Unconditional Love with Sharon Prentice – Episode 61

Soon after completing her graduate studies in psychology, Dr. Prentice found the world of secular psychology lacking—her patients needed "something more". So, she set out to investigate and explore

Death Is Not The End with Suzanne Giesemann – Episode 60

Suzanne Giesemann is a Messenger of Hope and the founder and teacher of The Awakened Way – a path to knowing Who you are and why you’re here. A

New Year’s Message

On this special holiday episode, Lisa Jones wishes to extend a Happy New Year to us all and also share an exclusive inside scoop into the shows coming up in

Thinking Logically About Death with Dr. Raymond Moody – Episode 59

A very rare opportunity to hear from a leading authority on near-death experiences, on this episode we are joined by Dr. Raymond Moody, a world-renowned scholar, lecturer, researcher and

Love Never Dies with Elizabeth Boisson – Episode 58

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is always a difficult process, that’s why today’s guest is here to share her expertise on the matter. Elizabeth Boisson is

We Are All One with Khristee Rich – Episode 57

A psychic, an empath, a medium and a healer, all wrap into one, our guest today Khristee Rich works with highly sensitive women also known as “empaths”, helping them