I was having coffee with a dear friend of mine a couple of months ago, Lisa J (one of my favorite Earth Angels!), and said, “I’ve had such great success with my private clients, I would love to put together a group of about twenty people and see what happens.” Well, my friend Lisa jumped right on that and said, “Hey, I’d love to help you put that together.” A few weeks later she had it all set up and I conducted my first group channeling session and it was BEYOND FABULOUS! The energy in the room was amazing and the messages that came through were outstanding. I even channeled some beautiful messages from passed loved ones, which were so heartfelt and healing that I was literally blown away!

Lisa Living Happy

I am so looking forward to doing more of these events in the near future and the most exciting news is that I’ve just been booked at a 300 seat venue!!!  I’m going to keep the details secret for now, but be sure to watch for the info in the upcoming months.  If YOU are interested in having me come to your town, let me know, I’m planning a tour and I would love to come see YOU!

Also, I wanted to mention that last week I spent some time with Andy French in NYC – he is the most talented and AMAZING photographer in The City that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  You’ll be seeing some of the amazing shots he took throughout my website.  If you are interested in having some photos taken of you, I can’t promise anything…  as Andy is so exclusive that he doesn’t even have a website – so don’t tell anyone, but if you leave me a comment below with your information I’ll see what I can do to get YOU in with Andy…  He is truly an Angel on Earth and his photographs are awesome!!!

Sending LOVE and LIGHT to all that are reading this and please feel free to leave a comment below – who knows I may even respond back with a FR-EE Angel Channeling answer!!!