Transitioning to the Next Great Adventure with Goldyn Duffy – Episode 118

Saying goodbye is hard to do. In this episode, Lisa explains that she is ending the Exploring Death Podcast for now. She interviews Goldyn Duffy and talks about their new

An Exploratory Way to Move Through the Grief Process with Scott Lawlor – Episode 117

Scott Lawlor is an ambient artist who has been recording since 2013. His music has been described as celestial, evocative, and penetrating. After the tragic loss of his brother

Protect Those You Love Even After Your Death with Ann-Marie Murzin – Episode 116

Ann-Marie Murzin is an attorney who had a life-changing near-death experience.  After this startling wake-up-call, she shifted away from litigation to help clients explore death and protect their loved

Memories of Life and Existence with Bonnie Jennings – Episode 115

Bonnie Jennings had a very recent NDE, which took place in February of 2019 at which time she was dead for at least 30 minutes. Bonnie had the most amazing out-of-body experiences I've heard to

Helping the Dying and Bereaved Find Healing with Terri Daniel – Episode 114

Dr. Terri Daniel is a clinical chaplain, certified trauma professional, and end-of-life educator certified in death, dying and bereavement. Her life work focuses on helping the dying and the

Near-Death Stories of Enlightenment and Tragedy with Brother Ed Salisbury – Episode 113

Brother Ed has been described as an elder gentleman of compassion and wisdom with many mystical, spiritual and Near-Death stories.  He is described as a 'small-town, coastal Texas country