Hi, Lisa Jones here. Just put together a little video to ask about how your Soul Coaching® quest went. No worries if you haven’t had time to do one – however, I highly recommend taking the time for yourself, as you can really put all the pieces of the 28 Day Soul Coaching® course together and find out some real nuggets of gold about who you are and answer the question, “Why am I here?”.

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Wow!  How are YOU feeling?  Again, I want to say that I am so proud of YOU for taking the time to take care of yourself and to discover more about who you are.  Truly there is really nothing more important, than YOU!!!

Todays lesson is all about how you can best assimilate all that you have learnt about yourself over these past 4 weeks.  I’ve included pictures of my last quest which was AMAZING!  I created a sacred place (see photos below) which included all of the elements – a feather for air, a cup of water, a candle for fire and a crystal for earth, and a super comfortable place to sit!  I then meditated for sixty minutes.  I took note of all the animals that showed up and recorded my thoughts and feelings.  It was magical!

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QUEST:  Beyond the 28 Days

You have spent 28 days examining your life, clearing your closets, purifying yourself, and opening your heart in order to hear the messages from your soul.  After this remarkable time, one of the best ways to open even more fully to your higher self and your inner wisdom is to take time away from your normal routine to be very still and just listen.  This is a kind of quest.

As a suggestion, it would be best to do your quest sometime in the next two weeks.  You can spend an hour, several hours, half a day, or even an entire day dedicated to praying and listening.

Air, Water, Fire, Earth

For this type of quest, you might want to make a sacred circle within which to sit.  To make your sacred circle, use objects to represent Air, Water, Fire, and Earth for the four cardinal directions.  For example, you might put a feather in the Eastern part of the circle to represent Air, a bowl of Water in the Southern part of the circle to represent Water, a candle in the West for Fire, and a crystal or stone in the North for Earth.  (See Denise Linn’s Book: “Quest” for additional information.)

You can make your sacred circle inside or outdoors in nature.  It can be a small circle four to six feet across, or a larger circle that is eight to ten feet across.  You can make it with flowers strewn in a circle, with pebbles, pine-cones, or anything that you have available.  The objects you use to create your sacred space are less important than the feeling that you have within your circle.  It is essential that when you are sitting in your circle that you feel safe and it becomes your sanctuary.

Once your circle is complete, create a ceremony to sanctify and bless it and ask for spiritual guidance.  Then sit within your circle and visualize yourself becoming a sacred vessel for spirit to flow through.  Pray.  Talk to the Creator.  Be still.  Breathe.  Be open.  You might want to have pen and paper to record any insights that you have.

Enjoying the Lake on my Quest

Watch for signs.  Ask yourself, “If I knew what my soul wanted me to know, what would it be?” There will be messages surrounding you.  Watch your thoughts and feelings and the events that occur around you.  Listen with your heart.  If you are outdoors, watch the movement of animals, birds, and clouds.  If you are indoors, it’s valuable to be in a place where you can see out of a window.  Notice the movement of the clouds or what occurs out the window, but also be aware of signs within your home.  For example, if you are sitting in your home in your sacred circle and a trail of ants begins to weave its way towards you, this might be a message for you about “working in community” or about being diligent in moving toward your goals.

Things To Do On Your Quest

Life Examination

During the past 28 days you have spent much time examining your life, but this is a chance to take it even deeper, to allow the work of the 28-day program to coalesce and to cement itself.  Of course, you may just want to sit, be still, and listen but you may also want to continue your self-examination.  If so, here are some things you can do:

•  Relive Your Life. Re-experience your life again in its totality, and at the same time become the objective witness.  Do not judge; just observe.  Notice patterns that continue to re-occur during your life.  Notice recurring issues.  What has been significant in your life?

•  Travel into Your Probable Future. In your imagination, project yourself into your future. Given your past history and given your subconscious programming, what is your probable destiny?  What do you realistically expect is in store for your future?  Contemplate traveling to your probable future.  One year?  Five years?  Seven years?  Ten years?  Twenty years?  Thirty?  And beyond.  Are you happy with what you see?  Do you feel satisfied with the probability patterns of your future?  If not, what steps can you take now to create the future that your soul desires?

• Examine Your Relationship to Yourself.  What are your core beliefs?  What have you discovered about yourself during the 28-day program?  List as many core beliefs as you can. What do they tell you about your relationship to yourself?

• Observing Old Patterns. Examine the thoughts that you have about your Quest and about your circle.  What are you enjoying?  What is bothering you?  When we are ready to release an old belief, we will often subconsciously create a similar situation that will allow the belief to surface so that it can be released.  If you are thinking, for example, that you’re not doing your Quest right or that you didn’t find a good location, perhaps these thoughts are representative of greater beliefs you have about your life.  During your Quest, you have the opportunity to relinquish the old limiting beliefs and embrace the new empowering beliefs you discovered doing the 28-day program.  And the first step to releasing non-productive patterns is to become aware of them.

• Forgiveness. Identify the people who have wronged you and the people whom you have wronged.  Imagine yourself speaking or communicating with these individuals and really “speaking your truth” to them and then really listening to them speak their truth to you.  Imagine this inner dialogue until you reach some kind of resolve.  What haven’t you communicated that you need to communicate?  Who do you need to forgive?  If you just can’t forgive, then forgive yourself for not forgiving others.  Or, if an act is unforgivable, forgive the person … but not the act.

• Who Is Important in Your Life? What people have been important in your past?  Are you at peace with all your relationships from the past or is there still something that you need to do or communicate to feel at peace with these people?  Who is important in your present life?  Are you satisfied with your current relationships?  Is there any action that you need to take regarding those people?  If there is, make a plan on when and how you are going to implement the change.  If there is something that you need to change regarding a relationship, be sure to examine how that change will alter every aspect of your life.

Face Your Fears

Name your fears and confront them one at a time.  If you are not sure exactly what you are afraid of, or if you want to get in touch with your more submerged fears, take a moment to visualize yourself in a vulnerable situation.  What situation seems to embody vulnerability for you?  Just let your mind float freely to see what comes to mind.  As difficult as it might be, as an exercise, imagine each of your fears coming to fruition … and then visualize yourself facing and overcoming that fear with strength, passion, and power.  This simple exercise can make an immense difference in your life and can help you to live life with courage and inner peace.

Tap The Spirit Power Within

The following are things you can do while meditating in your sacred circle to tap into your inner spirit power and to integrate the deep, inner-journey you’ve been on for the past 28-days:

Shape Shifting: Imagine changing your shape to become a tree, animal, mineral, etc.

Sensing Energy: Imagine you can see and hear the energy of the objects around you.

Finding Your Spirit Allies: Everyone has a particular animal, plant, and mineral aligned with his or her energy.  Meditate to find yours.

Finding Your Spirit Name:  Discover your soul’s special name.

Finding Your Spirit Song: Make up a song that comes from your soul.  And then sing it!

Finding Your Spirit Dance:  Get up and dance your heart out.

Making a Prayer Stick.

Give Thanks

Thankfulness helps you be receptive to the life force of the universe.  Being appreciative empowers and strengthens you.  If you hold your life in the context of misery and suffering, then life becomes a string of difficult events to overcome, but if you hold your life in the context of gratefulness, then every experience you have is a gift and offers great value.  Go through your entire life with the attitude of thankfulness.  Even if you are not sure what you are thankful for, radiate a feeling of gratitude for each event in your life.  It is never too late to transform your past.

Also, by being thankful for your body just as it is, you can help open the door to healing.  Praying for healing sometimes comes from the point of view that your body isn’t good.  The body hears this and often responds in a negative way.  If you radiate love and thankfulness for your body, it often responds by becoming healthier.

Remember to thank yourself and Great Spirit for carrying you through the 28-day program of self-examination, soulful exploration, and renewal.

Call for a Vision

The words you use are less important than the sincerity of your spirit.  When asking for a vision, you can call for guidance from the spirit realm to help you (Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels, Allies) or you can still your mind, be open and accept whatever occurs.  Transformation and change often come not in the way that we expect.  In fact, it is often because it is not as we expected that we can be transformed.  Be open.  Expect the unexpected.  Often it is in the quiet moments of life when remarkable insights can occur.  Accept.  Receive.  Breathe.  Observe.

The most common way that visions appear is through intuition, a spontaneous thought, or just an inner knowing.  Visions, deep spiritual realizations and revelations don’t usually come as a lightning bolt but rather as a gentle emerging awareness.  To encourage your vision, be conscious of the thoughts that float through your mind.  Very often, the simple exercise of watching your thoughts can provide remarkable insights into your life and your future.


No matter what form your Quest took, at a deep level you have amassed a spiritual energy.  It is extremely valuable to project this energy to others.  Finish your Quest by sending prayers, blessings, and good thoughts to people you know and love.  Pray for people you love.  Pray for people you have wronged or who have wronged you.  Send prayers to people you don’t know and perhaps will never know and then to all people.  Then send prayers to all creatures of our beautiful planet and to the planet, Mother Earth herself.

Clean Up

Before you start to take apart your circle, it’s important to give thanks to the spirits of that place and to the unseen who gave you guidance.  If your quest was in nature, take time to restore the area to its natural state.  Make it look as completely natural as possible.

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