Connecting Heart and Soul with Sarina Baptista – Episode 105

Sarina Baptista is an award winning author, international speaker, spiritual teacher, and psychic medium. She teaches classes and is a visiting medium at Lily Dale, NY during their summer program.

UnWind the Soul with Juliet Doty – Episode 104

Juliet has experienced something that not many do on this earth... an Astral, or out of body, phenomenal walk through the Bardo Realms. The Bardo is a Sanskrit word

From Scientist To Hypnotherapist To Change Lives with Petra Frese – Episode 103

Petra is an Intuitive Scientist. Educated as an engineer and scientist in Germany, where she was born and raised, she became a volunteer firefighter in Switzerland driving the 40ton

Witness The Portal To The Other Side with Greg “Magick” Bernstein – Episode 102

For over the last 23 years, Greg “Magick” Bernstein has trained one-on-one extensively, with a number of different powerful shaman, kahuna, elders & sorcerers. He leads shamanic mystical retreats

The Real Onez Kick-Off Episode with Goldyn Duffy – Episode 101

The Real Onez is a forum to bring to you ALL things spiritual and scientific to assist you in becoming a deliberate creator of your life! Lisa and Goldyn

Living in a Mindful Universe with Dr. Eben Alexander – Episode 100

Dr. Eben Alexander is currently best known as the NY Times best-selling author of Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife. In his academic career, he authored