It knows your life plan. By consciously reconnecting with your Higher Self, you can rediscover your purpose and live a happier, more meaningful life.

Spirit Guides

your ultimate spiritual guide
Before you were born, you created your entire life plan. Your Higher Self has this knowledge even though you have forgotten all about it. When the plan was built, your Higher Self chose spirit guides to assist you in this world.

These spirit guides have knowledge and experience in handling the exact situations you have chosen to encounter while incarnated. You can have more than one spirit guide. Some will be there for you your entire life, others from time to time. Some will guide you through certain events and leave you afterward, when their work is done. They are basically following the directives your Higher Self has set and their mission is to nudge you in the right direction, making sure you experience what you have already chosen.

Guardian Angels

Unlike spirit guides that can be incarnated, guardian angels do not incarnate. They are not in the same category as spirit guides. Angels protect everyone. We all have more than one guardian angel watching out for us. There are enough guardian angels for everyone, as there are thousands upon thousands of them. They tend to intervene when you are in a dangerous situation or in need of some serious help. They are there for you during rough times to offer support, comfort, and protection. Meditation is a great technique that can help you detect guardian angels.


Archangels are at the highest level in the celestial hierarchy. They are extremely powerful beings and closest to the Source. These extraordinary celestial beings are omnipresent, meaning they are present everywhere at the same time. They can be bound to more than one person at a time. Archangels are messengers and protectors. Most people are familiar with Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel. Each archangel has a particular dominant area or specialty. As they are present in every major religious system, instead of focusing on their names or physical descriptions, focus on their specialties. That is what matters the most.


An altar is a place that can help you anchor your attention. It represents the intersection between the non-physical realm and Earth. It serves as a place that can help you center your awareness and consciously reconnect with your Higher Self and other celestial beings.
You can create a personal altar in your home. Regardless of your religious beliefs, a personal altar will reflect your spirituality and provide a place for quiet reflection and devotion. The altar you have set up in your home can serve as a focal point for meditation. There is no right or wrong way to set up an altar, just follow your intuition.

The first thing you have to do is to find a space to set up your altar. It should be in an area that is quiet and peaceful, where you know you can sit without disruption. All you need is a flat place, table or shelf. The next thing to do is to place a cloth over it. The cloth should reflect your personality, beliefs, and intention. Use the one you feel the most comfortable with. It should be large enough to cover the entire altar. You should clean and cleanse this area as often as possible.

Keep in mind that an altar is supposed to please you, not anybody else. You don’t have to think about how it looks like. Follow your intuition and place the things you feel need to be there. Arrange it the way you like and place everything with intention. These things represent what is sacred to you. You can have items that represent the four elements, including earth, wind, fire, and water. You should also have something that represents your source, something that will help you still your thoughts and open your heart for not just your intuition but also for your Higher Self.

Each and every one of us has spirit guides – whether you call them spirit guides, guardian angels or just spirits. Some people are aware of the presence of their spirit guides since childhood, others may never connect with those entities that can give new meaning to life. Those who can’t hear their guides aren’t open and accepting enough to let these protectors perform their role. In other words, it is entirely up to you whether you want to communicate with your spirit guides or pretend they aren’t there. No one can make you talk to your spirit guides, but if you want to have a dialogue with them and find it hard to make a connection, you also have to be aware that even the slightest pinch of disbelief can block the connection and prevent your guides from talking to you.

Here’s how to talk to your spirit guides:

1.Have Some Faith

The first step in establishing communication with your spirit guides is to let go of all prejudices, fear and any other negative emotions that may be interfering with your ability to talk to them. It’s important to keep in mind that your spirit guides are ALWAYS there, but it’s up to you whether their presence will be made known or not. If you open your heart and are ready to let them enter your life, your spirit guides will begin talking to you through images in your mind, sounds/voices, and various other forms of communication.

2. Get into the Right Mood

connect with your spirit guides

While it is true that you can talk to your spirit guides anytime, anywhere, it does take some time to truly connect with them. To do this, you may want to set up the atmosphere to support your spirit guides. You can light candles, use crystals and any other spiritual object, and create a peaceful, calm setting. You can also spend time in nature, as building a strong relationship with nature can help you build an even stronger relationship with your spirit guides.

3. Meeting Your Spirit Guides

You are always surrounded by your spirit guides, but you have to learn how to hear what they are telling you. When you are ready, you can ask them to reveal themselves to you. Meditation is one of the best ways not just to make the initial connection but also to maintain your relationship with them later on. It is important to note that you shouldn’t expect your spirit guides to show up in human form or talk to you using their voice. You should get rid of that picture you have in your mind how they should look like or how your relationship will develop. Once you are open to hearing them, they will start talking to you and your relationship will become deeper by the day.

4. Write a Journal

As spirit guides can talk to you in many, many ways, it is important to know how to recognize when they are trying to communicate. This will get easier over time, but in the beginning, it is vital to pay special attention to even the smallest details, like feelings or sensations you haven’t previously experienced. No matter how insignificant a sensation or sign may seem to you at first, make sure to write it down in your journal. You may not initially know the meaning of a message, but you may be able to decipher it in a week or month. You can also meditate and ask your spirit guides to talk to you, writing down everything after the session is over. This way, it may be easier to let go of yourself and let your spirit guides communicate through you.

5. Your Dreams Matter

One of the most efficient ways to connect with your spirit guides is in your dreams. Dreams are a realm not many of us can understand, a place where everything can happen. This is why you should ask your spirit guides to come to you in your dreams. As soon as you wake up, jot down anything you can remember in your journal, no matter how confusing it may seem.

6. Don’t Beat around the Bush

Your spirit guides are very powerful. They can help you with the most significant things in your life, as well as minor daily inconveniences. Your spirit guide can guide you with virtually anything – from remembering where you put your glasses and determining what job you should take to finding true love or overcoming depression. Whatever you need help with, your spirit guides will help you! Just remember that they are here to be of service to you, which means you have to be the one who will ask for help. They will not step in unless you need them. Bear in mind that in addition to asking for guidance or signs of validation that they are there and helping you, you can also ask your spirit guides for blessings.

7. Show Appreciation

show gratitude to your spirits

Your spirit guides truly care for you, but it’s still nice to show them that you care too. This way, you are not just thanking them for what they have done for you or will do in the future, but also acknowledging that they exist. Your spirit guides will not abandon you if you do not thank them, but your relationship may suffer. That’s why it is best to show appreciation every now and then – you may want to include a thank you message at the end of your meditation sessions, for example.

Your spirit guides are not part of some other reality to which you have sole access. They are a part of our reality, the world that surrounds us. This means that your spirit guides are always available to help and guide you, no matter how small or big your issue is. Let this relationship thrive and make the most of it – your spirit guides are happy to help you live a better life and be a better human being. By nurturing this sacred bond, you can stay in touch with your soul’s desires and fulfill your destiny on Earth. The more you talk to your spirit guides, the more they will give you in return – a life filled with spiritual guidance and alignment with what you really are.

Who am I? Why am I here?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

Well, I do and decided to open my channel this morning and, in about 15 minutes, downloaded the following message for myself:

Lisa: Who am I? Why am I here?

Beings of Love and Light: You are a divine being here to open the world to the divine that runs through us all. You are here as a manifested angel to hold people close for them to see that love is all around. You are here to transcribe the messages from the Universe to help support the earth people on their quest to live their best lives. You are here as an angel of mercy to help people as they transition to the other side as well as to help those who remain here to cope with their loss. You are here as a money magistrate. To show the world how money is nothing more than an energetic tool that can be used for good and evil. And that the money that comes to those are based much more on their thoughts than on their actions. You are here to love your children and have appreciation for all the material things that has come your way due] to your thoughts and experiences. You are here to embrace the love of others to know that you are good enough always and forever. You are here to help those who suffer from loneness and misunderstanding from the harsh society that tells them they are not good enough. You are here as an emissary of the galactic order to help those who are lost and confused by their experience here on earth, as it was not as it was intended. You are here to give grace and ease to those who suffer from depression and anxiety around their unworthiness. You are here to help support those who have wealth and have no richness in their lives. You are here to help all those who come to you for guidance, acceptance and love. You are here to be You and to help those who can’t seem to find themselves. You are here to be that one person who will save their life to go on and to find their own way. You are here to help those who are lost and can’t find themselves.  You have an important role in raising the awareness of spirituality on this earth plane and you must not give up or step back any further. You must step up and allow yourself to be seen.

Lisa: How do I do this?

Beings of Love and Light: You can do this by opening yourself up to being seen and being open about your mission. Show exactly who you are and your tribe will appear. Stop hiding and start sharing your gifts. NOW! We are here to support you in any way you need from us.

Lisa: Who are You?

Beings of Love and Light: WE are the being of Love and Light. Start by putting together some live events and watch them fill up. It is right in front of you. Do it now.

Lisa: Thank you, I love you!

Beings of Love and Light: And we love you and are here for you always!

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On August 11, 2012 my Dad, Brian Klepinger, died unexpectedly. He decided to have some elective surgery and ended up with a major infection that ultimately shut down all of his vital organs. You never know what is going to happen in life, unless of course, if you are psychic…

The last time I talked to my dad was just less than a month before he died. It was mid July and my daughter and I were preparing to leave on a two-week trip to Europe to celebrate her high school graduation. He called me from his home in Colorado to wish us well and to let me know that he had decided to have this surgery while I’d be out of the country. I immediately had a bad feeling. I questioned him on the necessity of the surgery and if he was clear about the potential complications.

He explained that yes he felt the surgery was necessary. He loved to travel around the world and especially to remote out of the way places. Earlier in the year he narrowly escaped having a debilitating diverticulitis attack in the middle of some South American jungle. Fortunately the pain began just a day before he was to leave, so he ended up missing the trip and opting for an extended hospital stay.

He also assured me that any complications were minor and that there was nothing to be worried about. I continued to pepper him with questions and he seemed to have an answer for every one of them. Finally I told him that I hoped that it would turn out the way he had hoped and that I’d be really mad if he died while I was out of the country.

He was true to his word – he didn’t die while I was out of the country, he waited 9 days until after I returned. I called him the day I arrived back in the US and his 3rd wife told me he was home, asleep on the couch and needed his rest. She’d have him call me over the weekend. He didn’t call. By Monday he was experiencing severe pain and was readmitted to the hospital. I flew out as soon as I could and by the time I arrived in Denver on Wednesday morning, he was intubated and unconscious.

I am continually amazed at how unaware I am of what I’m aware of – I had a really bad feeling about the surgery and even though I tried to impress that upon my Dad, I never came out and said, “You are going to die.” Frankly I don’t know if that is what I should have done or if it’s even my right to say something like that to someone. Ultimately, it’s all about free will and free choice.

In my book, which is being released this summer, Art of Living Happy, I talk about the experience of him passing over:

Within 15 minutes the nurses had prepared him by removing his breathing tubes and the IV’s. We stepped into the cubicle. His wife and I each held one of his hands and my brother put his hand on my dad’s leg. I closed my eyes and immediately got a picture in my mind of what was happening. I explained what I was seeing to them.

“I see him above us, smiling. He wants us to know that he loves us and that he’s sorry for everything that happened. He loves you so much and wants to thank you for taking such good care of him.” I directed this toward his wife. “And Eric, he is telling you that he is proud of you and me too. I see a great light and he’s moving toward it. I see him reuniting with Grandma and Grandpa. It’s such a beautiful sight. The feeling of love is overwhelming.” Tears were streaming down my face, not from sadness but from joy – the joy of seeing him transition and entering the kingdom of love.

No matter how many issues you have with someone, death seems to melt them away. I found that my feelings of loss overwhelmed all of the other feelings that I had felt for my father throughout my life. I felt at peace with my father, maybe for the first time.

That was true until two days later when we arrived at the attorney’s office…

Yes, going to the attorney’s office changed everything. I was faced with more life lessons in which I discovered a lot more about myself. Including the fact that I do have a dark side, a very dark side.

Meanwhile my dad has been coming to me in various ways:

He came through as a vision to one of my clients, while we were in the middle of a healing session.

He showed himself to a friend of mine in her dream. She visualized my house and saw him sitting on the couch. A month later she came to my home for a dinner party and was shocked as my house was exactly what she saw in her dream – she had never been here before.

During a recent training weekend, my mentor channeled a message from him to me. Everyone else got messages from Buddha, Jesus and other ascended masters – thanks Dad!

He’s contacted me twice through a well-known medium, Roland Comtois, at two different events where only a handful of people were given messages.

He’s come through to my brother’s girlfriend in a healing session she had with a gifted energy healer.

He’s woken me up and had me write 2 pages of channeled information.

Not to mention, he’s always leaving me signs – usually in the form of cigarette smoke or white butterflies whenever I happen to be thinking of him.

Needless to say, he is making up for lost time. I’m glad that he has finally seen the light and that he is reaching out to me since his passing. I just wish he had been more open in this lifetime, so we could have healed our issues as we went rather than trying to do it all now.

This is another reason why I wrote my book, Art of Living Happy. I’m hoping it will inspire people to wake up and deal with their issues before they die. It’s so important to connect truthfully and openly with your loved ones on every level while you are alive and able to do so. I also know how difficult it is to discuss estate planning and what will happen when your loved ones dies, but let me tell you, it’s much easier to have some heated discussions now rather than to be left with a potential bomb that could blow your world up – like mine was. Don’t wait – we are all going to die, so get your affairs in order, or if you have parents, bring up the subject and sort out the issues so that everyone can be happy.

How about you? Have you had a bombshell explode after the death of a loved one? Have you been contacted by a loved one who has passed over? Are you looking to connect to your loved ones? Are you stuck or need help moving forward? Leave me your comments – I love discussing these issues.

Love and Blessings, ~Lisa

I’m back from my vacation in Ireland and it’s the first day of school for my kids, where did the summer go?  OK, I admit it, I’ve been home for a couple of weeks – actually 17 days – and I’m just now getting back to my blog.  I feel guilty and ashamed… which is my own doing.  I am the only person that can make me feel this way.   I have to say that I’ve been struggling with this whole new concept of my life.  I quit my well paying hedge-fund accounting job four months ago so I could go “full-time” spiritual.  What does that mean exactly?  I’m still trying to figure that out.  While I contemplate you can check out a few pictures from my summer vacation – hey, I think my kids are sharing this video at school today too…

Today, I took a leap of faith and went for my big makeover!  You can check out the video and see for yourself.  I would love your comments!

Going through the process of quitting my hedge fund accounting job and devoting all of my “working” time to developing my spiritual blog has been an interesting journey.  Given that my passion is learning about and participating with all different types of energy work I couldn’t be more happy with my decision.  However, the practical side of this career change has had me asking a lot of tough questions of myself.  Why would I leave a six figure income in order to devote my time to share my advice and knowledge with people that are looking for answers about the “spiritual” world?

I’ll tell you, what I’ve been telling myself, “Yes, Lisa, the money you made at the hedge fund would be extremely nice to have in the bank account, or to spend on more “stuff” for the house, or to put away for retirement or for the kids’ upcoming college funds. But the truth of the matter is you don’t NEED more money. You don’t NEED to spend more time helping a rich company help rich people become more rich. You do have a limited time here on earth and if you don’t start doing what you LOVE and what makes you HAPPY then what is the point or your life anyway!?”

After I hear myself say these words to me, a few times a week, I stop fretting over the lack of my bi-weekly check and start connecting with the wonderful souls that read my blog and I feel JOY and LOVE and know that my life is going to make a bigger impact and that at the end of the day I am HAPPY!