Day 24 is all about what your physical body is telling the world.  The way you carry yourself, the way you walk into a room, and actually the way you do everything physically, is a statement not only to others, but especially to yourself as to what and who you are.  If you walk with your head down and your shoulders slummed forward, do you think that people would view you as confident and capable?  No, most likely they would think you are shy and possible depressed.  How do you think your own body would view this type of displayed behavior?  I would think you would be sending messages to your brain, that you are shy and possible depressed.  Now, if you walked into a room, with a smiling face, shoulders back and head held lifted, wouldn’t that imply confidence and friendliness?  Yes!  It’s amazing how just being aware of what your body is doing is so important as to what type of response you get from others, and yourself, as to who you are.  ~Blessings, Lisa

Earth: Day 24 – Using the Physiology of Your Body

Your physiology (the way you carry yourself and the way you move your body) is one of the most powerful ways that you can impact your life. Simply said, if you carry yourself in a way that says, “I am confident, strong, and at peace with myself and the world,” your body sends messages to your mind to reconfigure internal processes until they are consistent with your physiology. In other words, if you want to feel confident, adjust your body so it portrays confidence.

Try this—hang your head down, frown, slump your shoulders, breathe in a shallow way and try to feel fabulous and vital without changing your body! Now throw your shoulders back, lift your chin, stand up tall and straight, look up, and put a huge grin on your face. Now while maintaining that physiology, try to feel depressed and down in the dumps. If you keep your body in that peak position, it is almost impossible to feel depressed. The way you use your body is the secret key to how you feel. You can design your future simply by the way that you use your body.

Affirmation for the Day: My body is incredibly strong and healthy.

Today: Carry yourself as if incredible life force and confidence was flowing out of every pore of your body.

Level 1: What Does Your Body Say about You?

Today, be aware of how you use your body. It is so easy to read other people through the way they carry their bodies. Even from a distance it’s not hard to sense the way a person feels about themselves and the world, by the way they move their body.

As we grow up we adopt beliefs about who we are and about our values and rules for life. Each belief has as associated physiology. A person who believes that they will always be downtrodden by life will adopt a physiology that says, “I’m a downtrodden person.” Their body becomes so used to that position that even when they are not being downtrodden their body stays in that position, which will make them feel oppressed.

Your body is always communicating to you and to the world, statements about who you are. This is great when the message empowers you, but it is not great if the message does not empower and support you.

If a stranger were to watch the way you use your body, what kind of judgment might that stranger make about you? Would they think that you are: tired, arrogant, loving, peaceful, submissive, stressed, confident, shy, kind, busy, overwhelmed, centered, frenetic, honest, dishonest, angry, joyous, etc.? Today, notice how you hold and carry your body. Is your body communicating a message with which you are satisfied?

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