Welcome back! Here we are on Day 10 and today is all about becoming conscious of what gives you energy and what zaps your energy.  The assignment today is all about identifying your “zappers” (you can also identifying your “juicers”, things that amp you up, if you want, as that would be the next level of participation…).

I challenge you to walk around your house and pick up or even just look at an item, my guess is that if you focus you will actually feel your body respond either positive, negative or remain neutral.  When I first did this exercise I was stunned at how many things I had in my home, that actually made me feel tired, or sad, or even resentful.  After removing these energy zappers from my home, I felt so much better!  It’s amazing how we all will keep things either out of guilt, like the knick knacks that I don’t like that my Grandmother gave me, or out of apathy, like the piece of furniture that was from a bad breakup.  Just get rid of them!  Life is too short to be surrounded in your home by guilt trips and bad memories.

Keep me posted on what you decide to toss!!!  Blessings, Lisa

Water: Day 10 – What Are Your Energy “Zappers” and “Juicers




What zaps your energy?  In your life there are people and patterns that deplete or “zap” your energy.  There are also people and places that uplift or “juice” your energy.  The soul loves the truth, so when you identify your “zappers” they have less affect over you.  And when you identify the “juicers” you can expand their presence in your life.


If something or someone is an” energy-zapper,” take action today to minimize or eliminate this from your life.  For example, if you think of your grocery store and your energy goes down, see if they have a delivery service.  You are not required to suffer in life.  Alternatively, if something or someone “juices” you, then find ways today to increase their effect in your life.


Affirmation for the Day:I am moving into harmony with everyone and everything in my universe.


Today: Notice the relationship you have with every person and every object you encounter.  You do not need to change the way you relate … just be aware of your energy.  Does it go up or down or is it neutral with each person and object?



Level 1:  Identify Your Energy “Zappers”


An energy-zapper is anything that lowers your energy and thus decreases your life force. Often we have become so used to living with them that we are not conscious of their effect on us.  Just becoming aware of these zappers will begin to diminish their effect on you.  Throughout the day notice what brings your energy down.



Some examples of zappers might be:

•  Always feeling exhausted after having been with a particular person

•  Saying “yes” when you mean “no”

•  Always trying to please everyone

•  Fluorescent lit rooms with no windows

•  Denying/suppressing what you are feeling

•  Doing a task you don’t enjoy

•  Working all the time without taking time to rest and rejuvenate

•  Watching excessive television

•  Drinking too much alcohol

•  Indulging in busyness on a consistent basis

•  Not telling the truth


Write a list of your “zappers” in your Process Journal.  Examine if there are ways that you can eliminate or diminish some of these.  For example, if one of your energy-zappers is a family member that you can’t eliminate from your life, look to see if there are ways that you can diminish his or her effect on you.  If they start to be really negative you might say, “Hey, let’s take a walk and you can tell me about it on our walk.”  They might be just as negative on the walk, but you have diminished their usual effect on you because while they complain, you can look at trees and flowers, breathe fresh air, and get some exercise.

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OK, so who doesn’t have clutter?  Clearing clutter is one of the best ways to lift your spirits and bring some energy into your space and life!  Here is a quick video of clutter clearing one drawer – beware: don’t pull the drawer out too fast, or it may come off the track…

Clearing clutter is one of those tasks that feels overwhelming.  Even thinking about it usually makes me tired.  In reality, if you make your goal to clear one drawer, or one shelf a day, the task is really simple and easy.  Remember, how do you climb a mountain?  One step at a time.  Now, go clean out one drawer and let me know how you feel.  I feel great after cleaning out my make-up drawer!