Lisa Jones, Millionaire Medium is an author, speaker, podcaster and spiritual psychic medium.  As a former CPA, she is an in-demand business consultant, personal intuitive coach and media personality. She offers virtual sessions worldwide and in-person sessions upon request.


  As a former CPA, Lisa Jones, is in a unique situation to be able to assist you in expanding your business to levels you’ve only envisioned.

  • Increase your profits
    • Energetically assess your unique situation
    • Tap into profit potentials
    • Identify excess expenses
    • Outside the box thinking for new innovative ideas
  • Identify unique strategic moves
    • Who to hire/fire
    • How best to organize/reorganize
    • Identify best time to initiate action
    • Help determine short/long term actions
  • Resolve team conflict
    • Work with energy of various team members
    • Discuss matters soul to soul for resolution
    • Create environment of open and compassionate communication
    • Clear energetic toxicity of environment
  • Identify your companies energetic competitive edge
    • Tap into the soul essence of the business
    • Understand the truth of competition
    • Bring consciousness to the heart of the business
    • Allow the business to expand to its greatest potential


  One of the most unique offerings Lisa Jones provides is helping individuals and families walk through life transitions including:

  • Death
    • Loss of a loved one – connecting with the Divine for peace of mind and conversation
    • Loss of a pet – this loss can be devastating and needs extra TLC
    • Terminal illness diagnosis –helping you or your caregiver with this complex experience
    • End of life doula – assist you or your caregiver in the final days of your life, one of the most sacred blessings of anyone’s life
  • Divorce
    • Assist you with feelings of shame, guilt, and apathy
    • Reduce feelings of grief, fear, desire, and anger
    • You’re ready to move forward, but don’t know how
    • You’ve found your next partner, or so you think… let’s talk soul to soul to see if it’s a real match made in heaven
  • Empty Wealth Syndrome™
    • A condition that many with money, success and fame suffer from during and after they have focused on and acquired this societally emphasized goal
    • Many who rise to the top, end up feeling empty, isolated and unfulfilled in life, is this you?
    • Looks like you have it all, and yet you feel empty on the inside
    • Are you feeling miserable, or blaming others or yourself,  or feel hopeless, regret, anxiety, cravings or aggression? I can help.
  • Mid-life Crisis
    • Empty Nest – you’re heartbroken over your kids leaving for college…
    • Retirement – you’ve lost your identity, now what?
    • Can’t seem to find yourself – let’s tap into the wealth within and find your super soul!
    • Spiritual Awakening – you’ve woken up, now what???


  • Gain clarity and vision on moving forward
  • Release negative energies and toxic behaviors
  • Restore life energy to promote abundance and well-being
  • Awaken fully to access your true potential
  • Connect to your true divine purpose
  • Activate your connection to divine guidance to clarify and achieve your goals


  • You are ready to up level your life on every level!
  • You’re ready to fully be YOU and embrace your gifts – either in business or your personal life!
  • You desire to develop the power of the Divine within!
  • You are willing to have fun, be open and play!
  • As a boutique business, Lisa only works with a handful of clients, so there will be an interview process.
  • You must be willing to invest financially in yourself for this process to work.

Awaken the Wealth Within

This is for anyone suffering from Empty Wealth Syndrome™

You’ll receive the actual PowerPoint presentation that Lisa used to unveil her beautiful website and discover how you can live a happier more fulfilled life!