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I choose YOU!

Years ago at my elementary school, there was a silly practice where someone who was mad at you would approach you and say, “I choose you!

This meant, I am going to fight you on the playground … ahhh!

I don’t want to fight you, but I do choose you to step up and fight for yourself!

I talk to so many clients who have fallen into a rut in their life, and frankly they just aren’t happy.

Does this sound like you?

It might by your job, it might be your personal life, it might be your psychical body – there are so many things that can get you into a rut.

The sad thing is that they also tell me that they feel like time is running out and that they are afraid they will never accomplish what they really want in life (and yet they aren’t even sure that that is … )

Well, I’d love for you to watch this video that I made with you in mind …

Also I invite you to sign up for an Angel reading with me, as they can help you find your passions and fill your life with joy.

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Sending you LOVE and LIGHT,




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Do you believe?

Do you believe that with a little Divine Guidance the answers you seek, the life you are striving for, the new love will be found?

Do you just need to know if you are on the right path?

Today is the day to take advantage of a Private 1-on-1 reading with Lisa …

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I think a lot of people don’t know what it is to do a reading with me.

Croix volunteered to share his experience and what he got out of it …

“It’s a recalibration of what’s going on in your life.

You got into my brain and my heart and soul.

I just had this unexplainable peace. A peace with certainty about what’s going to happen and where my life is going. (be sure to watch at the 3:56 mark to hear Croix talk about this peace he felt)

It was as if we were going through a forest and you cut down all the woods in front of me so I could take a clear walking path.”

When Croix left he shared this message with everyone on Facebook:

It was time to say goodbye to Lisa, one of my dearest friends in the entire world 🌎. She is my spiritual advisor, my angel reader, my divine connection to the collective consciousness, God and the universe. One of the very very very few in the world I trust with my unconscious mind and my most private challenges. She may be an angel reader, but to me she is the angel.

Lisa is also a fellow professional speaker. We both started our speaking careers in the same Connecticut Toastmasters club 10+ years ago and have been friends, peers and advisors ever since.

Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you Lisa and David for allowing me to crash at you extraordinary home for a lot longer than we originally thought. Just being there and around you was just the spiritual medicine I needed to transition from a life with a home to a life on the road. I can’t express how much a visit with you did for me.

Dave it was great to get to know you so much better and watch the games with you. I have the right color iPhone case to prove it. 😆

You weren’t just a stop in my journey, you both are an imprint on my life’s journey.

Until our paths cross again.
Love you both.

In case you are wondering, yes that is all my belongings in my car and the driveway.

We miss him already!

Love and Blessings,




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Are you ready to take heed of Croix’s advice?

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The scary part

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I was told today to do some card readings.

It’s always fun to see what the guides are telling us.

The first card is Beauty.

The action card is Focus

This reminds me of the messages I downloaded the past few days (in case you missed them you can watch the first one here, the second one here and the third one here.)

It’s really about how you create your own life, you have to get focused!

And then …

You’re going to have an Awakening!

What most likely happens is … (watch the card reading here)

You have to have Faith!

The guides are always looking out for you, too!

Love and Blessings,

Watch the video

Have you ever lost a loved one suddenly?

Maybe you’ve lost someone you loved, and didn’t get a chance to say goodbye?

Check out my video here.

I lost my husband when I was 37, but it wasn’t sudden and because I’m a medium, I’ve been able to keep in touch with him on a regular basis.

I know first hand how difficult it is for people who lost a loved one suddenly or felt like they didn’t get to say goodbye – in fact when I lost my mom 3 years ago, it was a total shock!

We had just been together on vacation in Hawaii and then a week later she collapsed and died from having a stroke.

I was heartbroken

It truly was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced …

Fortunately I’ve again been able to be in touch with her on a regular basis which has helped me move forward.

I realize that most people don’t have this ability or opportunity, so I’ve decided to create a program to help people with sudden loss.

I was thinking you might have some ideas as to what would be most helpful for people who have experienced this – maybe even you have experienced this first hand?

Feel free to respond to this email with ideas as to what you think would help you, or someone you know who has lost a loved one suddenly.

Did you see the video?

Watch it now!

Hope you have a wonderful day – and thanks (in advance) for any ideas you might share with me.

Love and Blessings,




Do you believe?

Do you believe that with a little Divine Guidance the answers you seek, the life you are striving for, the new love will be found?

Do you just need to know if you are on the right path?

Today is the day to take advantage of a Private 1-on-1 reading with me …

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I’m ready!

Watch the video

When they come through me they just take over my body and I allow them to speak …

Let me just ground myself and call in my guides and I’ll deliver the message. (Watch the complete Divine Download here)

“First and foremost …

There is so much love for you!

There is never a time that you are alone.

You are always surrounded by Love and Light!

There are always Angels around that you can call on for help.

You MUST ask for it!”

In case you missed the Divine Download my Guides mentioned in today’s video you can watch it here.

I’ve decided to take this 1 step further!

As you know I, not only, love the gifts I receive from my Guides and Angels, I also love the ways in which they assist me in sharing these gifts with you!

So, what is the 1 step further?

I have decided to begin a monthly Divine Download program that I can open up to everyone!

To start things off I would like to GIFT you with my upcoming webinar where I will share a LIVE Divine Download(if you’ve been on any of my recent webinars or seen me on Facebook you know just how much more profound the messages are when you are able to experience them LIVE!)

Join me Saturday, January 21st at 3:00pm EST

Register now!

Love and Blessings,

P.S. Join me for a LIVE Divine Download webinar on January 21st.
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Have no fear, death is not as bad as it sounds …

brazilian-angelClick here to watch the video

I’m a little nervous today …

My Spirit guides told me they wanted me to talk about embracing death and making it fun.

I know, this is kind of out there for a lot of people …

Death is an adventure. It is just a transformation from the physical to the non-physical.

We need to get rid of all darkness and fear around death … it’s about celebrating the person’s life and remembering when they were here in the physical.

You’ve got to go through grief.

Losing the physical being of someone on this planet is the most difficult thing you can go through.

You don’t have to let it make you stop living YOUR life .

You’re still here.

You’ll see. You’ll look back at your own life and think


“Why didn’t I just get on with it already?”

Part of the problem with grief is that you can get stuck in it, you stop living your life because of the sadness, fear and anxiety.

Know that you can still connect with them even though they’ve passed on.

That’s what I help people do all the time.

I teach them to connect and how you can keep a relationship going with your passed away loved ones.

You’re only here for a short time, you don’t have to let it make you stop living YOUR life .

Love and Blessings,




Take a look at this …


Are you ready to receive your message?

It doesn’t take a long time to have a Miracle

The minute we sit down and I open my portal, the things that come through shift your life and you WAKE UP!

It absolutely CHANGES your life!

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Some tips of what I like to do

What do I mean by Spiritually Infused?


Click here to watch the video
What a wonderful life it is to live when you have it Spiritually Infused!

What do I mean by “Spiritually Infused“?

When you are connecting with Spirit (God, The Universe, Source, whoever it is who YOU worship) and really allowing that energy to boost whatever it is that you’re doing during the day.

It’s so much fun to be able to talk to Spirit and get SPECIFIC information …

It can truly change your life!

Some of the things that I use to support me in my Spiritually Infused Life are: Crystals, Essential Oils and Spiritual Books. (Click here for more information about the Essential Oils that are ESSENTIAL in my life)

If you have any questions about how to go deeper with your connection to Spirit I’d be happy to answer them!

Love and Blessings,






What are you doing
for YOU today?

Remember to take time for self care.

I love taking a bath with a quarter cup of sea salt and a quarter cup of baking
soda – it really clears away the cords of attachments that we pick up whenever we interact with others.

What do you love to do for self care?

It still blows my mind

I know this stuff happens all the time …

This is what I do!

It still blows my mind!

I had some big signs from the DIVINE.

One of the girls was freaking out that there was a dragonfly.

I had to take a moment to thank Spirit, to thank my husband Ian …

I know signs are happening all the time for you, too!

It’s just about being aware and open to them.

What is it that fuels you?

What is it that brings you to tears?

That is what you should be doing in your life!

Truly, life is short and at the end you don’t want to be regretting what you did or did NOT do.

The more we resist, the more struggles and strain we have.

Open your heart and step through the fear that keeps you back.

Follow your heart!

Follow your dreams!!

Love and Blessings,




Who am I?
Why am I here?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to finally have the answers to these questions?

That is what is so wonderful about working with my guides … I can ask these questions and they GIVE me the answers I seek.

Want to know what’s even more wonderful than that???

They will do it for YOU, too!!

All we need to do is ask … and they are fast, too. We ask, they answer, I translate it to you and best of all I will send you the recording so you miss nothing!!

Click here to book yours today.

The signs I send you on a DAILY basis


Click here to watch the video

Have you ever wished you, too, could be connected to someone on the other side?

Have you ever wondered if a passed loved one is trying to send you a message?

Let me tell you … the signs are all around you!

Coming back from a group, guided meditation we were visited by a bird and then provided with these messages … (click here to watch the video now)

We are with each and everyone of you all of the time.

There is a veil between you and us and the veil is thinning.

Be aware that signs are all around you.

Know that this was, in fact, the plan for me to experience in this lifetime.

I have learned many things.

Please know that I am there with you, I am helping to guide you.

I hope that you get the signs DAILY basis.

There is a bird that I send you many, many times.

I hope that you realize this bird is ME trying to let you know that

Even with all of my experience, I missed this obvious sign in the moment. It wasn’t until my business manager pointed it out on the video, that I was once again deeply humbled and moved by such profound and clear examples of how connected we all are to those who have passed.

Love and Blessings,




I want to help you connect with yourself … with your peace and happiness that is within!




Meditation is truly one of the most rewarding and life changing activities that you can explore and ultimately use to expand your life experience.

Click here if you are ready to embark on an entirely new way of being and believing sign up today and start your journey of peace, relaxation and connection.

Let me ask you a couple of questions …

Do you spend your time penny pinching?

Are you always looking for the best deal?

I wanted to talk to you today about why so many people have such a hard time connecting with Financial Freedom.

Click here to watch the video … I’m going to pull a few cards to see where we are stuck and see if Universe can give us a few ideas on what we need to do to be more financially free.

It’s going to shift your life!

It’s so basic … so easy … it seems too easy to be true (watch here)

This is a Universal Law:

Whatever you FOCUS on EXPANDS!!

Love and Blessings,



Take a look at this …opening


Are you ready for your lightening strike?

It doesn’t take a long time to have a Miracle …

The minute we sit down and I open my portal, the things that come through shift your life and you WAKE UP!

It absolutely CHANGES your life!

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