Myra Mossman is a Federal Criminal Appeals attorney who has handled complex cases before the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. In her recently published memoir entitled My Random Death, she discusses her near-death experience and how it has shaped her life’s work.

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Show Notes

  • What inspired Myra’s book – 0:55
  • Having a Near-Death Experience – 1:30
  • Having premonitions before the near-death experience – 2:47
  • No more fear, doubt, or worry – 3:26
  • What happened the day before the near-death experience – 4:20
  • Believing in your intuition – 5:20
  • Seeing the “evil man”- 6:33
  • Change and transformation – 9:01
  • What Myra tells us in her book – 9:57
  • Random death or random murder? – 10:19
  • Takeaways from Myra’s book – 11:09
  • Intuition and coincidences – 11:48
  • Myra’s perspective about emotional intelligence – 13:08
  • Spirituality: not acting for yourself alone – 13:46
  • Myra’s thoughts about her work and criminals – 14:40
  • Witnessing killings in today’s world – 16:22
  • Lisa reads some cards for Myra – 18:09
  • It is not okay to treat others with less dignity – 19:48
  • We are on a voyage to a new world- 20:15
  • No fear or worry in death – 22:20
  • Lisa reads some cards about healing, fear, truth, and passion in life – 24:00

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