“If money equals happiness, where’d your smile go?” – Lisa Jones

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Awaken the soul within your company. Peace, patience and profits will soar as your team becomes stirred into action after incorporating Lisa’s strategic and intuitive ideas into your business.


Our society emphasizes and applauds the glory of wealth and fame, however many who acquire this idealized goal often find happiness and fulfillment eludes them. Lisa coined the term Empty Wealth Syndrome™ and is a master at identifying those with this issue and helping them to create a life where they truly feel they have it all.


Discussing death and the miracles that occur around the time of transition is a topic that is not usually discussed among medical professionals or lay people. Lisa will enlighten and entertain you with the many gifts of grief that are available to all who are open, aware and awake.


Lisa shares her story of love and loss to open your heart and then fills your mind with her three step process on how to connect to your own divine wisdom.


  • Intuition: Your True Competitive Advantage
  • Tapping into the Heart of Business
  • Create Soul Collages
  • The Myth of Money & Happiness: How to Truly Be Happy
  • Improve Your Life by Learning How to Meditate

As Featured …

All humans live… and die…

Most struggle with experiences of loss, death, disappointment and unwanted change.

Some are destroyed, minimized. Some learn. Few are transformed, lifted and inspired by these experiences.

Lisa Jones has learned the many gifts of transformation and inspiration through the experience known as death. Although most of society, religion and family tradition protest otherwise, the untimely passing of her husband Ian was a gift.

Via a Shared-Death Experience (SDE), Lisa was awakened to trust, beauty, possibility and happiness as never before. She is now compelled to share this truth with others.

Lisa is not a veiled and robed elite goddess seated high on a throne. She is a former high-level CPA, mother of two, suburban, automobile-driving woman raised a traditional Christian.

She still has doubts, old paradigms weigh on her biggest dreams and embarking on a scary new venture still sends chills down her spine.

The difference is, Lisa knows what’s happening when it happens. A knowing she brings to every client, every audience, every time.